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Ok, yea, I know at least SOME of you are thinking 'boy, she's racist' because of what I think on the Civil War. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH JASPER ON THIS ONE! In my perspective, the Confederacy did fight for freedom and independence. But, since I live in NORTHERN Illinois (Yankee Territory), My ideas are shot down as quickly as a 10 point buck during deer hunting season.

"My ideas are shot down as quickly as a 10 point buck during deer hunting season." Wow, I'm not a hick AT ALL.

I'm probably gonna start every chapter with a couple verses of Confederate music.

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(FYI: Last chapter's song was 'Oh! I'm A Good Ole Rebel')

Jasper's POV

"Come, stack arms, men. Pile on the rails,
Stir up the campfire bright;
No matter if the canteen fails,
We'll make a roaring night.
Here Shenandoah brawls along,
There burly Blue Ridge echoes strong
To swell the brigade's rousing song
Of 'Stonewall Jackson's way.'"

'Stonewall Jackson's Way' was blasting in my ears, though it really didn't need to. I could hear the music even if I muted my iPod. I mainly crank it up for two reasons: 1) it drones out all the human noises, and 2) it annoys Edward and Rosalie. Simple enough answer. Emmett nudged me and looked forward, then I noticed that Mr. Yankee was talking over the excited students. I popped out an ear bud.

"...just continue on until we reach New Salem. Then we will be going to the cemetery where Lincoln is buried, also there are the Illinois WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War memorials. So, put your bags over by the bus driver on the side, and get into your seats." Mr. Yankee was telling the class, "I will tell you your room mates when we reach the hotel."

"Dude, did we chose who we wanted as roommates?" Emmett asked me as we sat down. Across the aisle, Alice and Rosalie were looking over a fashion magazine. In front of us, Edward was reading a book.

"No...I didn't. Hey, Eddie-" I start to ask, but he cuts me off.

"Don't call me Eddie, and no, I didn't chose roommates. I don't think anyone did. From what Mr. Anderson—Yes, Jasper, Mr. Yankee—is thinking, it's a random draw."

"Which means…?" Emmett asks.

"Which means we are screwed this trip," I answer him.

"No, Emmett, guys have guys as roommates, and girls have girls as roommates. You aren't getting any from Rosalie." Edward—I'm assuming—answers Emmett's thoughts. I tune back into my music. 'Bonnie Blue Flag' is playing and I hum to the melody.

"Jasper, can you hum any LOUDER?" Edward asks.

"Actually, I can, but surprisingly, I don't feel like getting on Mr. Yankee's bad side this trip. I'm afraid that if I do, then he's gonna try and smother me in my sleep," I tell him simply.

"Dude," Emmett starts to say, "We are vampires, for god's sake. We. Don't. Sleep."

"Don't you think I know that? Must I remind you that I am OLDER than you by at least 75 years? What I'm afraid of is he is going to try and smother me, find out I don't sleep, assume something is up. And find out that-"

"Find out what?" Mr. Yankee asks.

"Nothing. You'll find out nothing because there is nothing to find out." Emmett says quickly. Too quickly. He sounds guilty.

"When I find out what you three are hiding you will wish-" Mr. Yankee started, but as cut off by the girl sitting behind us.

"Mr. Anderson, I feel carsick, can you help me?" She tells him. Her voice and tone say that she means it, but her mood isn't connecting with carsickness.

He softens up. "I have some Dramamine, can you take it?"

"If it helps," she responds.

Mr. Yankee goes to get some Dramamine and comes back; she quickly dry swallows it. "Thank you." Mr. Yankee walks away, forgetting his conversation with us. Suddenly, Edward starts clapping quietly.

"Nice performance," he tells her.

She looks at us. "You owe me."

Suddenly, Edward gets worried. "How much of our conversation did you hear?" he asks.

"I've heard your conversation since you three got on the bus. I only started paying attention when you"—she points at Edward—"told him"—she points at me—" 'Jasper, can you hum any LOUDER?' I'm assuming your name is Jasper."

"How much do you know?" I asked her.

"Enough," she replies, a smug smile on her face. She is teasing us, I think to myself, and Edward nods. I know enough of an average human's mind not to keep biting, but this is an important matter.

"Seriously, how much do you know?" I ask again.

"I already told you."

"I swear to God, you little punk!" Emmet bites into her trap. Evil, demonic human being.

She starts to smile. "So, that little bit of information is important to you. But how important, I wonder?" she said.

I sigh. "Look," I say in a reasoning tone, "Please, just tell us what you know."

She rolled her eyes, giving up on her evil mind games. "Fine. I happened to overhear you three talking, and I heard him"—she pointed at Emmett—"say that you three are vampires. Also, I heard you are at least 75 years older than him—Sorry, what's your name?"


"Thank you, Emmett. So correct me if I'm wrong, but judging by what happened yesterday in History, your supposed age, and the fact that none of you age, again, let me say, correct me if I'm wrong, but...were you in the Civil War?" She asks innocently. SMART, evil, demonic, human being.

"Ummm... No?" Emmett says.

"So, am I right?" She looks at me. Not in a lustful way, or an angry way, she just seems...curious.

Should I tell her? I mentally ask Edward. He nods.

"Well..." I sigh and look down. "Yes, I am."

Her eyes brighten up and her emotions are all mixed and confusing. She isn't mad, or upset, or scared. "What side?" she asks.

