Chapter Seven

200 KM/H In the Wrong Lane

After Hiten and Abi's moment, Bankotsu waited for Hiten to return, so they could go find Jakotsu. Outside, Hiten and Bankotsu walk along the sidewalk to see Jakotsu talking to a few people on the other side on the street.

"I think you should tell him", Hiten nodding Bankotsu to go.

Bankotsu swallows in nervousness, looking straight at Jakotsu.

"Before someone else does it", Hiten snapped.

Bankotsu wakes out of his faze and nods. "Right- right".

Nevertheless, before he knew it; here comes Jakotsu, walking and staring right back at him.

Hiten pats Bankotsu on the back. "Good luck". Then he leaves to see the rest of his friends.

Bankotsu just stands there shitless (what to do? What to do?)

Jakotsu waves as he draws closer and closer. "Hey, Bankotsu!"

"Uh, hey", Bankotsu sounding somewhat relief that Jakotsu wasn't acting weird, at least, not yet – anyway.

"I heard you were at the my competition, I'm so glad we won!" Jakotsu in praise.

"Uh, yeah, um congratulations!" Bankotsu manage to get out.

"However, it was sad that Inuyasha couldn't make it", Jakotsu starting to ramble on. "Oh, well, that's his fault for not holding up his end of the deal, but we'll take care of that later. So I saw you with Hiten-"

"Yeah", Bankotsu let out.

"So, I heard you guys got into a fight, is everything alright".

"So you heard huh?" Bankotsu giving him a questioning look.

"Well I don't know the whole story", Jakotsu said.

"So…um..which part did you hear?"

"Well I was told there was a picture that you had floating around the school. And then Naraku and his friends try to use it for payback, to make you and Hiten go against each other, or something like that".

"That's all?" Bankotsu, giving an uncertainty look on his face towards Jakotsu.

"Yeah, why, is there something else?"

"Um- never mind, it's not important".

Jakotsu wasn't about to fall for it. "Oh come on Bankotsu, tell me the rest".

Bankotsu makes a start, and takes off running.

"Wait Bankotsu, come back", Jakotsu.

Kagome, Sango, Abi, Miroku, Hiten, Kouga, Inuyasha just stand there watching them, wondering what's going on. While Naraku, Takemaru, and Byakuya, are doing the same by spying though.

"This is what you call the movies?" Ayame asked.

"Huh, for now, until they actually open", kagome sweat drops.

"You should've told us sooner, it was going to open until later- stupid", Inuyasha teased harshly.

"Like you knew…" Kagome, now glaring at Inuyasha.

"Now- now guys, let's not fight", Miroku calming them down.

"Don't start crap mutt, or you'll have to deal with me", Kouga said.

"Oh yeah", Inuyasha, now narrowing eyes at him.

"Oh yeah", Kouga said narrowing his eyes back at him.

Ayame laughs. "Awe, you guys are sooo close".


Ayame laughs again. "I meant as friends, so relax".

"Something going on now", Miroku said.

They all creep up and huddle behind the bush, as they continue their 'moive'.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu, under a tree near Bankotsu's car, and out of breath.

"So, you wanna tell me why you won't finish the rest. I mean I wanna hear your version of the story".

"You're fast", Bankotsu trying to switch the subject.

"And don't think you're going to get out of it by changing the subject either", Jakotsu narrowing his eyes at Bankotsu.

"Look me and Hiten are just getting along fine now, okay, so don't worry about it", Bankotsu said.

"You ran all the way from the school, across the parking lot, and now nearby it in the forest, not stopping, or having any other care who or what's around you. There is something about your fight, that you are worrying about, so I wanna know what", Jakotsu pressuring Bankotsu on.

"Look, just drop it, okay", Bankotsu said.

"No", Jakotsu said.

Bankotsu begins to walk away. "Drop it".

Jakotsu fallows. "No".

"Drop it".


"Drop it".

"No!" Jakotsu, at his last nerve turns Bankotsu around.

"Look I told you-"

"You haven't told me anything yet", Jakotsu closing in the range a bit between them.

A little closer then usual, and Bankotsu begins to get nervous and sweats a bit.

"So…." Jakotsu drags out.

Speaking of dragging, Bankotsu pulls Jakotsu hand, walk- dragging him down the path.

"So anyways….. where are we going?" Jakotsu in wonderment.

By now most of the people left, expect for a few cars, with Bankotsu's car closest to the highway. They stop right in front of his car, as Bankotsu still doesn't let go of Jakotsu's hand. [AN: Why is this starting to sound filmier].

Jakotsu, liking the feelings of Bankotsu's in his, still yells at him anyway. "Bankotsu, what the hell is going on here?"

"Well…", Bankotsu starts explaining the whole thing, while this time is other hands slips in with Jakotsu's other hand. "I was supposed to be that 'boyfriend' of yours at your competition. However, by the time I got there. It was too late, Hiten and I were in the middle of our fight".

Jakotsu's eyes widen wider even ever. "I can't believe- all this time". He looks down and then back up at Bankotsu. "You could've told me sooner you know, I would've token you in a heartbeat".

