Chapter 8.

If what the Shinigami felt before was fear, what they felt now was mind-numbing DEATH. The Aura the Kyuubi was giving out was so horrifying, even the earth itself sounded like it was moaning in deference. The almighty Kyuubi, Lord of Demons, walked again, five thousand years after he was sealed. Even today in Japan, people had learned to respect the Kitsune. Nothing could have prepared the Shinigami for seeing the Lord of them. The Kyuubi was fear incarnate. That terrifying grin, mocking them for trying to prolong their insignificant lives. The red fur, stained it seemed with the life giving liquid of millions. The massive claws, each the size of a large man. But the worst thing of all, were those eyes. Utter malice glittered in them, regarding each of them as little more then prey. They were totally unprepared for it. The dominant species; Death gods. They lived to hunt down and destroy Hollows. What can they do against something that lived to hunt down and destroy THEM?

These morbid thoughts filled each of their minds. The beast towered over them, as big as a fifty storey building. "So.." The beast said. "Who's first?" It stated, breaking out into a huge mocking grin, each of its teeth as big as those trying to defeat it.

"What on earth IS this thing?" Yelled out Soi Fon, utter disbelief something like THIS could ever exist.

"That, my dear Captain, is the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The Nine-Tailed Fox, who's tails could level mountains, create Tsunami's, and level Villages. This 'Thing' had been sealed inside of me since I was born, over five thousand years ago. We are both relics of a long gone age, the age of the Shinobi, when Nine great beasts rampaged the land; Shukaku, the One tailed Tanuki, Nibi no Nekomata, the Two Tailed Cat, Shibi no Sanbi, the Three tailed Turtle, Yonbi no Saru, the Four Tailed Monkey, Gobi no Irukauma, the Five Tailed Dolphin-horse, Rokubi no Namekuji, the Six Tailed Slug, Nanabi no Kabutomushi, the Seven Tailed Horned Beetle, The Hachibi no Kyogyu, the Eight Tailed Giant Fox. And finally, the last of the Nine Great Beasts. The Nine Tailed Fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune, Stronger then all of the other eight combined. Each of the others had total mastery over their element, yet the Kyuubi was different. The only element it commanded was the Element of Chaos! It was a walking Natural Disaster." Spoke Naruto, still in that tone, one which had another layered over the top. It was Demonic, that was the only way to describe it.

"Five thousand years old? Wow, you're even older then Yamamoto-Jiji!" Said Shunsui, with a wide grin on his face.

"I'm bored. Kyuubi, entertain our friends down there, I wanna play with the Old Man." Commanded Naruto.

"Very well Brat, but you owe me." Was Kyuubi's snark reply.

" Pssh. You are moodier then a 16 year old female Kyuubi." Naruto responded, before vanishing. Yamamoto's eyes widened, before he quickly spun around, placing his blade in front of him, saving him from being eviscerated by Naruto's blade.

"Not bad Oyajiji, but lets see how long you can keep up in your old age, shall we?" Naruto said, before vanishing again. Yet again he was blocked by the old man. Then the Old Man went on the offensive. Even at Five tails, he was still managing to keep up with Naruto. Naruto was grinning like a mad man, he hadn't had a fight like this since he was still alive!

Again and again their blades clashed, Flames, verse the Will of Fire. The old man suddenly jumped back; "Kido #88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho."

A giant blast of electricity, easily five meters side to side, rushed towards Naruto.

"Kakuheki." An invisible wall of air appeared in front of Naruto, completely absorbing the Kido spell. Yamamoto was totally flabbergasted. He managed to block a Kido spell of that level with just a single word? What WAS this thing?

"Sorry, I didn't realise we had moved on to explosives. Allow me." Was all Naruto stated, before holding out his hand. "Shainingu.. Akari." A large amount of Reishi was pushed into Naruto's palm, slowly forming into a strange, dagger like object. "Kunai." Naruto threw the object at Yamamoto, who avoided it, not willing to come into contact with something he hadn't seen before. He watched it hit the ground near the edge of the Hill, and the resulting explosion ripped a massive chunk out of it. He heard a whistling noise behind him, and Shunpo'd out of the way. Lucky he did, as another one of these "Kunai" went whistling right past where he was, before colliding with Sokyoku's stand, demolishing the top of it. It was lucky indeed that Ichigo moved Kuchiki out of the road when the fight had started, or she'd be a pink mist right about now.

"Maah, it's not as fun when you keep dodging. Let's see if you can dodge all of THESE! Shainingu Akari! Shuriken!" This time it formed a heap of throwing star shaped objects, which he started rapidly pegging at Yamamoto. Even with his mastery of Shunpo, Yamamoto was hard pressed to dodge all of them. Then Naruto uttered a few words which struck a bit of fear into Yamamoto. "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu" Instantly, the five Shuriken he threw became a hundred. Which then turned into five hundred. There was nowhere to dodge.. Yamamoto had no choice...


