"Are you comfortable?" A silent Pause left me gasping for breath. Lying in the cold dirt with an older man was an unaccommodated as it gets.

"Yeah comfortable"

The look on his face told the story. "Come closer Bella"

"You know as perfect as this I never caught your name."

"I don't have one." His answer startled my brow which was entitled to confused frowning eyes. In a sudden halt the unknown man who was distraught and strangely scary, looked suspiciously. I tried to get up but the man pulled me down.

"No leave me, get off!" My screams would have killed a sound of a ten metre radius, to bad no one laid next to the stranger in the desert.

Fighting with this man was like me dying for my last breathe which isn't the best term for this situation. I continued to resist but he pulled harder, grasping my wrist.

"Let me go you Bastard!"

"Come on Bella, come closer, "He pulled me down, ripped my clothing straight from my flesh and straight away I knew he only wanted one thing. He entered me.

Knowing that giving up is a choice, but mine was already made when he won. I continued to cry, tears flowing from my face.

"Why don't you just enjoy it, I knew I was gonna have you if you wanted it or not."

Continued tears not from him getting what he wants but from me agreeing to get in the car. I knew it was all bullshit when he said there was no gas, should have just walked the desert. Half an hour later he finally stopped.

"You know Bella; you'll be mine forever if you want?"

"I'll never be yours; I'll never want or need you"

"You shouldn't said that" His temper reached maximum. He was yelling gibberish to me. And he started to punch, kick and hit, but so did I. I picked up a rock and threw it his face and I ran for my life, picking up speed while he was busy picking up his pants. Never did I know running races would help me, but my brain never thought I would use my skills for escaping a psycho who rapes. I knew I should have looked back sooner. The man tackled me to the ground.

"OW!" My skin bleeding from the hardships it received.

"Bella you Bitch"

"Leave me alone please, please, No one will know" I pleaded.

"You should have said yes" The man picked up a rock; he pinned me to the ground and covered my mouth with my shirt. He punched me in the face with the rock over, and over again. I was slowly beginning to fade... then finally gone. The man whispered in my ear his name, but my corpse wouldn't be of much help.

"No one will ever touch you Bella, Ever!" He grabbed the rock and shoved it between my legs. He reclothed me and threw me in a ditch. I only wish I never got in the car, or even went to Jessica's party.