Well, let me start out by saying this is my first time writing any kind of story, outside of my school days, so if you have any criticism, feel free to throw it at me. Also, be aware that there will be no pairings in this, as I don't believe a Hollow could entertain feelings of love. They are after all, spawn of the devil, ultimate evil, blah blah. Plus, romance ruins most stories, and I'm not confidant enough to write it:P. So yeah.

I'm dead. Actually, I've been dead for quite a while now, close to five thousand years actually. Yeah, I know. Kinda crazy isn't it? But the weird thing is, even though I'm dead.. Well, I'm not dead. Doesn't make much sense does it? It turns out having a demon sealed in you has its perks. The first being that Demonic energy, commonly called "Youkai", is converted upon the Demons death into this funky stuff called "Reishi". Wild, I know. Well, like how Youkai is the energy of a living demon, turns out that "Reishi" is the energy of a dead demon. Same as how Chakra is the energy used by Shinobi, yet when a Shinobi dies it fades, turning into Reishi as well. Chakra, the energy of life, and Reishi, the energy of death. Some interesting stuff.

Well as I already said, I'm dead.. But it turns out, that there is a life, after death. Sounds kinda corny doesn't it?

Apparently because of the almighty Kyuubi, Lord of Demons, Power incarnate, ULTIMATE EVIL! (In his own mind anyway), I was "Resurrected". Turns out I'm the first "Hollow", or at least thats what they call us these days. I'm also the first Vasto Lorde, and first ever Arrancar. Pretty crazy hey? Gone from a demon brat to all sorts of fancy titles. Not bad for a dead last is it?

Basically, I was the first Hollow, formed from the potent energies of the Fox, which is actually still sealed inside me for some strange reason. One might ask, "Theres been demon containers before, how could you be the first Hollow?" It turns out that only the Kyuubi's Youkai was potent enough to form a Hollow. And seeing as I was the first, and last, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yokai, well, I was then the first Hollow. How did this occur one might ask?

Well it starts wayyy back.. Back when Japan as it's called now was called the Elemental Countries, and was ruled over by Shinobi, or Ninjas. It all started out like any other mission...


"Ne Sakura-Chan, after this mission want to go on a date with me?"

"No you baka!" Exclaimed a pink haired woman, who appeared to be in her late teens, to early twenties, responding with a hard slap to the blonde haired boys head.

We see two people, a pink haired woman, wearing a pink skirt and top, with black pants and a strange headband with a metal plate tied like a necklace over her neck. She was wearing gloves, and had green eyes. There was also a blonde haired boy, roughly the same age as her, wearing a strange mixture of orange pants, and a black jacket with orange stripes on each arm. He too wore a headband, except his was proudly displayed on his head. He had 6 whisker marks, 3 on each cheek, and had a fox like appearance with amazing, crystal clear blue eyes.

The boy was currently crying anime style tears, and appeared very down in the dumps. The pink haired woman had a twitch over her right eye, and if one looked closely appeared to even have steam raising from her ears. Strange.


Both teenagers instantly turned around and throw a Kunai into the bushes behind them. A shape quickly leapt out, rushing at the blonde, with a sword drawn and swinging. The blonde quickly reacted, yanking another Kunai out of his pouch, and augmenting it with chakra used it to block the blade. It stopped mere inches from his face, and the strain of holding it back was evident on his face.

"Sasuke?!" Exclaimed the woman, a look of utter shock on her features.

"Ahh, Naruto and Sakura, fancy meeting you here," the attacker stated.

He was another male, most likely the same age as the other two. He was wearing a white gi, opened at the front to show off his toned stomach. He was also wearing black pants, taut against his legs. His eyes were strange, being red, with three spinning tomoes in each eye. His hair was cobalt coloured, and in the shape of.. A ducks ass?

"SASUKE!" Yelped the blonde, pushing hard against the dark haired males blade.

"Hey Naruto, want to know a secret?" Stated the boy nonchalantly.

"What?", proclaimed Naruto.

"You should really pay more attention." Stated the boy, as an identical copy of him slashed at the boy, drawing a huge wound across his back.

"Shadow clones?!" Proclaimed the pink haired woman, known as Sakura.

The blonde haired boy leaped back, even as his wound was slowly healing, steam hissing up from it.

"Ahh yes, the Kyuubi.." stated Sasuke, "Shame it can't help you here."

A strange light came upon the dark haired boys fingers, even as he rushed forwards, too fast for the other two to even see, let alone stop. "Gogyō Fūin" Yelled Sasuke, ramming the five fingers forward, and into the blonde haired boys stomach. The boy yelped in pain, then passed out. Sakura rushed forward, intent on defending her teammate, only to get punched in the stomach, hard, and passing out. The black haired youth looked down in disgust.

"Finally, the Mangekyou Sharingan is mine." The boy stated, driving his blade into the blonde haired boys heart. " Trash such as you have no place in this world."

The boys statement was interrupted however, when a humongous blast of energy erupted from the blonde. "Impossible! I sealed the Kyuubi away!" The boy yelled, jumping back. All to no hope, as the blast literally disintegrated him, along with the blonde boys body, and that of the pink haired woman. In place of the blonde boys body, was a panicked looking copy of him, with a strange chain sticking out of his chest.