"Confederate." I tell her, no use hiding anything now. Again her emotions are mixed and confusing. Again she isn't mad, or upset, or scared. She is intrigued and excited, no hint of annoyance at what side I am on.

"That is so cool." She pauses for a second. "You do know you're in Yankee Territory, right?"

I turn towards Edward. "HA! I TOLD you people cared about that!" Then I noticed something. "You aren't mad at me." I point out, "You aren't from Illinois, are you?"

"Nope. I used to live just outside of Nashville, and my family moved there in the 1900s. I'm originally from the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia." My iPod started to 'Stonewall Jackson's Way' again. "Oh! I love that song!" And she started to hum along to the tune.

"Two things, one, you can HEAR that, and two, you LIKE his music?" Edward asks.

"CLASS!" Mr. Yankee yells over everything. "We are here!" Everyone started to file out of the bus.

"Oh, one more thing...have fun at the Lincoln Museum!" She stood up and walks off the bus, giggling all the way. Confusing, smart, evil, demented, human being.

"True that," Edward says as he gets up.

"Hey, hey you!" I yell as I catch up to the strange girl, "What's your name?"

"Jesse," she tells me.

"Ok, Jesse, what did you mean by 'Have fun at the Lincoln Museum'?" I ask her, my curiosity getting the better of me.

She smiled devilishly. "Why should I tell you? I could just leave you hanging, unable to get your questions answered. Just wishing that you had someone to tell you-"

"Ok! Fine, what do you want?!" I tell her. Manipulating, confusing, smart, evil, demonic human being.

"Who said I wanted anything? I don't need to know. I already know. Oh, by the way I'd HIGHLY recommend keeping your mouth shut there. The guards will be on you like glue," Jesse says in an innocent way.

"Jazzy!" Alice walks up next to me, "Hi, Jesse, my name is Alice!" The two girls shake hands.

"Hi, know each other?" she asks, but I can tell her real question through her emotions: "Are you a vampire too?"

"Yes...We are adopted siblings." Alice tells her, and answers her implied question. Jesse nods with understanding.

"HORSEEEEEEE!" screeches one of the other girls. Everyone suddenly huddles close to the horse.

"You don't like horses?" Alice asks.

"Naw, I do. I'm just not obsessed with them," Jesse tells us.

"Do you ride?" Alice questioned.

"I used to, when I lived in Tennessee-"

"You lived in Tennessee? You are such a hillbilly!" one of the girls, the one who yelled about the horse, mocked.

"Yeah, I guess I am a hillbilly. But being a hillbilly is better than being a prissy bitch who wouldn't be able to last one whole day in the outdoors, or alone, for that matter. I was raised to be independent, and I know how to work, yes, work, as in manual labor and not to complain because 'Oh! I broke a nail'. So which do you think is better in the long run? Being a hillbilly who knows how to support themself, or some prissy bitch who would spend her money on things she doesn't need?" Jesse told her. She kept a straight poker face, but her emotions showed a bit of anger and annoyance. When Ms. Prissy Bitch couldn't come up with a comeback, Jesse noticed, and her emotions were overcome with smugness, but her face didn't change.

" are just stupid! And...and you have no sense of fashion," Prissy Bitch finally came up with.

"You know, when people mock or make fun of other people, they do it so they feel superior. So every time you call me a hillbilly, or stupid, remember this: anger is fueled by envy, every time you make fun of someone, or degrade them, you are envious—that means jealous—of them, and you feel that they are better than you, so thanks for the compliment," Jesse shoots back with no hesitation. Dang! She is good at mind games, I think. "Oh, and one more thing," she adds, "I don't care if I have a sense of 'fashion', okay, I have much better uses for my time then to care about what people think my outfit will look like."

Prissy Bitch walked away.

"Damn, you are really good at getting under people's skin," Edward says.

A guy walks up to her, "Hey, Jess, what up?"

"Hey, Linus, nothing much," Jesse responds with ease. Linus, I think that's his name, starts to rub his eyes. A lot.

"Dude, you okay?" I ask. Worry has started to bubble up inside him.

"Ummm, I don't know...I think I might be allergic to horses." He tells us. And so faintly only a vampire could see it, his eyes start to swell up.

"Jesse," Alice starts, "Do you have any Benadryl?" Jesse nods her head. "Give some to him. Now."

"Ummm... ok," She reaches into her pocket and takes out a Benadryl pill and gives it to him. "Dry swallow it." Linus listens to her. But he is still itching his eyes, and that isn't a good sign.

"Here, come with me." Alice ushers him over to a bench and makes him sit down, literally makes him sit down.

"I think we should get Mr. Yanke- sorry, Mr. Anderson—over here," I tell her.

Jesse smiles. "Mr. Yankee? Nice. Don't call him that in front of his face," Jesse tells me, then turns to face where Mr. Yankee is. "MR. ANDERSON!" she yells, he immediately comes over to see us. He takes a look at Linus and gets everyone's attention.

"CLASS! I'm sorry to inform you all, but we have to cut New Salem short. We will go straight to our hotel room and we will go to the Lincoln tomb some other time during this trip." He tells us and we all usher ourselves onto the bus.

The part with the horse is based on true events! Not kidding, when my class went there, my friend petted a horse then his eyes puffed up and we had to leave earlier that expected. Please R&R.

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