200 KM/H In the Wrong Lane!

[AN: Characters (In which I DO NOT OWN!) : Kagome, Sango, Abi, Miroku, Hiten, Kouga- Inuyasha Bankotsu, Jakotsu, Naraku, Takemaru, and Byakuya….. or any quotes or ideas that do not belong to me. They belong to Ramiko Takahashi, Abarero, RSG, (which is not the RandomSpunkGroup BTW), and t.A.T.u.

There was two stories I was reading, and two people that wrote them….never finished .. Nevertheless, they were AWESOME! However, lots of people were disappointed; that they….NEVER FINISHED….And it's been MONTHS.

So I decided to put some of the idea's together into the mixture some other ideas, and my own little thoughts connected to them. So basically I cannot call this my fanfic, because me, myself, and I cannot write such delighted fanfics.

I tried the best that I could, I went over it, time, and again, and it did take a long time. It didn't come out 'exactly' what I had in mind, but it is difficult putting this all together. I also tried not to add on quote on quote like people do with the anime writers.

So if something doesn't make the best sense, all I'm asking is not to kill me, thank you. And thank you for all of those who led me to bring out their fame and love.. again… thank you.

200 KM/H In the Wrong Lane!

Chapter One- Fresh It Up Man!

The white four walls, the checkered board floor, the smells of poisonous school food. Calls the Seniors in turn for lunch, as the others, walk the halls, during the passing period.

"Naraku is at it again", someone called out.

Kouga growls and sighs. "Not again".

"What do you mean, not again, he's been after the freshmen ever since his sophomore year", Kagome reminded him, sitting next to Sango.

"So, who's going to go after him this time?" Miroku asked, sitting on Abi's left side [AN: Right side, facing you]

Kouga sighs. "I miles well do it". He gets up and goes over to try to clam Naraku down a bit.

Kagome, Sango, Abi, Miroku all watch as Naraku gets caught by one the teachers, and get's sent to the office.

"That's the third prank of his this week", Kouga, taking his seat, right back, next to Miroku.

"Usually, it's a lot worse", Miroku ending the conversation.

Every one of them, hear a tray hit the table and turn to see Hiten there.

"Oh, hey Hiten", Kagome waved.

Fueled up with anger, he manages out, "Hey".

"What's the matter?" Sango asked.

"What is Jakotsu after you again?" Miroku asked.

"I'm gonna kill him", Hiten grunted under his breath.

"Why, what did he do?" Kouga asked, being a smart- ass.

"Ugh, he was bugging me all morning, trying to cling on me and everything. Then he started up all on about Inuyasha, asking me whether or not, if Inuyasha should to go his cheerleading competition. Then he got caught by one of Naraku tarps, and then they got into it.

After that Naraku took off, and Jakotsu started to chase after Inuyasha again. You have no clue how many times I've told him to back off. I was this close towards pounding the freak", Hiten grunting in regret to have ever met Jakotsu in the first place.

"So, when are your championships coming up?" Abi asked.

"Uh", Hiten turns his head to the side, blushing, but then turns back. "In two weeks".

Kagome, the only one noticing, finally widens her eyes. "Oh wow, it's really coming up that fast?"

Hiten nods in silence.

"Oh, speaking of which, how is your sculpture coming along?" Kagome asked.

Miroku lets out a sweat drop, but hides it. "It's coming along famously".

Sango glares at him. "Right, this isn't like last year, where brought in that women mannequin. I mean come on, did you think that was going to fly.

Miroku, hangs with his head down with a sigh.

"Or that time, where you brought Hachi, to appear in a shape of a women for you. Or that other time, you brought Jakotsu up there to sing".

"Hey, now, come on Sango, that wasn't even my idea. Jakotsu wanted to show off in front of Inuyasha, signing Wo Da Airen".

Sango sighs. "The point is, they where all disasters. So is it going to be an actual sculpture this time, or a mannequin, your pet, or Jakotsu.

"No! It's an actual sculpture", Miroku voiced.

"So, what is it, another women?" Sango glared.

"No, it's special".

"Special you say, in what way?" Sango still glaring.

"You'll see at the final art contest", Miroku, pointing his finger out, closing his eyes, being the cleaver one.

Sango gives a low growl. "Yeah, I just knew he was just gonna screw up again".

"Well, I gotta go talk to Bankotsu about something, I'll see you guys later", Hiten walks to where Bankotsu was sitting in silence; looking at the table he usual sat at.

Bankotsu had that sinking feeling again tugging at his stomach, as everyone hears the door slam against the wall; as they see Jakotsu chasing Inuyasha into the cafeteria.

Miroku sighs. "It's sad world, when you wake up every day, knowing you'll be chased after the same gay guy, and getting beat by same delinquent.

Everyone nods in a agreement.

"Bankotsu, hey- where's your lunch?" Hiten questioned, pausing to take a drink from his can of soda.

Bankotsu, glares enviously at the two, turning face to face with the boy who had long black hair worn in a braid.

"Not hungry", Bankotsu simply put out.

"Bankotsu, are you sure you're not sick? You look kinda pale man".

"I'm just fine…perfectly fine-nothing wrong at all", He replied quickly.

"So, are you coming to our game?" Hiten asked.

"Uh-" Bankotsu paused.

"Don't tell me, you already agreed to that queers cheer crap", Hiten smirked smugly, using it like a joke.

"No I haven't", Bankotsu snapped.

"Good, because there'd be something wrong with you, if you were", Hiten cleared. "So, you know any girls running for the cheer squad next year, that are coming to the game?" Hiten asked.

"Well sorta… we're just friends, and that's only if they don't have other plans".

"Heh. Friends, you can't 'just be friends' with a hot cheerleader man. So which one's your favorite. I bet I can hook you up with a few dates before then".

"I'm…." Bankotsu paused, trying to figure out a way to put this. (Shit. If I say I'm thinking of taking someone else, he'll ask who. If I say I'm going to Jakotsu's cheer competition instead, he'd flip, he'd think…he'd find out…..) Taking a deep breath, he forced a smile. "Don't worry about it Hiten, I'll take care of myself".

"Come on now, that's what friends are for right? Are you just embarrassed about which girl it is?"

"No, er… I told you, they're all just friends", Bankotsu snapped back. "Like I said, they might have other plans anyway".

"Then find someone you 'know' is free….besides aren't there any you'd like as more then 'friends'? Hiten asked suggestively.

"No. I like them just as friends".

"Gee… man, what's your problem? You're acting like you're gay now or something".

Normally Bankotsu would've just shook off what Hiten had just said; seeing as he's the typical stereotype. However, this time, he froze in his seat; as their conversation get's interrupted by Jakotsu's voice.

(I'm sorry Hiten…but I…I am…)