Bra reacted first, probably her lack of previous history not giving her pause for hesitation like her brothers. Gotenks had paused for a moment as memories of his first encounter with the legendary SSj flooded through his mind, while Gohan was trying to figure out a plan, and wondering if using what he had brought along would help them at all. They hadn't had a chance to test it, and he was uncertain of the results.

Nothing like her brothers thoughts holding her back, the now 11 year old shot forwards to engage the beast. She pulled back her fist and gathered energy into it, her plan to see if his eyes were as invulnerable as the rest of him. The attack would never connect though, as his hand shot forwards and gripped around her head mid flight as though palming a basketball before slamming her into the ground with a spray of blood and a sickening snap. She tried to scream but found that she couldn't tried to crawl a way and found herself unable. All she could do was look up at the foot that was being brought above her and that vicious, mad grin plastered across his face as her body refused to obey her actions.

A sudden twisting and spiraling beam shot above her and drilled into the titan's chest, knocking him off his feet and sending him crashing to the ground a few yards away. Somewhere behind her she felt her brother's Ki take a massive plummet as he dropped out of SSj3, his energy spent in that shot.

Gohan growled, knowing he was out of options, and tossed a capsule towards Brolly. A second later it proofed open and tiny robotic devices swirled around him before an energy shield sprung to life between them. The giant struck against the barrier, only to have his attack repelled. He screamed in rage and tried again, with the same end result. The most interesting this was that despite being able to clearly see the monster, they couldn't feel his Ki at all.

"Well. It works." He said, no real confidence in his voice, the prototype was holding, but there was no telling if it would last.

He glanced over to the side of the battlefield. "How long were you planning on hiding out over there, Dad?"

A sheepish looking Vegeto stepped out from behind some debre that had piled up at the edge of a crater during the fight. "I wasn't sure if you two were going to save your sister in time, so I came down to make sure…"

Gohan groaned. "So what exactly was your plan? Sit around and just let us get trashed until you were satisfied? His power constantly grows, what were you planning on doing about it?"

A smirk came across Vegeto's features. "Constantly grows? Are you sure about that? What's the design behind the device you just used?"

"Complete Ki negation. It forms a barrier of polarized energy to separate the ki on both sides of it. We learned that ki is actually a massive, but limited, supply in the universe. That led us to be able to think of it in different terms…though we had help from Dr. Gero's designs. As long as he's in that bubble, he won't have access to any ki outside of it, and no one outside of it will be able to sense him."

Another smirk from the elder Saiya-jin. "Right." All around them, for a several mile radius, there was a slight flicker of shimmering before it went back to clear. "It wouldn't have been good for any of us if Cell knew Brolly was stomping around down here."

Gohan looked at his father dumbfounded. "You did this?"

A shrug. "Yes. Your sister needed to face a life or death battle in which the Universe, and your lives, wasn't really at stake. Frankly, I'm just glad you all pulled your punch on that energy blast. Any stronger and it would have pierced the barrier and I'd have all kinds of dirt on my face."

Gohan walked towards Vegeto with a growl. "And what was the plan if it didn't hold up? There's no way you could possibly guarantee it would work!"

Another shrug. "I trust you and Bulma to be the geniuses you are. Any device created by the two of you…there's no doubt it will work like it's supposed to, even the first time."

The compliment left Gohan dumbfounded, his pride fighting with his caution and common sense for control. In the end, a more partial "numb" won out. "What about him?" He said at last.

Vegeto shrugged and pulled out a remote, shutting down the barrier that held Brolly back, much to Gohan's shock.

The titan imidiately roared with rage and launched himself forwards, while Vegeto calmly pulled back his fist as a shimmering of multihued light swirled around it.

"KAKAROTOO!" Roared through the air only ending as Vegeto's fist crashed against Brolly's chest causing the multihued light to shimmer and swirl through the giant's body. A second later he burst into pure energy and scattered throughout the large contained area in a blinding flash of light.

"It's a special technique the Supreme Kai are supposed to know. I had to learn it from the elder Kai, as it was never passed on to our Supreme kai. Basically it's the same principal as the soul cleansing Machine. It breaks apart the latent energy stored in a soul so it can be recycled. Still, it can only be used on people already dead, so I doubt it will help us against whatever Cell has…"

He paused, his gaze shifting down with a look of dread at something Gohan couldn't sense. Suddenly Vegeto was passed him even as he felt the crash against his chest and himself being throne backwards, a flash of gold stunning his vision. When he twisted around, he saw a healed Bra clutching her head and holding back a growl as a frightened Gotenks backed away from a very angry Vegeto.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" He roared at the young teen.

"I…I just gave her a Senzu. She had a broken neck and was hurt! I just thought…"

"The technique doesn't cleanse the energy! It just breaks it apart!"

Suddenly himself and Bra were gone, Gohan's only hint as to where they had gone being the energy barrier separating them from the rest of the world collapsing, moments after he felt the weird sensation of a vortex pulling at his spirit.

He sat up and rubbed at the cracked rib where Vegeto had blown past him and winced slightly, figuring it wasn't the worst thing that could have happened. No, he thought. The worst thing that could have happened currently was, due to a well intentioned act.

"I…don't get it." Gotenks twin voice said as he walked over to help his older brother up.

Gohan's eye held a deep worry as he looked towards Kami's palace. "You fed her a senzu…and gave her a Zenkai." He sighed, seeing the confusion in Gotenks eyes. "Ki is limited. We were literally cut off from any ambient ki that wasn't present, and compared to us that's next to nothing. We are so powerful that gaining more power literally takes a noticeable chunk from the rest of the universe. It's why our growth get's slower as we get stronger. We're competing against each other to absorb it, and because there is less and less. It's also why Zenkai get smaller and smaller as you get more powerful… She wouldn't have gained much strength at all….but since dad just Vaporized Brolly…"

"She absorbed his energy." Gotenks finished. "Still…that just makes her stronger, right?"

"She didn't absorb all of it. It was just a super charged Zenkai. A Saiya-jin Zenkai acts as a sudden pull on all of the energy around a person. Even if you super saturate it, there's still only so much the body can pull in at one time. That's not the problem though." He furrowed his brows. "I don't understand it completely, but energy takes on the flavor of the person that has it. It's why we can tell the difference between people by their energy signatures and in some cases can tell emotions or personalities for them. Frieza's was icy cold, the Majin curse is like a twisting, pulsating sickness. Cell felt like all of us. It's also why Ki has to be purified before it's released back into the universe."

Gotenks gulped at the implication. "So…I…" He stammered.

Gohan looked stern. "Yes. There was no way you could know, and you didn't mean to, But Bra just absorbed some of Brolly's Ki…ki tainted with madness and rage."


(A/N: Sorry for lack of updates on this and Shaded Chronicles, school has had me ungodly busy. That, and some revelations in DBM made me have to take some serious time to consider how to make the story matchup with it. It might feel a little clunky, but I'm happy with how it turned out. It will have to be fleshed out and developed over the next few chapters, but I hope you guys feel like this is at least a passing explanation about how Bra goes from how she is earlier in my story to how she will be in DBM.)