Chapter 11- Bella's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon, my stomach growled impatiently as the scent assaulted my nose. Damn, when was the last time that I ate real food? I couldn't remember. After the fuckin kidnapping, I couldn't stand the thoughts of eating anything with much substance.

I walked downstairs, slowly, and stretched as I walked into the kitchen. Jacob was setting two plates on the table and I couldn't help but smile. This felt like we were actually a couple, and I was scared shitless at the the fact that I liked this feeling.

I looked at Jake and sighed. He really was cute. Hell if I was being honest I thought he was damn sexy! He had that whole tall, dark, and handsome shit going on, plus plump lips that looked so fuckin kissable all the time. I was so screwed!

I sat at the table and looked down at the food in front of me. I picked up my fork and took a bite of the french toast, moaning at how delicious it was. We ate in a comfortable silence and I was thinking about what I told Paul yesterday. I was starting to feel shitty about that, even though I still found it pretty fuckin hilarious.

Taking my last bite of eggs, I stood up and starting clearing the table. Jacob stood up, smiled, and took them from my hands.

"I got these. Go upstairs and get ready. I'm taking you costume shopping."

"Really?" I asked cautiously. I could feel my excitement starting to bubble up and I really had this wasn't his idea of a fuckin joke.

"Yeah, and what do you think about camping? There are some really cool trails around here I used to go on when I was a kid. I thought maybe I could take you." He said sheepishly, avoiding my eyes. Since when was he fuckin shy?

I didn't dwell on that, instead I said, "Yes! I would love to!". I smiled widely and started clapping. I would have added in some bouncing, but that was impossible since I could still barely walk.

"Ok, then we're going shopping for some camping equipment while we're at it." As soon as the words left his lips, I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, without hurting myself. My legs screamed in protest, but I pushed myself forward, ignoring the shooting pain.

I threw on a pair of loose jeans and a black sweater, pairing it with silver ballet flats. Rushing threw my routine, I brushed my hair and teeth, trying not to look at my reflection. I looked like shit. I still had bruises on my face and even a few cuts. Edward really fucked me up and left clear reminders of what he fuckin did to me. I pushed those thoughts away from my mind and hurried downstairs. We got into the car and headed toward the store.

He parked in front of the store and I glanced at the sign. Newtons Sports Center, it read in big red letters. There was something vaguely familiar about this place and I couldn't fuckin remember why it would. I pushed it from my mind as we walked in and started looking at the tents.

Jacob picked up a large black one, and was examining the box, when I heard my name being called. Both of our hands snapped toward the voice and I cringed. It was Mike fuckin Newton, my ex! Then it hit me, he use to live here. He moved to New York for college and it was practically love at first sight for us. I found him funny and charming, though I would have liked it if he had more of a fuckin brain.

"Bella! Oh my god, what are you doing here?" He exclaimed, his eyes raking over me like they were undressing me with his damn mind. I felt my face grow hot as I looked up at a very livid Jacob. I tore my eyes from him and then back to Mike.

"Mike, um, what are you doing here?" I asked awkwardly. I didn't know he had even left New York. This was some serious shit and he could ruin our fuckin cover.

"THIS IS MIKE!?" Jacob yelled so loud his voice carried through the whole damn store. Mike looked at Jacob and his eyes widened.

"Jacob, wow, you uh…got big." Mike mumbled. I looked at the two men, wondering what the hell was going on, and why Jake was fuckin growling at my ex.

"You guys know each other?" I asked, confusion filling my voice.

"Yeah, I know this son of a bitch from high school. You actually dated this douche?" Jacob growled, folding his arms over his muscular chest. I started to speak when Mike cut me off.

"Hey, what the fuck is your problem, Black." Jacob took a step forward and leaned down, getting right in Mike's face.

"You know what my fucking problem is Newton, back the fuck up before I kick your ass like I did senior year." He threatened.

"Guys! Stop it!" I shouted before they whipped out their dicks to see which one was the fuckin biggest. They looked at me, both seething. I took a breath and then said, "Mike, this is my..."

"Husband." Jacob finished the sentence. My mouth fell open and I was fuckin livid. He had no goddamn right! Now, I was definitely not sorry about telling Paul that he was gay.

"Is this true? You fucking left me for this ass hole?" Mike snarled. I snapped out of my trance and got in Mike's face, telling him to watch his fuckin mouth. I had to keep up the charade. I told Jacob to go pay for our tent and smiled warmly. I lifted my hand to show off the big ass ring, caressing Jake's cheek.

