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Chapter 1- Edward's POV

I sat on a park bench in the center of Central Park. It was the perfect place to watch people. They were so unsuspecting and you could see the true them since they never expected anyone to be looking at their every move.

A tall shapely blonde ran past me and I rolled my eyes. They were all the same, fake as hell. Fake platinum hair, fake tits, and pretty much fake everything. It was revolting.

I liked my women to be soft and all natural. None of that painted face look. I preferred little to no make up. I wanted to know what I was getting and no surprises. There was nothing worse than going home with someone and waking up to something completely different.

I heard laughter coming my way, bringing me from my thoughts. I looked up and saw the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes on. She was around five foot four with long mahogany hair that was in loose curls, bouncing as she ran. Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled as she laughed and a delicious blush tinted her porcelain skin.

"That's what he said, Ang! I swear I couldn't make this up." She laughed. Awe, that laughter! It could only be compared to bells, absolutely lovely! It was right then that I knew I had to have her. She had to be mine!

Our eyes met as she passed by the bench I was sitting on. She smiled softly and I could tell she wasn't wearing any make up. Perfect! My eyes raked over her well toned body quickly, taking in the view before me. She was wearing tight work out clothes that hugged her every curve. She was exactly what I had been looking for!

I waited until the two girls were a few yards away and then I started jogging slowly after them. I needed to know everything about this girl. I had to. I had to make her my own. She would fit into my collection so perfectly...the grand display even!

The girl I had now was beginning to get on my nerves. I had lost my thrill with her long ago and she didn't even fight now. There was no fun in a whore who just lied there. I needed a new play thing and this brown-eyed beauty, she would be fun. I could tell.

She wanted me as much as I wanted her. The moment our eyes locked, there was a connection. She was begging to be put in her place and to be shown what a real man could do. She would like it and would be screaming for more.

I watched her from behind, loving the way her firm ass looked in those tight pants. I really hated it was fall and it was a chilly day. I could image she looked delectable in a pair of shorts. I felt myself get a hard-on at the thought of her in skimpy attire. I really needed to get home soon and get this taken care of.

The two girls rounded the corner and up to the apartment complex, Bridge Tower Place. I watched them jog inside and once they were in the elevator, I wandered in. I watched for the floor they went to, the 34th. I made a mental note and then walked outside. A yellow taxi cab was waiting outside and I ran for it.

I jumped into the back and the man turned around. "Where ya headed to?" He asked in a thick yankee accent.

"3 Loafer Lane in Warwick." I replied in a bored voice. I sat back and made myself comfortable. It was going to be a long ride. It was almost seven in the morning and people would be heading to work, so now I had to worry about that. I was beginning to get antsy. I needed to release this pent up emotion.

I closed my eyes and rested my head on the seat. I listened to all the horns beeping in impatience and cars rushing past us. I hated the city, but it was the only way to get what I needed. City girls were just better...they were feistier.

"Alright, we're here. That'll be seventy-one, eighty-two." He said loudly. My eyes opened and I rubbed my face. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep. I'm surprised he found this place on his own. I pulled out my wallet as I got out of the cab. I handed him eighty dollars and smiled crookedly.

I turned and looked at my house. It was a large brick house with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large basement. It was in the middle of no where, and was surrounded by woods. The house was my mother's and had been given to me when she died. I turned it into my sanctuary.

I walked through the red door and into my house. The tv was blaring and when I walked into the entertainment room, I saw James sitting on the large black sofa.

"Turn that shit down!" I yelled. He jumped and fumbled for the remote, turning the tv off. He turned around, his blue eyes filled with fear.

"Sorry, I didn't expect you back so soon." He mumbled. "So did you find anything you liked?" He asked, running his hand through his dirty blonde hair.

"Yes, in fact I did. I'm going to finish off the bitch downstairs, and I want you to go get this new girl. She lives on the thirty-fourth floor of the Bridge Tower Place. I want her now and I don't want your ass back her until you have her." I spoke in a firm voice. The tension in his shoulders eased and he smiled, standing up.

"I'm on it, sir." He said quickly, then raced for the door. I smiled and laughed to myself. It was too easy. I could make that son of a bitch do anything I wanted.

I walked to the basement door and was immediately filled with anticipation. I had been waiting for this moment. It was what I looked forward to the first day a girl was brought into the house, the end. It was always bittersweet.

I opened the door, it squeaking to announce my presence. I walked down the creaky wooden steps and into the dark, cold basement. I flipped on the light and saw a curled up figure in the corner. She hovered close to the wall, in hope that I wouldn't see her. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the wall, cocking my head to the side as I considered my choices.

The gray cement wall was covered in instruments of torture, each one giving off a different release for me. I reached for the black whip that had glass tied to the ends. This would be perfect for the little bitch.

I walked over to her and stood over her body. "Jessica, roll over onto your back." I commanded in a gruff voice. Before I began her untimely demise, I would have a little fun. I needed the satisfaction and I knew she liked it. It's the least I could do.

She whimpered and started crying, slowly rolling over. She was wearing a tattered yellow tank top and black skinny jeans, that was tore in various places.

