Heir of the Juubi

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Translating to English

It had been nearly two days since Beastboy's transformation. He hadn't awaken since he turned back. Cyborg had run all manner of tests to see what happened to Beastboy and what might be wrong with him. Starfire had been cooking all kinds of Tameran dishes, titles of which ranged from 'Get Well' to 'Victory' and something that involving something like 'Conquering Warrior'. She did this partially to help and congratulate Beastboy and partially to keep herself from worrying about him to much. Robin spent a lot either in the gym or, mostly, going over the video of Beastboy's battle. He seemed troubled by it. Weither it was out of concern for Beastboy or for something else was anyone's guess.

Raven however was slightly surprising. A little after Beastboy had been set up in the medic lab, she had come in with about a dozen books and had been reading them ever since, unless of course she can sleep with her eyes open. When asked she said she might have an idea of what happened to Beastboy, the explanation to which was in one of the books. The odd part was that her cloak was still white. This was odd because Robin swore she had a blue one when he walked by her in the hall. When Robin mention this, she shrugged honestly not noticing the change.

Raven at this point was sitting in a chair on her eighth book(1). She looked over at Beastboy's unmoving body. His skin had paled slightly ad his hair seemed to be gaining more white in it. She remembered his eyes, well, eye actually. When she saw his eye in his dragon form, she swore she had seen it some where. Where, was the mystery and the reason she was going through all these books.

Raven had also noticed something else. This, however, wasn't about Beastboy. She noticed that ever since Beastboy's battle, she felt at piece and dare she say it...happy. She at first thought it was because Trigon was gone. Then she began to wonder, did Beastboy have something to do with it? He did out right KILL Trigonand turn the world back to normal. At this point she was willingto believe anything.

It was at that moment that the alarm went off.(2) She set down her book and left for the living room. It wasn't until after that that Beastboy opened his eye, which still had their strange design.

Ten minutes later. The desert outside the city.

The four titans were all heading through the desert with their own means; Raven and Starfire flew, Robin and Cyborg rode their respective vehicles. They had gotten a call about a swarm of strange creatures in the canyon. It didn't seem like much, but "Better safe than sorry" as Robin said.

They arrived at the cliff of the canyon, but saw nothing. They were about to leave when Raven stopped. She rushed to edge of the cliff with the others coming up behind her. They looked at the bottom of the cliff and saw a swarm of odd looking creatures. Most were serpent-like, flying, and the biggest ones were as tall as semis.(3) "Guys, someones down there!" Cyborg shouted being able to make out a humanoid being down in the middle of the swarm.

"Titans, GO!" Robin shouted as they all went towards the swarm their own way. Him diving and using a bird-a-rang(4) to land safely. Cyborg was teleported with Raven and Sarfire simply flew.

The Titans were having a tough fight. Robin used his staff and explosives, Starfire used her starbolts and super strength, Cyborg used his cannon and fists, and Raven used her psychokinesis-like(5) powers. But every time they beat one, it seemed that three more took it's place. Just as Robin thought that they were done for, something; or someone; bumped into his back. He turned around and said, "Raven?" He asked for it did look like Raven. Except this person had; a red cloak, a red shade to her hair, and red sclera. She didn't answer. Instead her eyes glowed as she raised her hand, which was encased in red energy, towards one of the monsters. A strange red claw made of red energy shot to the creature before tearing it to shreds. Robin moved clear of the girl as the creatures started concentrating on her. He would have stayed close and helped, but...that girl just seemed to get more ferocious as more of them came at her.

The Raven look-alike suddenly smirked as they all charged towards her. Just before they reached her, she teleported(6). She reappeared in front of the titans hold a metal ball with red glowing crack all over it. She throw it at the swarm as before they realised she was gone. As the ball made contact, it exploded. When the smoke cleared, there wasn't even any dust left behind.

Before the could say anything, the ground start rumbling and the red-cloaked girl start growling; they then noticed her slightly sharper than normal teeth. They looked towards the other end of the canyon and saw a dust cloud. A few seconds later and they saw what it, or they, was. It was a pack of wolves, each ten feet high and with one odd tail each(7). As they grew closer, the titans prepared for battle. Suddenly the wolves came to a skidding stop about ten yards from the group. The odd part was that they were whimpering...and they were looking above the fighters. They then noticed a few things; A. there was a large shadow on them, B. the air seemed to be getting heavier, C. there was a slight downwards draft, and D...something that was rumbling and it wasn't the ground this time.

They looked to the cliff behind them and saw something what exactly was scaring the wolves. Above them stood a white, two-tailed, twenty-five tall fox with a rather familiar design in it's two eyes. It's was glaring at the wolves.

"Beastboy?" Raven asked, already know it was him.

The fox merely turned it's eyes towards her. For a brief moment, it's eye softened and turned a dark green before changing back and and glaring at the wolves. "Leave...Now!"his voice was loud, echoing, and commanding.

The wolves were to paralyzed to move. With a growl, Beastboy jumped down and ate one. The red-cloaked girl muttered something before a portal opened up behind the wolves. The wolves looked at the portal, then at Beastboy. The fur around and under his mouth stained with the blood of one of their pack brother. They did the smart thing and ran for the portal.

The Titans looked on in shock as the creature they believe to be Beastboy licked the blood on it's lips. The thought was hard to process. Beastboy, the vegetarian, just ate a giant wolf ALIVE. The fox grunted for a moment before they heard a weird cracking sound, like bones breaking. A second later and another tail sproated from the base of his spine. He then turned his attention to the group of humanoids, more accurately the red-cloaked girl in front of them.

He started growling, showing his still slightly blood stained teeth. as leaned down so his snout was almost right in front of the girl. The air got even heavier and the girl started trembling. Beastboy then spoke in an annoyed voice, "Do I need to kill you as well, Scarlet, Daughter of Trigon?"

What happened next shocked even Beastboy. The girl, now called Scarlet, dropped to her knees and pressed her head to the ground. "It is an honor to be in your presence, your Majesty." Her voice voice was of submissive and near worship. Her body still shook, with what they weren't sure anymore

End of Chapter

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6. Same as Raven's but red.

7. You know how Bijuu's tails are slightly bulky or enlarged compared to the rest of their body.

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