Bankotsu shocked, now hearing this. "I just, it's just- it was always, Inuyasha this- Inuyasha that, and I just, I didn't want to get in the way".

Jakotsu laughs. "Oh- Bankotsu, I pick on everyone, it just, until now, he was just harder to deal with, which just makes it more fun.

"So, now that you know the truth, are you still going to show Kagome that picture?" Bankotsu asked.

"Uh…" Jakotsu looks the picture and then just throws it on the ground. "Not now, um, so why exactly did you drag me here, just to tell me this".

"Uh, to be honest, I wasn't even paying attention", Bankotsu laughing a bit, as Jakotsu laughed right beside him.

Getting serious again, Bankotsu tightens is grips on Jakotsu's hand and stares at him in the eyes. Jakotsu feelings exactly what he's feeling, let's out a tear or two, not even caring if Bankotsu sees it or not. Bankotsu shaking, not knowing from a good feeling or from nerves, but brings up his hand towards Jakotsu cheek to wipe away the tear in his right eye.

"Jakotsu, I don't know about you, but I've already made a promise to myself, that if I had you, I would never let you go, no matter what. I love you, Jakotsu, I would do anything for you; anything. No matter how crazy or wired it gets", Bankotsu practically writing his vowel. Now with tears in his own eyes, he sees Jakotsu's grin, knowing that he's already came up with something crazy to do.

"Then, let's have fate test us, ready?" Jakotsu asked.

"For what?" Bankotsu asked.

"Going 200 KM/H in the wrong lane", Jakotsu clearly said, taking a quick glance at Bankotsu's car.

Bankotsu, now taken aback shocked, and then he laughs. "Tell me you're joking?

Jakotsu look straight at him.

Bankotsu stops, knowing that Jakotsu is seriously, and his eyes widen. "What, are crazy. That's just asking for a death wish, and our names on our tomb stones, it's suicide I'm telling you, suicide".

Jakotsu looks at Bankotsu like he's waiting for him to get done talking nascence.

"I said crazy and weird, not dangerous and suicidal", Bankotsu now trying to drawl his serious line. "Jakotsu, how are we going to be together if we die".

Jakotsu narrows his eyes slightly to Bankotsu. "So you don't wanna?"

Bankotsu sighs, knowing what he just said to him. (I don't wanna lie, but I didn't think he was going to go this far. What is he, trying to test me or something. So what he doesn't trust me, I mean. I mean why should I have prove myself to him. Then again, he's doing it too. So maybe…..) He sighs again. "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Jakotsu puts another small grin on his face. "Yes, I do, the question is, do you?"

Bankotsu, trying to think of 2nd thoughts, but are failing miserably.

"You have 30 seconds", Jakotsu warned.

"Why only 30?" Bankotsu asked.

"Because it's the only number on the top of my head at that minute", Jakotsu clearly explained.

"Why my car?" Bankotsu asked.

"Because you practically proposed to me in front of it", Jakotsu said.

Bankotsu sighs and finally decides that if he could get past Hiten, he could get past fate, besides he wasn't about to let Jakotsu do this alone anyway. Then he finally nods, "Okay then, you win".

"Now are you sure, because once you're in the car, there's no turning back", Jakotsu warned him again.

"I'm sure", Bankotsu promised. (Out of all the people that came in and out of my life, and this has got to be the most craziest, but not the most stupidest thing I've ever done in my life. Hopefully fate won't let us down, even if we don't deserve it).

Jakotsu goes in for a hug, while holding each other he whispers, "We want each other, let's see if fate wants the same thing. That way we're sure that we aren't just to crazy people who only think they're in love".

"Okay", Bankotsu whispers back in agreement.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu go into Bankotsu's car. As it ends up that Bankotsu is the one driving.

"Now be careful Bankotsu, I'm sure you don't wanna kill me now, do you?" Jakotsu teased.

Bankotsu pops up a fist towards Jakotsu. "This is dangerous and crazy, and your sadistically- psychopathic idea".

"Then if you think it's that bad, then why did you even agree to it?" Jakotsu asked with a quick laugh.

"Like I would have you do this alone", Bankotsu shouted.

"I wouldn't have done it alone, I wouldn't have done it at all without you Bankotsu. What makes you think I would've done something this crazy by myself, without you?" Jakotsu asked. "I'm doing this for you, for us", Jakotsu trying to get to the point.

"I guess it's just not possible to do this alone", Bankotsu said "How did we even get ever this far in the first place?"

"I don't know", Jakotsu glancing at Bankotsu. "So, are you going to start driving, or do you want me to drive?"

Bankotsu sighs not answering, however touches Jakotsu hand as he starts the car, and notices tears coming from Jakotsu from the corner of his eye. He turns to Jakotsu with understanding his feelings, because he's feeling the same way.

"One thing before we take off", Jakotsu said.

"And that would be?" Bankotsu asked.

Jakotsu takes his right hand and places it on Bankotsu's far cheek, moving in closer. With realizing what was going on, Bankotsu turned his all the way, leaning into Jakotsu a little bit. With both eyes closed, and lips met, they share one deep passionate kiss, which could be their last if they die. They finally pull apart, eye to eye, to one another.

