The definition of every after used to mean being happy everyday and never really having to experience misery, to Rogue but she threw that old ideology out and realized it meant being grateful everyday for all the luxury she had even if she was angry or sad some days.

After their wedding, done in traditional southern style the couple moved to the west coast to start a new life without the burdens of their past to follow them. They lived by the coastline in a comfortable two story home, with a white deck on the second story that wrapped the top floor. The top floor balcony was Rogue's surveillance place, she would get up early in the morning and watched Remy teach Oliver to swim and surf. Olivier had grown plenty and looked even more like his father then ever before. He would spend summer breaks in New Orleans with Henry, and the rest of the LeBeau clan and slowly Olivier started getting into the thieves habit, showing promise and great skill much like his father and mother.

It was another sunny day in their suburban community there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the bright blue sky reflected the open water of California cost line. Rogue sat in the sun watching her husband, Remy, build sand castles with their son, Olivier. The structure was getting significant, adding on a second story they would smile and wave over at Rogue ever few minutes. Taking a huge sigh, Rogue shook her head thinking about how it all started with Remy she never pictured it would end in such a way. She smiled and picked up her third orange juice chugging it back like beast and gently rubbed her swollen belly.

It was a couple of minutes later when her cell phone went off. Mercy was calling to check in on the happy couple, she was Rogue left hand during her pregnancy. Reaching over for her purse Rogue felt a striking piercing feeling in her belly she gabbed it and suppressed a growl determined to remain in control the second time around. She braced her hands on either side of her body, taking in a round after round of breaths. The pain came back with a squishy gushing sound, reaching down Rogue give her thigh a feel.

"Ahm, Remy?!"

"Yeah chere?"

Remy didn't bother to turn around he continued to work on his masterpiece with his son.

"She's coming…"

"She who, chere?" He patted in the side roof of the sand castle.

"Rebecca is coming."

"Rebecca… Rebecca!?" Remy strung up in excitement knocking the detailed sandcastle over. "Now, now?!" he ran over.

"Now, now." Rogue smiled as Remy franticly packed all her stuff, then gripped her belly once more.

"Ok, Ok." Remy tried to remain in control. Picking up the beach bag in one hand and throwing the beach towels over his shoulder, he reached out for Rogue acting as her brace they did a little waddle walk over to the car.

"Just breath"

Remy reminded her placing her carefully on the back seat. Remy's nervousness helped Rogue stay clam, to know he was excited about Rebecca as much as she was. Looking over again he did a check list after getting Rogue's baby bag out of the trunk, Remy had been prepared for sometime.

"Wife, Baby, baby bag, beach stuff…" He said hustling over to his side of the car, "Something is missing." He fiddled with his keys.

"Me!" Olivier yelled running over in horror, picking up the lawn chairs, buckets and of course his camera, that Remy neglected to pick up. "You can't leave me I'm the big brother!"

Unable to help herself Rogue attempted laughing during her contractions. "Remy" She giggled.

"I knew that Marie I was testing him." He got in and shut the door, Rogue rolled her head in awe, only Remy could make her feel so bubbly in a moment of excruciating pain.

"Come in, come in." Remy said to Olivier who closed the trunk and jumped in the front next to his dad.

"Can't believe you were going to leave me!" Oliver voiced outraged at his dad while stuggling to strap himself in.

"Not leaving, testing!"

Rogue slid her hand down her face. Remy was practically auguring with a miniature version of himself, it was sad how much Rogue loved it. "Oh god!" she gripped her belly while making a sour face.

"One, Two, Chere, In and Out." Remy tapped the steering wheel, he drove like a mad man as Olivier put on a brave face for his mother documenting every minute.

"Say cheese mom…"