"Take off your clothes." She started sobbing and laid on the dirty ground, unmoving. "I said take off your clothes!" I yelled, snapping the whip across her thigh. She screamed out in pain and I nearly came undone.

She shakily slid out of her pants and then her shirt. I made her lose the underwear long ago, they were always in the way.

I licked my lips slowly at the sight of her large plump breasts. Her nipples hardened from the cool air and I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to get this over with. I walked over to the small video camera and turned it on, pointing it directly at the girl.

Once that was set up, I unzipped my pants. The sound of my zipper made her cower and she started crying harder than before.

"P..p..please d..d..don't do th..th..tthis!" She begged. They always said the same damn things. Please don't do this, my daddy has money...like any of that made a difference. I slid off my pants, then walked over to my slut.

I dropped onto my knees and leaned forward, crashing my lips onto hers. I kissed her roughly and she just laid there. I growled and back handed her.

I grabbed my hard cock and shoved it into to her, making her wince in pain. She cried out with each thrust, pushing at my chest to get off of her. Now this was the bitch I liked. I roughly pumped myself in and out of her, enjoying the feeling and quickening my speed.

"Ugn..so..close." I grunted into her ear. She stopped fighting and I lost my thrill, cutting off the gateway to my orgasm. This bitch was grating on my fucking nerve!

I jumped up, onto my feet, and raced over to the glass topped whip. I picked it up, snapping it for affect. The whore jumped and I smiled in delight. This was going to be good.

I slowly walked over to her, slapping the whip across her chest. She screamed out in pain and I instantly felt the boys come to life. It always felt so fucking good to hear the bitch scream. It was gratifying in a way I couldn't explain.

I snapped the whip over her a few times, leaving raw and bloody places. I picked her up by her hair and dragged her closer to my wall of torture.

She screamed again and I grabbed a knife, dropping her onto the ground. "You're going to make a nice little pumpkin, aren't you?" I asked, cocking my head to the side. The bitch whimpered and her eyes widened in fear. "Oh dear, they don't call me 'The Carver' for nothing. Not lie back and enjoy it. It's going to be a while." I assured her.

I dropped down beside her and ran the knife lightly down her shoulder, to the space between her breasts. She was breathing heavily and with each inhale, the blade would prick her skin. I smiled at the sight of the ruby red droplets, getting so turned on as they rolled down the curve of her tits. It would be so close now.

Trailing the sharp blade down to her stomach, I stabbed repeating. I made sure not to hit anything major, so the fun could last longer. My medical degree always came in handy, I could make this last for hours.

After three hours of fun, I carved my initials across her sweaty forehead. I left a nice clear mark for the police. I liked to leave them little clues, but they were so fucking clueless and never got any of it! It was aggravting and it took the thrill away. At least I had the upper hand.

I brought the bloody knife over my head and plunged it into the slut's heart. Her eyes widened and I had my release. I groaned loudly in satisfaction, releasing myself over her, but the feeling was cut short. It always was. I needed another one and that motherfucker better hurry with that brown-eyed beauty.

I stood up and cleaned myself up, then grabbed a black tarp. I walked over to the bitches lifeless body and wrapped her in the tarp, tying it with a red bow. It was like leaving a present for the damn police.

I picked up the wrapped tarp and walked outside to the van that was waiting. I threw the body into the back, then ran back into the basement to clean up. I didn't want a bloody mess for when my new guest came. That just wouldn't do. After I had cleaned up, I ran upstairs to shower.

I passed a mirror and stopped to look. My face was covered in blood, as was the rest of me. It was a small price to pay, but the end had the sweetest release. This next one was going to be the sweetest of them all.

I jumped into the steamy shower and shrubbed the grim away. I was rinsing when I heard a car door, then a struggled footstep. The fucker was back and he had her! Excitement coursed through me and I couldn't get through fast enough.

I rushed through and hopped out of the shower. I dried myself quickly and then ran into my room to put on some decent clothes.

I slid on a white t-shirt and topped it with a blue button-up, then a pair of navy slacks. I ran my fingers through my wet hair and took a deep breath. This was it. I was about to meet her. I steadied myself, and then went downstairs.

James was waiting in the living room with the brown-eyed beauty. She looked delicious in her tight jeans and even tighter sweater.

I walked over to her and politely bowed. "Welcome to my house..." I trailed off, acknowledging I didn't know her real name. James moved his hand and she spat in my face.

"Her name is Isabella Swan. Her daddy was the one who worked on the case first...before you had him killed last year. Small world, isn't it?" James smirked.

"Indeed it is." I turned my attention back to a horrified Isabella. She quivered and I found that I liked that. I caressed her cheek and she tried to move away from my touch. "Take her down to the basement. I'll be down in a minute." I commanded calmly.

James did as I said and I smiled with delight. This was going to be the best I've had as of yet. She was a cop's daughter and she would put up one hell of a fight. She would give me the damn release I had been looking for since the first.

I clapped my hands together and walked to the basement. It was time to begin the fun and oh what a time it was going to be!

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