As was usually the case, the night sky was completely dark, save the bright full moon that provided a luminous glow across the surface of the planet. Traditionally, this would have been accompanied by loud roars and the stomping of feet, but on this night the air was unusually quite, peaceful. To anyone that knew better, this was a very odd occurrence indeed.

If one was to listen closely they would come to hear a slightly murmur, identified with some difficulty as voices. But they weren't the voice of a single individual, but the combined mess of a large group. Following these sounds back, one would find themselves drawn to a large marble structure. Open and without walls, pillars lined the outside, joining the ceiling to the floor and giving it the support it needed to stand. Rows and rows of benches faced downwards to a large pit, which if one knew better was quickly identified as a fighting ring.

Massive was this stage, massive even for people of great power, indicating that if it wasn't designed for it specifically then providing accommodations for combatants of massive size had at least been a goal. Rectangular in design, situated in the middle of a circular structure, the arena was nearly half a mile long by a quarter of a mile wide.

Further study of the arena would show that the ceiling actually had discernable connecting points at various locations, indicating that it was removable. When needed, the surface could be parted and slid down, allowing the arena to be fully exposed to the sky above. The reason for this would be less than obvious, unless one was familiar with the race that inhabited this world.

The Saiya-jins were currently situated in the seats of the stadium, all of them on a single side of the arena. No fighters were found within the depths, quite the contrary, no one was to be found at all. Instead, all of their attention was focused on a single statue that was situated at the bottom of the ramp that would lead the chosen fighter down to his glorious battle.

The murmurs were quickly silenced as a soft red glow began to fill the statue, radiating outwards and covering the gathered race in a warm light. Energy seemed to flood through them in its presence, as well as a calming effect which brought about a state of peace rarely naturally felt for them.

From within the glow of the statue stepped forth a relatively short woman, glad in red dress and earrings, one of her most defining features being her long purple Mohawk. Such was the effect of her presence that the proud warrior race bent on their knee to her, something that they would have never considered for any other being in the universe…or any other.

After a short period, the lead Saiya-jin rose, easily discernable by is flame like hair with came down to a large widows peak. "My lady…my Goddess." He said slowly, questions in his mind but not daring to approach.

Questions that were sparked earlier in the day. Panic had swept through the entire race as they had all found themselves changed at one moment. Gone were their proud manes, their thick coats of hair. Gone was any calling towards their natural bestial forms, save the tails that they had formally wrapped around their waste. Royal command was not lost despite this panic, however, and order had been maintained. Royal command granted by a Goddess that was beloved by all was something that wouldn't be forsaken by this proud race.

But steps had to be taken. An call to assembly had been sent out. The leaders of each family had been required to come themselves or send someone in their place so that they might learn of the fate that had befallen their race. And of course the only person that they had trusted to guide them through this was the Goddess Tsukuyomi herself.

"My loyal and beloved race." She started, casting her gaze on each on them, her simple glance causing pride to swell through them. "I know why you have called to me on this night, and I know the uncertainty that fills you." Her words were chosen carefully, chosen to reflect the audience of her most beloved race. For a Saiya-jin was never afraid of anything.

"I have come to reassure this uncertainty, to tell you that it is not something that you should find yourselves upset with. Instead, you should feel it as an honor that has been granted to you." There were looks of slight doubt exchanged, but within the Goddess' presence even doubt was slight.

"Let this night be made one of legend, one that will be passed down and never forgotten. For on this night, great potential has been awakened within your race. Potential not freely given, however, but earned. Through great challenge and adversity will this new strength come to you. Though you are far weaker than you were before, you will find yourselves so much greater than you could ever have dreamed."

A look of strength came to her as a feeling of greatness swept through them, a feeling emanating from her but resounding within their very cores.

"I am talking of the power of the Super Saiya-jin, the power that the greatest of you will achieve. It is for your own protection that your powers have been sealed, that your potential unlocked instead." Images appeared within their minds, images of a gold haired fighter with powerful teal eyes, and strength that they could only dream of. "For if this power was merely handed to you, it would surely consume you." The image of the warrior suddenly exploded in gold light, the planet that he was standing on giving way and exploding, leaving nothing behind.

"For now I must go, my dear Saiya-jins. Take joy in all that I have revealed to you, and look towards the future with hope. Fight towards that goal, fight as you always have. You are the proudest race in the Universe, and your potential is unlimited. Never forget that, and never squander it away. The next time that I return, your destinies will be revealed."

And with that she stepped backwards into the statue, and the light slowly faded. The Saiya-jins began talking amongst themselves at her disappearance, some even breaking into spars to immediately start working towards their destiny. Back on his knees the King, Vegeta, was still revealing at the power that his race would eventually wield through the favor of their Goddess. Unbeknownst to any of them, however, was that they would never see their beloved Tsukuyomi again.