He leaned down and kissed my hand, then told me not to take to long. I forced out a giggle, watching him leave to pay for our items. I got a nice view of his firm ass and that made it worth my while. I turned back to Mike and he was staring at me in disbelief.

"Care to explain Bella? Is that why you fuckin dumped me?!" He hissed. I sighed and shook my head.

"Mike, we just got married and we're here to enjoy a cozy honeymoon in his home town. It was...sudden." I lied, though the last part was true. I bit my lip and my eyes met his. "I swear I didn't leave you for him. I...I loved you Mike and damn, the only reason I dumped you was because I was hurting. Charlie's me broken."

"Yeah, I know you took it hard, but I would have been there for you. I really loved you, Bella" He reached out and I stepped back.

"You couldn't have loved me too fuckin much if you didn't even fight for me. You didn't even tell me you were fuckin leaving. What if...what if I had needed you!" I yelled, throwing my hands in the air. I could feel tears pricking my eyes and I needed to get away. "I got to go. Have a nice life Mike." I snapped. I walked away and went straight to Jacob, telling him I wanted to go.

We went out to the car and he put our camping equipment in the trunk. He started driving toward the costume shop and asked me what happened.

"I cant believe you told him we were married! Why would you do that?" That's what fuckin happened, the bastard! His eyes widened and he asked why I cared. He doesn't know anything. You don't just get over your first real love, especially if you were engaged.

"Don't fucking tell me you still have feelings for that mother fucker." He was actually mad at me?! I glared at him and clenched my teeth together to stop myself from bitchin.

"Oh my God! You do!" He yelled, his anger seeping through. Angry silence filled the car and we didn't talk the entire ride.

We pulled in front of the shop and Jacob got out, slamming the door. I fought with mine and screamed through clenched teeth when I couldn't get it open. He opened the door and started to help me. I smacked his hands, pushing him away, and snapped, "I don't need your fucking help." He moved and let me get out on my own.

As soon as we walked in, a beautiful hispanic girl starting speaking. "Welcome to Howl at The Moon, if you need any help just let us kno- OH HELL NO! Jake is that you!?" She asked when she saw Jacob. She ran and jumped into his arms, smothering his face with kisses. I felt fuckin sick and...jealous. Yes, holy shit I was fuckin jealous!

They both were in awe and saying, 'I can't believe it's you. What are you doing here?'. Shit, the green monster was alive and ready to rip the bitches arm off if she didn't step away from my man. I cleared my throat and Jacob looked at me and sighed.

"Oh Gabbi, this is Bella." He stated quickly, then returned to talking to the shapely woman in front of him. They talked and I had to resist the urge to fuckin tear her apart when she touched him.

I said I was going to look at the costume's at the back of the store. He rolled his eyes and went back to fuckin ignoring me. I huffed away and looked through a few things. I finally found something and walked over to Jacob again in time to hear Gabbi ask who I was. Jacob looked torn between saying no one or going with what he told Mike. Finally, he said I was his wife. I put one arm around his waist and the other on his chest, showing off the ring. Hell yeah I was a bitch. Jealousy does strange things with your head.

Gabbi looked hurt, then said I was lucky and she was sorry for jumping him. Yeah, she damn well better be sorry!

I told Jacob I found the perfect outfit for us and dragged him over the doctor and nurse costumes. I told him to fuckin pay for them and he whispered if he was going to be able to get me a physical later. I pushed past him, groaning in anger, and stomped out to the car.

I wasn't angry at what he said. I was pissed that I wanted him and he didn't give a shit about me. Why did he have to be so goddamn sexy?! Why couldn't I get some big ass fucker that was ugly as hell?

He ran toward the car moments later, asking me what the fuck that was about. I simply told him payback was a bitch, then refused to open my mouth the whole ride home.

When we got back to the house, I ran inside. He yelled that we were going to talk about this and I basically told him to fuck off. He grabbed my arm around one of my cuts and I winced. He let go and apologized. I stomped up the stairs and he shouted at me that I deserved better than Mike.

I stopped and turned around. "Don't pretend like you care about me!" I snarled. I was so close to crying. I needed to get to my room. The screaming match started, but this time it was different. There was a strong sense of sexual tension this time. The fight ended with a kiss, a fuckin amazing one at that. His lips were soft, just as I imagined.

I pictured us on a plush bed, rolling around and my back arching off the bed as he thrusted into me, our bodies sweaty from the intense passion. His fingers ran through my hair and the images were replaced of Edward. I yelled for him to stop. He did as I said and we both apologized. I had to clue at why he was fuckin sorry, I was the one that was being the cock blocker.

