Hey y'all I know, LONG time, no update, but this is sorta important. Me and my editor have sorta come across a litte… issue… and… well… I kinda need a new one… It's a long story, and private so don't be all "WHYYYY? YOU TWO WERE AWESOME!" (jk we weren't THAT awesome). So I'm asking you, my loyal readers (I mean how can you not be loyal! After all, you still are reading this). I'm asking one of you to be my new editor. You will get to read the story before I publish it, and you get to kick my ass back into gear if I haven't updated recently (yea, please don't let me leave this much space between updates again). But I do have some standards that you must meet.


-be around 15ish (anywhere from 14 to 18)
-have a valid email that you check regularly
-know (and preferably love) Rascal Flatts (and country music in general)
-know about the Civil War (ya don't have to be a nerd, but please at least know the major battles/generals)
-put up with my tense changes and god aweful gramer and spelling
-have a sense of humor
-swear. Cause I do.

And if you become my editor, you will have to:

-return the story via email (as a connected document) with grammatical corrections
-you are allowed to comment all you want just put your comments in bold italics and make it look like this(E/N: bla bla bla)
-IF you publish the chapter as one of your stories I WILL BE PISSED and I WILL HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT SHUT DOWN. It is plagurism. It is illegal.

So if you qualify, then please review/PM me. If I get a lot of people who want to do it then I will probably "interview" you. Please don't be offended if for some strange reason a bunch of people qualify and I don't chose you. Its nothing personal. I still appreciate you.

PS: Elaine, if you are reading this, I'm sorry, but you haven't answered any of my texts, and idk you're pissed.