"Well, thanks for the good luck charm before our suicidal mission", Bankotsu joked.

"Ha- ha, very funny, that kiss was supposed to mean everything, not just our deaths", Jakotsu said.

"Well, I'm glad, because it should be", Bankotsu starts driving, with one hand, out of the parking lot and onto the highway. He takes a quick glance at Jakotsu. "Ready".

Jakotsu tightens his grips in Bankotsu's hand.

"Uh, I'm gonna kind of going to need my hand if we're going to do this". (It's bad enough I won't be able to have that much control over the wheel).

With Jakotsu understanding why, he gently let's go, as Bankotsu starts increasing his speed, while traveling in the next lane, which would be the right lane, if you're living in Japan, or anywhere overseas. While going so fast, Bankotsu actually ends up swarming all over the road. Not only that, but already half way down the highway, they see their first car coming.

"Ah! Bankotsu move out of the way", Jakotsu almost grabbing a wheel.

"Jakotsu! Let go!" Bankotsu ordered. Inconveniently before they knew it, another truck goes speeding along the highway and near- rears them off the road and into the grass.

Letting the speed die down a bit; Bankotsu takes a hard break, as the wheel show the rear and tear on the road, and mud now brought up among the grass. They crash into a tree, almost dying right then and there.

[AN: Here's the main idea, okay, Bankotsu was trying to stay in the right lane, but ends up all over the road. The first car comes, as Bankotsu is right in the middle. Well in order to avoid getting hit, he tries to go the left. However, because of the truck- speeding- don't forget, in the left lane, end up right on their tail.

It's almost as if Bankotsu pull right in front of the truck at the last minute- however really fast, and into the grass, and a huge tree that's just sitting there, waiting for car's to crash into it].

Jakotsu and Bankotsu sit there for a minute, with their heart's beating millions per minute, and dramatized by what just happened.

"Jakotsu! Don't ever do that again, got it!" Bankotsu now yelling.

"I'm sorry", Jakotsu mumbles. "I didn't realize how freak'n scary was going to be".

"Well it's not a sadistically- Psychopathic idea for nothing", Bankotsu laughs a little in relief they're alive. Are you alright?

Jakotsu nods, as they both get out of the car. With just a bit of cut and bruises on their bodies, Bankotsu pops open the trunk to pull out a first aid kit, to help, if for say there was a piece of glass stuck in their arm or something.

"I was wrong Bankotsu, let's never do that again", Jakotsu said.

"Yeah, no kidding, I'll car for someone to pick us up", He finally find Kagome and the rest of them to tag along.

A few minutes later, they see Kagome's car come up, as they start calling them over.

Everyone in Kagome's car looks out the window in odd expression. Kagome pulls the car over onto the grass, as everyone finally gets out, and walk over to Bankotsu and Jakotsu.

"Bankotsu! What the hell did you do to your car?" Hiten asked.

"Oh my-" Kagome said, running over closer. "Are any of you hurt?"

"A bit of cuts the bruises, and maybe some soreness, but fine otherwise", Bankotsu explained.

"So, what exactly happened?" Kouga asked in wonderment.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu look at each other and then to the rest.

"We have a lot of explaining to do", Bankotsu replied.

"Good thing they aren't the police", Jakotsu said after.

Bankotsu glares at Jakotsu. "See, again, sadistic and Psycho".

"But you love him for it right?" Hiten asking, to see if they had actually got together.

"Yep", Bankotsu not really realizing what he was saying, at least until it hit him. "Oh yeah, that right, we forgot to tell you".

"That you two are finally a couple now", Hiten said with a funny grin on his face.

"Hey, wait minute, I thought you hated gay people", Jakotsu mentioned.

"Yeah, but I mean he's just dating you, it's not that crazy", Hiten making Jakotsu feel low.

"Save those words, after we tell you what happened", Bankotsu said.

Jakotsu looks at Bankotsu. "It's almost as if he can read out minds, are you sure he ain't our fate".

"Who knows, I mean we weren't dead", Jakotsu.

"Yet, anyway, we may not have died from this, but we'll probably get kill from them, once they find out what happened", Bankotsu pointed out.

Jakotsu crosses his arms with a pout on his face. "Man, after all the trouble we went through, when we're just gonna end up dead in the end anyway".

"So what did happen?" Kouga asked.

"Well, um, we-" Jakotsu, looking at Bankotsu. "Made this sort of pack, so we know that we'll be there for each other no matter what".

"How did you get to that- to this?" Hiten asked, now getting curious.

"Yeah, this I gotta hear", Miroku said.

"Well it seems Miroku's alive", Bankotsu said.

"Yeah, now dating Sango", Kagome spit out.

Sango blushes, as Miroku get a little mad. "Hey, don't change the subject".

"Yeah, finish it already, we don't got all day", Inuyasha spat.

Bankotsu and Jakotsu finally finish their story, as everyone stood their stunned a little bit, and then shouted.