I started crying and he held me. I told him what Edward did to me, going into all the gory details. I told him how he used to run his fingers through my hair, and at all the things he did when he fucked me. I was waiting for Jake to run away from me, but he held me closer. I was falling for him, and quickly.

He took me up to my room and laid me in my bed, saying we needed a nap since he had a serious case of blue balls. He leaned down and kissed my forehead, then walked out of the room.

I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. I was so fucked up! I just had the most amazing kiss of my life and I stopped him because I couldn't get Edward out of my fuckin mind. Every time Jacob touched me, I was reminded of all the shit that happened in that cellar with Edward. It would be a while before I would ever be able to be with a man. Shit, now I knew how guys felt when they said they had fuckin blue balls. It was a horrible feeling and damn, if I wasn't starting to get antsy. My heart was pounding and my panties were soaked. I needed some sort of release! What I needed was the privacy of a damn shower.

I got out of bed, grabbed some clothes, and silently opened the door. Once I was in the hall I heard a bumping noise coming from Jacob's room, followed by a sexy ass moan. Damn, if we didn't have the same fuckin brain!

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the steaming water, relishing the way it felt. I let the water run down my face, then turned around, wincing as the water hit my back. The initial pain died down and I was able to enjoy the water.

My hand trailed down to my aching clit, as I pictured Jacob between my legs. I stepped back...then froze. I looked down and there was a spider the size of fuckin Texas! I screamed and it crawled forward, making me scream louder than before. The spider stopped moving and so did I. I held my breath and started hyperventilating.

"Oh shit fire!" I hissed through clenched teeth. This was not good, not good at all! I was going to have a fuckin heart attack while I had blue balls. What a way to fuckin go!

"Bella! Shit, I'm coming baby!" Jacob yelled. I heard his loud footsteps and then he broke the door down. I jumped out of the shower and jumped into his arms, fuckin climbing him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs wrapped around his waist. I point to the shower, whimpering. I was fuckin terrified of spiders!

Jacob wrapped his arms around me and slowly peeked into the shower, then starting laughing. He fuckin laughed! What the hell?!

"It's just a tiny spider." He chuckled. I slapped the back of his head, hard.

"That is not fuckin tiny! The bastard is the size of Texas!" I screeched, tighting my legs and arms around him. He smiled and shook his head.

Our eyes met and he held our gaze. Before I could stop myself, I crashed my lips onto his. My hands knotted in his hair and I pulled him closer. His warm tongue slipped into my mouth and I moaned. He tasted so fuckin good, a mixture of coffee and a light trace of mint. His hands trailed down and he gripped my naked ass.

His lips left mine and started traveling downward, nipping at my neck and sucking lightly. Fuck, it felt so good! He was so gentle and took his time. It wasn't rushed, like I was use to. It was so sensual and I was fuckin aroused, the heat pooling between my legs.

He continued to trail fiery kisses down my torso, placing a kiss on my breast. I froze as images of Edward flooded my mind again, of him biting me and all the fuckin sick things he did.

"Stop. Please stop!" I screamed, resolving into tears. Jacob stopped and slid to the floor with me still in his arms.

"It's okay. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken it that far. It's just I can't fuckin think when I'm with you. My brain sends my goddamn thought process straight to my dick." He sighed heavily, adjusting himself. I groaned and rested my head on his chest.

"Don't be. Let's just take this slow." I mumbled against his chest.

"Okay. Um, but you being naked, straddling me, isn't helping a fuckin thing. I'm going to go..." He said in a strained voice. I nodded and moved out of his arms, standing up. I started to get in the shower, then stopped.

"Could you kill this fucker before you go?" I asked sheepishly. He laughed and walked toward the tub, killing the fucker and moving it's dead body. I thanked him as he walked out of the bathroom, still laughing at my damn phobia.

I got into the shower and sighed as my water had turned cold. I hurried through and then went back to my room, shutting the door. I crawled into the bed and closed my eyes, taking that nap even though my mind was reeling over that kiss.

The following week went by with no more encounters with Jacob. He kept his distance and made sure not to touch me. I tried not to let it bother me, but it seemed my libido was kicking in again and shit, I was horny. A horny Bella that couldn't release her pent up tension made for a very bitchy Bella.

I hadn't felt this way in a while. When Charlie died, I quit feeling. Jacob was awakening the old me, and that scared me.

