Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men or Harry Potter.

Pairing: Nightcrawler/Harry.

Notes: Harry is 19 the war is over. He isn't a mutant, he's a Mage. Meine Leibe means love of mine in German Thank you to everyone who corrected me ^-^ I got the translation off the internet, so I wasn't too sure. It's December.

Word Count: 373 (only actual Drabble)


Blowing on his frozen, blue-tinted fingers, Harry smiled fondly, eying the outside which was blanketed in inches and inches of crisp, white snow. The usual lush green grass and tall, proud trees that normally hung low with branches frozen and stark, the trees bear and branches frail and easily broken.

All that Harry had to protect himself from the crisp, cool air was an old brown leather jacket, his gloves forgotten and his feet adorning worn black tennis shoes, which were easily invaded by the snow that now melted inside his worn shoes, making his socks moist. The warm air of the room contrasted greatly against the cool, crisp winter air that had invaded his lungs earlier, making breathing somewhat uncomfortable, but as arms—blue, furry arms to be exact-wrapped around his waist and drew him closer to a body, Harry couldn't have cared less.

"Cold, Meine Leibe? Here, let me keep you warm," A familiar voice grinned, German accent thick as a chin rested against his shoulder.

The arms around his waist pulled him closer as pointed teeth nibbled his ear lightly, making Harry shiver both at the action and the feeling of hot air brushing against his sensitive ear lobe. Three fingered hands rubbed his hips firmly, warming him and making him squirm and withhold a laugh, leaning into his lover more.

"Mm, morning Kurt," Harry laughed warmly, ignoring the looks and whispers around them as he turned to kiss his grinning lover good morning.

His kiss was responded to eagerly, pointed teeth nibbling on his tongue and lips adoringly. Minutes later, both pulled away from their deep kiss, both ignoring the disgusted look around them, both for their being male and Kurt being a mutant, the blue fur, tail, three fingers and pointed teeth making it more than glaringly obvious to those around them.

Taking the seat closest to the windows, so both could gaze at the still falling snow, Kurt took his lover's hands into his own, grinning at the loving beam he received in response.

He loved winter, and adored it when it snowed. His fur kept him warm, and it always meant even more cuddling—if it was even possible—with Harry.

What could be better?