AN: Since people put this on story alert, I figured I would give into all of my e-mails and add another chapter. This will be only a two-shot, though, so be aware.

You know the drill. Enjoy, as always!

"How did the painting go?" Sweets faced the two in his office the following Monday. He fidgeted in his chair, trying to keep his foot calm. Stop shaking. Brennan noticed when Booth did it, she'll notice you too. But she didn't. Sweets jotted this fact down before looking up at the silent couple.

"I thought it went fine," Brennan admitted, finally.

"Just fine?"

"Well, it helped Booth and I connect in, you know, a different way other than studying corpses, I suppose." Sweets blinked innocently, although he knew that neither of them had seen him. If they had, Booth would have threatened his life in that casual way of his- I'll shoot you in between the eyes- and that would have been the end of it. After all, the man had shot a clown before.

"What kind of way?" Agent Booth's fingers began rapping at the sofa's arm, even as his pupils dilated significantly. The look of a guilty man. And guilty he is, Sweets mused cheekily.

"What Bones is trying to say is that it was something… different other than digging up bodies-"

"I actually don't dig up the bodies, Booth."

"Yeah, I know, but Sweets gets what I'm talking about."

"If you knew I didn't dig up bones, then why would you say so-?"

"Forget it, Bones."

"Fine," She shrugged. Sweets watched on with amusement.

"So, Booth, do you agree?"

"That she digs up bodies? That this is a complete waste of time?"

"Oh, come on. There had to be one thing you liked about painting with Dr. Brennan," Sweets offered to the conversation. Booth fidgeted in his seat and Brennan ran her hand along the couch's arm.

"Okay, fine, it was fun. I enjoyed it."

"Just fun?"

"Yeah. Why? What else is there to do but paint?"

You tell me, Sweets mused, but replied professionally with, "Did you talk?"

"Of course. We discussed the paint color, Parker, the new squint. Those types of things. Booth is very skilled in the painting department." Bones glanced over to her partner and let a small grin slip onto her face. She visioned those muscled arms, again, working up and down the wall, paint littering his shirtless form after rolling around with her on the floor. Her hand stroked the couch's arm again.

"Thank you, Bones." The partners shared a look.

"You're welcome," She then turned to Sweets, "In fact, we're going to do it again next weekend."

"But at my house this time," Booth chimed in. Sweets' jaw dropped to the floor.

"You're doing what at his house?!" The partners shared another look, but this was of utter confusion.

"Painting, Sweets."

"Oh. Right. Yes, of course." Saved by the bell, a sudden ringing broke the awkward moment and Booth dove into his jacket pocket. His eyes flew across the text message and a small smile split across his face. Sweets groaned inwardly. Only one thing could excite Seeley Booth that much. Besides Dr. Brennan, a little voice added.

"Let's go, Bones!"

"Going to play Scrabble again?" Sweets called after the duo. Booth twisted towards the younger man, eyeing him oddly, before closing the door. Sweets heard a muffled question from Dr. Brennan and he assumed it was about his last outburst. Even so, he waited a full eight seconds- knowing they would be at the elevator by then- before bursting into a fit, grinning widely and scribbling madly down into his notebook.