I stomped down the stairs and walked toward the kitchen. Today was Halloween, the day of the party and also my birthday.

Stepping into the kitchen I saw a huge stack of chocolate pancakes, smoothered in whipped cream. Jacob was standing by the table, smiling at me.

"What the hell is this?!" I snapped.

"It's for your fuckin birthday. Shit, now I understand why you're such a witch. Look at the day of your birthday." He chuckled. I glared at him and sat down.

I ate the pancakes silently, then put my plate in the sink. I was in a pissy mood. I had yet another wet dream and woke up remembering this girl wouldn't be getting any. Stupid fucking Edward making me fear the greatest goddamn dance of all!

Jacob slid a bag toward me. I raised my eyebrow and he rolled his eyes. "Just fuckin open it!" He groaned. I sighed and did as he said.

Inside was a framed picture of me and Charlie. It was taken at our last Thanksgiving. We were laughing and looking at each other, ignoring the camera. He had told the stupidest joke and I looked away last minute. It was one of my favorites. I looked up at Jacob, tears filling my eyes.

"How did you..." I trailed off as it became to much. I hugged the picture close to me and started sobbing. It was the best present anyone could have ever given me.

Warm arms embraced me and I buried my head in the crook of his neck. "I called Sam and had him overnight it. I couldn't figure out what else to get you." He whispered in my ear.

"Thank you so much." I kissed his cheek and my lips lingered. I placed a few more kisses along his cheek, getting closer to those full lips. He stiffened and backed away.

"I got to go uh, do something." He rushed out of the room and I sighed heavily. I looked down at the picture, then stood up. I walked up to my room and spent the rest of the day in there.

A knock sounded at the door and I sat up, realizing it was dark. I looked at the clock and it was almost six. Shit, I had slept all fuckin day! I jumped up, wincing at the pain that spread across my back.

"Bella, start getting ready. The party is in an hour!" Jacob yelled. I hurried over to the closet and got out the costume. The scrubs were surprisenly comfortable and I was really liking that they didn't hurt me like most clothes did. I slid on my converse, then put my hair up in a ponytail. I sat down at the vanity and did my make up, keeping it simple. I glanced in the mirror, then stood up and walked out of the room.

Jacob was waiting at the foot of the stairs. He was stretching and his shirt lifted, showing off the most fuckin delicious 'V' I had ever seen. I licked my lips, blushing when he caught me drooling over him. His cheeks tinted a light pink, which spiked arousal.

"Uh, ready?" He asked. I nodded and followed him out of the house. I stepped outside and looked around, making sure there was no one hiding. I had been doing this since I was seven. It was something Charlie use to do and made me do the same.

We walked in silence as we crossed the street. Music was booming and the place was already crowded. I looked around at all the men and stumbled. I wasn't sure I could do this, but hell I needed a fuckin drink!

As soon as we walked in, I went straight to the cooler and grabbed a beer. I popped open the lid and drained the goddamn bottom, instantly feeling better. Jacob stared at me like I had last my fuckin mind. Maybe I had.

"Damn, now that's my type of girl!" I turned around and saw Paul smiling at me. He was wearing Superman costume and I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes. I smiled back and Jacob put his arm around me, scowling.

"Paul this is Jake." I yelled over the music. Paul nodded and turned around, waving at a guy wearing a cowboy outfit. A young guy, around twenty two, walked over and smiled shyly. He was cute, really tall with brown eyes and a sweet smile.

"This is my brother Jared." Paul leaned around so I could hear him. "Jared this Bella and her friend Jacob." He turned to his brother. Jared's eyes widened and he bit his lip as he looked back at Jacob. He whispered something to Paul, then met his gaze.

"Bella, wanna dance?" Paul asked. I took a deep breath and then nodded. What the hell? I might as well have fun. I gave Jake a look that said I was fine, then went to the dance floor with Paul.

We danced for a while and I found that I was really enjoying my self, or maybe it was the fact that I was taking a shot of Tequila every time someone offer me one. Every way, I was having so much fuckin fun!

I looked over to where Jacob and Jared were standing. Jared suddenly grabbed Jake's face and kissed him fiercely, slipping his tongue into Jake's mouth.

"Looks like they're having a good time." Paul chuckled in my ear. I giggled and leaned my head on his chest, gripping his strong arms. "How about we go upstairs and have some fun of our own?" He whispered huskily in my ear, making me shiver. I was drunk, horny, and damn it sounded like a good idea.