"What the hell is this?!"The boy yelled, trying to rip the chain off him. As soon as he tugged, pain like nothing he had ever felt before coursed through his body, causing him to shriek loudly, and drop the chain.

"Foolish boy, you've killed us both!" A familiar, but hated voice spoke, somewhere deep within his mind.

"Baka Fox! What happened? What do you mean killed?! I'm still here!" Said Naruto, almost hyperventilating.

"Foolish boy, your so called "Friend" Sasuke killed you. The backlash from my energy being absorbed into your new form killed both him, and that loud mouth wench you loved so much."

"WHAT?! I KILLED SAKURA-CHAN?!" Yelled Naruto, clearly distressed.

"Yes fool, as you can see everything within a couple hundred meters was totally wiped out, she had no chance" The Kyuubi stated darkly, taking pleasure in his jailors pain.

"N..No! SAKURA-CHAN!"Yelled the blonde in agony, even as the chain started to be devoured by a strange mouth, which appeared on the end. The blonde didn't even notice, so caught up was he in his pain.

"Boy! BOY! IDIOT! Look at the chain! Its being devoured!" Yelled the Kyuubi in panic, unsure of what was happening. He had never died, but had heard stories from the other Bijuu who had, and none of them spoke of their hosts chain being devoured. Demons were not like mortals, when they died they could merely reform, being made out of pure Youkai meant that they possessed no flesh, only a complex Youkai network, which surrounded their soul and gave them form. This meant even if the host died, the demon could take over their host, and then destroy the spirit body, allowing their soul to be released, letting them reform their original body over time. It took quite a while for a demon to create a body, as they had to reweave their entire Youkai system from scratch.

Suddenly, the mouth finished eating the chain, and continued, ripping a hole through the blondes chest, directly in the middle of it. With a huge scream of pain, Naruto's mouth ejected a massive amount of white liquid, which covered his entire face. The Kyuubi felt its chakra being forced out of its body, and into its hosts, where it was being converted at an amazing pace into a new type of energy. After the eighth tail was ripped out of him, he started fighting back, managing to keep a small part of his ninth tail to himself, knowing that even from that small amount he could regenerate the rest. His host in the meantime, was undertaking a strange transformation. His face was covered in the white liquid, which quickly solidified into a mask, similar to an ANBU's mask, with a snarling fox on it.

Eventually, his host stopped screaming and merely passed out, before appearing in his mind scape.

"What have you done now boy!," Kyuubi roared.

"I.. I don't know.. I feel.. Empty..." The boy replied, in a dead, emotionless tone.

The Kyuubi was very worried, he had never heard the boy speak like this, he was always yelling like an idiot.

"Boy? Why are you talking like that?" Kyuubi asked.

"What do you mean? Have I not always been like this? And who are you?" The boy asked, seeming genuinely confused. The fox did a quick look over his host, and realised that it had lost all of its memories.

"Strange, whatever occurred has wiped out your memories... And you appear to have also lost control of all your basic emotions," The Fox stated.

"My.. Memories? Emotions? Why are they gone?" Asked the boy.

"I have no idea boy," The Fox snorted.

Suddenly, a bright light came from the boy, temporarily blinding the Fox. When he looked again, the boy was gone, having regained consciousness. The Fox quickly looked through his hosts eyes, noticing immediately they were no longer anywhere in the Elemental Countries.

"Boy! Can you hear me?" Yelled the Fox.

"Yes, where are we?" The boy spoke aloud, as he took in the landscape. There was nothing around except for silver sand. Even the sky was different, it was pitch black, with a white crescent moon. There was nothing nearby, except for dead trees.

"I have no idea boy."The Fox stated, "But what I do know, is that you must find a way back."

"How can I do that?"Asked the boy.

"I don't know, but perhaps seeing if you can still use any of your old techniques would help." Said the Fox.

"What techniques?" asked the boy, confused.

"Sigh.. Let's start off with an old favourite.. Kage Bunshin" The Fox replied, gearing himself in for the long haul. The boy would have to be taught from scratch, yet again.

End Flashback.

Funny thing really, when the Fox tries, he's actually quite a good teacher. Who would have guessed a ten thousand year old demon could teach? We quickly realised however, that Reishi was totally different to Chakra, so I had to basically start from scratch. It took hundreds of years, but I had finally created a few new techniques using Reishi, and the Fox's advice. It appears that Reishi is far easier to use, and requires no control like Chakra did. The reason for this is that Reishi is entirely spiritual, whereas Chakra required both spiritual and physical. Because I didn't need to achieve a balance, I didn't need to control the amounts, meaning I could literally just pour Reishi into a technique, and if I knew what I was moulding, it would come out well. Thats not to say it didn't take a lot of effort though. I relearned everything I could, Shunshin however was the best technique I remade. Now, instead of a quick burst of chakra to my muscles, which in turn lets me rush in one direction very fast, I could literally move so fast that it was almost impossible to keep track of me, vanishing in a sound of static.

