The boys were still up silently replaying what happened in their head. Bloom's moans filtered through the air as Brandon's lips ran all over her perfect body, pushing her delicious lean thighs apart with his sculpted ones. Brandon groaned and fell onto the couch and covered his face with a pillow in frustration trying to get rid of the fantasies building up in his head.

"What's wrong with you" Nabu smirked at him from his place on the other couch in the dorm lounge.

Brandon just looked at him with an annoyed look. "I think you know exactly what's wrong" he gestured to his friends aroused state.

Nabu looked down and his eyes widened realizing his thoughts had been made public. He quickly grabbed the nearest pillow and held it against his crotch, blushing. "Damn it, Bloom" he cursed.

Riven, Timmy and Helia laughed at him until a sudden door opening caught their attention. The eyes fell on a certain prince who was wearing the biggest smile, obviously proud of himself.

"Hey guys, you're still up" he said in a cheery yet surprised tone.

"ah ha yeah, um just talking about…..guns n stuff ha ha" Helia said awkwardly.

"You seem happy, good date was it" Riven smirked.

Sky chuckled and paused for awhile, remembering his great night.

"Definitely" Sky replied smiling. "Well I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted"

The boys reframed from killing him, jealousy building up in each and every one of them.

"ah yeah, night dude" Brandon managed to force out.

Sky shut the door and went to bed, dreaming of his certain blue eyed, red haired beauty.

The next morning Helia walked through the gates of Alfea, on his way to pick up flora. They had arranged a date a week ago. His mind was still on Bloom from last night. Not concentrating on what he was doing he bumped in to the same girl that invaded his thoughts. They both fell to the floor Bloom on her back and Helia on top of her, their faces an inch away from each other.

"Helia?" bloom laughed "You're kinda squashing me here" she joked

Helia pulled his gaze from her captivating eyes and blushed scrambling off her. He put his hand out to her, which she gratefully took and hoisted her up.

"Bloom, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching were I was going and…"

"Hey, it's fine, I wasn't looking either" she smiled at him making him melt. "So what brings you here?"

"Flora… we have a date"

"Oh cool, okay well she's still in our room so I'll leave you to it." She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek good bye. This was normal for her being from Gardenia and all, even though Sky was completely against it, knowing how much admirers she had. So now she only did it to her closest guy friends, one of them happened to be Helia. She smiled and walked away. Helia let out a longing sigh and watched her leave.

Bloom walked up to a room she knew well and knocked on the door. Professor Avalon swung open the door and smiled at her.

"Hey Bloom, what brings you here" he said ushering her in.

Of course students in a teachers room was against the rules but he favored Bloom the most so he tended to let a lot slide when it came to her.

"I've been having dreams" she said to him sitting down on one of his couches.

"Dreams?" Avalon questioned sitting beside her.

"…about Baltor" she looked down at her lap. "I think he's going to come back….soon"

Avalon lifted his arm around her and pulled her against him.

"are you sure?"

"Yeah and I don't know how but he's stronger. I don't think I'm gonna win this one" she looked up into his eyes with tears. His heart softened. She's been through so much and she's saved so many people. Why can't she be left alone He thought looking down at his favorite student.

"When is he coming Bloom" he whispered to her

She looked into his eyes and whispered "Tomorrow"