"Let's get a drink first." I yelled over the music. He nodded and we walked over to one of the tables. I downed a couple of jello shots, then reached for the tequila. I sprinkled salt on my hand, then grabbed a lime segment. I sucked on the lime, licked the salt off my hand, and then downed the shot. I did a few more and I heard Paul laugh. I looked at him and he held up his drink.

"Shit, you're out doing me." He said in amazement. He set down the empty glass and took my hand. "Ready?" He asked. I nodded and followed him to the stairs. I stumbled as I tried to walk and he wrapped his arm around me, trying to help me walk up the steps.

I hesiatated and looked over my shoulder, trying to find Jacob. My heart sunk as I saw him at the goddamn drink table with that bitch Gabbi. She was laughing and holding onto his fuckin arm. I took in a sharp breath and continued walking up the stairs with Paul. We walked into one of the bedrooms and he closed the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed his lips were on mine. Our kisses were wet and sloppy, as we were both fuckin wasted. He pushed me back on the bed, crawling on top of me. His hands traveled at thier own according, groping my tits and he started dry humping me, his hard cock hitting my aching core. I moaned in his mouth and bucked my hips into his.

He jerked my shirt off, also discarding my lacy red bra, and his hands trailed down to get rid my pants. His lips lift mine and he took a peak into his mouth, sucking roughly. Images of Edward doing the same raced through my drunken mind and I grabbed his hair, giving him the wrong fuckin idea. He swirled his tongue around my nipple and I whimpered as his hand reached down my pants to my cunt.

"Stop, please." My voice was barely above a whisper. He didn't stop and I cried out as he thrusted two fingers into my sex. Pain racked through my body and I screamed.

The door burst open and Paul stopped, looking behind him. "We're busy. Go away." He slurred.

"Get the fuck off of her!" Jacob yelled. The next moment Paul was thrown off me and Jacob was beside me. He picked me up and cradled me against his chest as I sobbed. "Shh baby, I'm here. Let's go home." He murmured sweetly in my ear. I nodded and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Come near her again and I'll fuckin kill your goddamn ass!" Jacob snarled as he walked out the door. He walked downstairs and then rushed out the door and to our home.

Once we walked in, her sat on the couch with me. My crying had ceased and I felt like a fuckin fool! What the hell had I been thinking?

"Thank you." I whispered against his chest. I felt Jacob shrug and looked up, my brown eyes meeting his. They were full of intensity, and something else I couldn't figure out in my haze. Shit, I was wasted, which explained my next move.

I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his, rocking my hips slightly. I felt his cock underneath my aching core and I rocked my hips faster, trying to create friction.

"Jacob I am so fuckin wet for you. I want to feel your cock in me and I want you to fuck me until I scream." I breathed in his ear. His breathing started coming faster and I felt his dick twitch. "Then I want to fuckin ride your dick and make you cum so hard." I slipped my hand down his pants, gripping his length, fuckin amazed at how thick he was. He was so much bigger than I had originally thought. Damn, this man could put Tommy Lee to shame! He was so fuckin warm under my hand and all I wanted to do was feel him. His hips bucked and he moaned. It was the sexiest sound I had even heard.

"You know baby, I've never had the desire to suck a man's dick, but shit...I want to take you in my mouth and feel you explode. I want to fuckin taste you." I whispered, nipping at his ear.

"Fuck Bella." He moaned, kissing me passionately as I stroked him. He grabbed my hand, stopping my motions. "Stop. Bella, I can't fuckin do this. Your drunk and I'm not going to be a bastard and take advantage of you." He said breathlessly.

"I'm a grown ass woman and I want you to fuck me!" I hissed. "All I've ever been with is goddamn Mike Newton and his dick was so small I had to use a fuckin magnifying glass to see it. He didn't even know what to fuckin do with it! I've been through hell and the least you can do is give me a good fuck!" I snarled, gripping him harder.

"Bella, I'm not going to fuck you." He said firmly, taking my hand out of his pants. He held me against his chest as I started to cry.

"Don't you want me?" I whimpered. He laughed and kissed the top of my head.

"I think we have established that already. I don't get this fuckin hard for anyone." He chuckled without much humor. I nodded and closed my eyes. "Go to sleep baby. You've had a long ass night." He said, then started humming Here Comes the Sun.

Before I could stop myself, the darkness overtook me and I was asleep.

This was written by me, jazzvamp. I hope you guys liked this chapter and found it funny. I do try. lol You guys are absolutely amazing and I swear we have the best readers! Updates should be coming soon! :)