After a couple thousand years, a new Hollow appeared. Then another, and another. Eventually there was thousands of them, fighting each other like rabid animals. I however, was far beyond them. I had achieved Vasto Lorde instantly, as a result of the unreal power of the Kyuubi. Instead of clawing my way out of nothing, I started from the very top. Was about time something went right for me. In my five thousand years of life, I've seen pretty much everything. After learning how to make a portal to the mortal realm, also known as a Garganta to these lesser animals, I was able to re-enter my old world. I followed pretty much everything from the Elemental Countries, from the unification of the five Great Shinobi Villages, to the destruction of Ninja. After the Unification, it was decided to rename the continent to Japan, as they wanted to cut all ties to their violent past. Eventually, as peace reigned, the need for Ninja died out. It started out slow. First the disbandment of the Shinobi corps, Military of the country. Then came the age of the Samurai. From there, ninja quickly declined into the minority. There were still a few around, but nowhere near the level we had before. After another 300 years, there was only a single clan of ninja left, the remainders of the Hyuuga clan, ironically. The Byakugan was destroyed much earlier, along with all Bloodlines, when the Bijuu left the mortal plane. It turned out that, as all Bloodlines were linked purely to Demons, if there were no Demons, there was no Bloodlines. Probably the best thing that ever happened actually. I hated those stuck up assholes, thinking their shit didn't smell because of their fancy eyes. Pfft. The remainders of the Hyuuga kept training their children in the powers of Ninjutsu. It was very diluted however, in my time when Jutsu was flashy dragons, capable of levelling a building easily, in modern times a Karyuu Endan was about as potent as a Gokakyu Jutsu. Yeah, that bad. Eventually the clan married out, and from there Ninjutsu vanished forever, never to be seen again. Humans forgot about chakra, and it dropped from even legend.

Then, about three and a half thousand years ago, something odd happened. An old man died, and for some reason, he formed into a Plus, just like I did. But unlike me, when his chain vanished, he didn't develop a mask, he formed a sword. I later found out he was one of the last of the Samurai, and it was this, and his Spiritual Awareness that enabled him to become a Shinigami. Needless to say I was intrigued, and followed him around for a while. It turned out, that Japan had moved due to continental shifts or some such, and it placed it directly over a Leyline. This Leyline, unknown to Japan, enabled people to become more spiritually aware, forming to the creation of Shinigami. And also, Hollow. At first, it was a rare occurrence, for example, the old man was the first one created, and the second didn't form for almost 200 years after him. This one however, didn't form into a Shinigami. He formed into a much weaker version of me. It turns out, thanks to Kyuubi, and Chakra, which in my time was trained, making it far more potent and abundant, I'm actually far stronger then these cheap Hollows could ever be. If a Hollow was a teaspoon of power, I would be a bathtub of it, thanks to these factors. The Hollow formed, and then left, presumedly for that desert. The old man didn't notice his formation, and continued to train. One day, his Reishi spiked unbelievably, and his sword changed, from a ordinary looking katana, to a blade of pure fire, so hot it could perhaps even burn ME. Strange thing was, after forming it, his power level jumped ridiculously. Seriously, he felt almost three times as strong as he did before. A bit after forming it however, he suddenly vanished. I assumed he also went to the desert, however he never did. It wasn't for another 600 years that I discovered he had gone to another plane, called Sereitei. Amazingly, the man was able to teleport spirits like him and me to Sereitei by tapping them with the butt of his sword. Interesting stuff.

After around 2300 years, Japan had shifted to directly over the Leyline, and instead of being once every fifty to a hundred years, Hollows and Shinigami formed far faster, around one every year or so. Japan had also changed quite a lot, it was slowly discovering and using old technology from my time. Things such as refrigerators, microwaves and communication devices were being found and used. Samurai eventually suffered the same fate of Shinobi. And Hollows and Shinigami were being created far faster then before. I grew bored of this, and left the world, going back to the Desert. Here, I founded myself a home of sorts from a cave, and amused myself by watching the Hollows fight.

Then one day, everything changed. A Shinigami came to the newly christened Hueco Mundo. His name, was Aizen Sosuke.


Tell me how you all felt about the story! I haven't really got a plan out yet, but I have a few rampant plot bunnies running around. If anyone is confused with the timeline, say so and I'll throw one up, maybe with the next chapter. This is my first fanfic, so be nice:). Constructive criticism is always welcome! As stated, in this fic he is going to be an Arrancar. He will not have any run in's with anyone from the Naruto world, he was far ahead of everyone else in regards to this. Remember, he actually was around almost three thousand years before the formation of Sereitei, as was hinted, the old man is Commander Captain Yamato. This means basically, no-one from his own time ever became Plus's, which only started when a Leyline was moved directly under Japan by continental shifts. Also, I'm Australian, so don't expect me to be 100% correct with any Japanese words. Feel free to give advice on Naruto's zanpakutou and release! I'm currently going towards a set of Zanpakutou, most likely using Ninjaken, as a tribute to his prior life as a Shinobi.