It had been a month since that night with Bloom and Sky; it seemed to have started a series of hot and passionate nights…..and a few mornings. It was safe to say that their relationship had moved to the next level. In fact right this second Sky had Bloom pressed up against the smooth rocks surrounding a clear blue pool of water with a beautiful waterfall cascading into it. It was an oasis located in the forest between Alfea and Red Fountain. It was well hidden, the winx club and specialists located it by accident and from then on it was the group's secret getaway where they would hang out together, swimming, talking and such.

An hour earlier

"Sky, where are we going" Sky had his hands over Bloom eyes as he led her towards the secluded area.

"Shhh" was his reply

Bloom was surprised when Sky showed up at her balcony window wearing jeans and a white dress shirt with the top buttons undone showing off his masculine chest. Bloom licked her lips at the sight. He then asked her to come with him because he had a surprise for her.

"Um…ohk just let me get dressed" she said to him but he pulled her back.

"No, you look stunning" he said to her, his eyes trailing down her body clad in a sexy black negligee that stopped above mid thigh. He loved her legs She looked irresistible and it took all his will power to focus on what he was doing.

"Okay, we're here babe" Sky said to her and removed his hands.

"Oh my god!" Bloom gasped at the scene in front of her. There were fairy lights set up all over the trees surrounding the waterfall and spring. The stars were out since it was 10:00 at night and the moon shone down reflecting in the water. A picnic and candles were set up on the lush green grass. It was the most romantic thing she had ever seen.

"For you my darling" Sky said in a noble voice handing her a rose.

"Why, thank you, my prince" Bloom took the rose and lifted it to her nose, inhaling the alluring scent. She giggled as she took his arm and he escorted her to there picnic.

The next hour consisted of laughing, kissing and eating an exotic array of wonderful food. Sky looked at the pond and smiled. He stood up and started to take off his shirt and pants.

"Ah Sky, what are you doing" Bloom said blushing at his sculpted body. Sure they had seen each other naked many times but she was still in awe of how completely handsome he was.

"We're going swimming" he stated as if it were a fact.

"But, I didn't bring anything to wear" she said confused

He looked into her captivating blue eyes and smirked. He walked over to her, leaned down to her ear and whispered huskily "I know" and then he walked towards the lake taking his boxers off, throwing them with the rest of his clothes and jumped in the pool.

He laughed and looked back at his blushing girlfriend.

"Come on, babe" he yelled to her swimming to the edge, resting on his elbows. The water came up to about his chest.

Bloom shook her head still blushing.

"Bloom, come here….now" he demanded, his face stern with authority. Bloom bit her lip. Even though she was the strongest fairy in the universe and has killed deadly monsters on a daily basis. She still seemed to obey him most likely due to the fact that she found it completely hot when he was dominating.

She stood up and walked towards the waters edge in front of sky and sat down. Her legs were on either side of his body, in the water. She put her hands on his shoulders and he put his hands on her thighs. Her eyes locked with his the entire time.

He smirked at her. "Good girl" and with that he pulled her forward into the water and she slowly slid into the pool. Her body pressed between him and the smooth boulder. His hands had traced up her body pulling her dress with them. Up her thighs, her waist, the sides of her breast and up over her head. He relished in the feel of her heated flesh sliding against him into the water. He threw Blooms nightgown with his clothes and his hands moved back to their desired destination. He pushed her back against the rock with his body and ravished her neck. Bloom moaned at the pleasurable feeling.

Back in the Red Fountain dorm, the guys were still up playing video games and conversing in light conversation.

"Hey man, where's Sky at?" Nabu asked the 4 remaining specialists from his place on the couch.

"He said something about a date with Bloom" Brandon said staring at the screen playing against Riven

He stilled remembered that night she came over and stayed with Sky. He was shocked to say the least he knew that those two were in love but he didn't know if they were actually doing it. It had never really come up in conversation with any of the guys. He seriously doubted that any of the couples in their group were having sex it was just not something that they all thought about right now. But after that night with Bloom his mind kind of changed direction. Brandon had always thought she was a rare beauty; makeup was never required for a stunner like Bloom and when she showed up in that short nightgown, hair tousled and lips pouted. He couldn't help but feel envious of Sky. Sure he goes out with Stella, who's hot and he loves her. But there was something sensual about Bloom.

"Again" Riven said "dude, that guy is whipped" he laughed from his spot on the sofa.

"Hey lay off, he's in love" Helia replied

"Sky probably took her to some rich fancy restaurant" Riven stated to no one in particular. "He's such a girl"

"Nah, he set up something at our hideout spot, you know like a picnic or something" Brandon replied back

"And he just got even more feminine" Riven mumbled

"What do you think there doing?" Timmy said entering the conversation

"My guess is painting each others nails" Riven laughed again. Everyone shook there heads

"Riven!" Helia scolded "I think there getting to know each other more, you know like what their going to do when he becomes king and her queen."

"…or she's teaching him how to braid his hair" Riven mumbled again. This earned a whack from Nabu "Stop hating on Sky, he's not a wimp"

"Let's go spy on them" Brandon said smirking. Everyone looked shocked.

"Yeah, alright I want to prove to you guys once and for all that he's little girl and doesn't know how to act like a real man" Riven scolded.

"I don't know, I think we should leave them alone" Helia said but was curious himself. He noticed that those two were hanging out a lot lately and wanted to know what they were up too.

"Come on, it's better than hanging around here" Brandon reasoned

"…it'll be funny, we can scare them or something" Riven added

"Alright, lets do it" Nabu said

"…fine" Timmy added

"Okay, but it wasn't my idea" Helia reluctantly agreed.