The Captain Commander was totally and utterly engulfed in flames. The flames burned up into an absolutely massive tower, rushing straight up into the air. Every single one of Naruto's Shuriken were defeated by this new menace. As the fire died down, Yamamoto was revealed. He was dressed in an ancient samurai garb, formed entirely out of fire. His blade had evolved from a katana, into a Nodachi. The sword was made of pure flames, there was no metal used. It was white, signifying just how amazingly hot the sword really was. The final part of the outfit was a traditional Kabuto helmet.

Naruto was almost salivating in joy. Finally! A challenge. He may even have to go up to his Seventh tail. Naruto was knocked out of his thoughts when Yamamoto suddenly appeared slightly in front of him, Nodachi held with both hands, and being swung down with all of his strength. Naruto throw up his sword to block, and was amazed as Yamamoto's sword actually seperated, at the exact point he tried to block. The sword instantly reattached, and continued unblocked towards its target.

Now normally after suffering a sword wound, one would bleed. Naruto never got the chance. The blade was so hot, it actually cauterised his flesh, as soon as it touched it. Rather then be cut by the weapon, his skin and flesh was actually melted, straight to the bone. The Nodachi burned a clear, and very deep line, straight across from his left shoulder, down to his right thigh. Yamamoto bowed, and turned to walk away.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going OLD MAN?" Came the demons voice, sounding even more crazed then before. Yamamoto spun around, and stared in shock. Naruto's body was literally healing in front of his eyes. "Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier.. I can heal almost any wound. Nice perk to having a Demon sealed into you, ain't it? Very little can actually kill me" Naruto slurred out, grinning like a madman.

Yamamoto quickly recovered from his shock, and went back onto the offensive. He shunpo'd behind Naruto, and slashed at his back. At the last second, Naruto vanished in a cloud of static, reappearing behind the Old Man, sword swinging. The Old Man wasn't prepared for this, and suffered for it with a particuarly bad cut on his back. Because of the serrated blade, his cut was horrific to see. Even with flames far hotter then anything short of Amaterasu, the blade still managed to get past his Fire armour. Never before had a weapon been able to pierce it. Even with his back horrifically damaged, the Old Man let out a barking laugh.

"Ahhh, it feels good to let loose! I haven't had a fight like this.. Well, EVER! BAHAHA" The Old Man laughed, whilst going on the offensive. Blow after blow was traded, with both of them bleeding horribly. At that point in time, even Kenpachi looked on in awe, as the Old Man proved WHY he was the Captain Commander. All of the other Captains knew they couldn't stand against Naruto's pet Fox, let alone the man himself. Yet Yamamoto was fighting toe to toe with him. Alas, it was all for naught. You see, while Naruto was using Five tails of his released form, he has to release them in his normal form first, before his Ressureccion, in order to actually access all of his power. He had only unlocked THREE tails of his power, which was a mere 15% of his total strength normally. In this form, he was fighting at only 45% of his unreleased state. Not that he minded, he would sooner enjoy the thrill of the fight, instead of it being over instantly.

However, Naruto quickly realised one little problem. Aizen had arrived. And he wasn't alone...

Kyuubi vs Shunsui, and Ukitake.

"So, Mortals, are you going to sit and gawk? Or are you going to actually DO something? While I know the Brat's power is amazing, I am nothing to gawk at." Kyuubi said, before unleashing some of his Reishi. It was totally unreal. The Captains had to actually release up to 20% strength, literally just to stand up to it. Lesser Captains, such as Soi Fon had to release closer to 40%. And the Lieutenants had to put up around 80%.

Surprisingly, it was Shunsui who took the initiative. He Shunpo'd up to Kyuubi, and attempted to slash at its fur. Unfortunately for him, his sword merely bounced off. "You'll have to do better then that Ant, if you wish to hurt ME." Kyuubi laughed. The Kyuubi then started to take in energy, forming it in front of its mouth. "Kyuubimari" Was all the Fox said, before eating the orb of energy. At first, Ukitake and Shunsui were confused. 'What the hell? It ATE IT?' Then its mouth bulged. And out came a MASSIVE wave of pure Reishi. Ukitake quickly thrust forward his left Zanpakutou, and pointed his right one at the Fox. While this would normally increase the power, and fire it back, the Fox's Reishi was just too potent for his Zanpakutou to fully absorb. It managed to suck up 3/4'ths of the Reishi, and by firing it back it managed to blast away the remaining fourth. Unfortunately for him, the Fox merely opened his mouth, and ate the blast... Again. "Well, Shit." Was all Ukitake could manage. Shunsui had a different response however;


A massive wave of purple energy engulfed Shunsui, so potent it actually managed to reflect the Kyuubimari into the sky, nullifying it.

"O? The Ant has more tricks?" Was the Kyuubi's response. Eventually the light vanished, leaving Shunsui in his normal gear, now wielding a massive broadsword. He abhorred his Bankai, it just screamed... Effort. And Shunsui HATED effort. Although he had to admit, it was quite powerful. The blade itself flowed and ebbed. Just like water, flowing and changing with the moon. Poetic, really. If you ignore the disgusting effort required to toss it around, it was a masterpiece. Gentle, and placid when relaxing, and ferocious and eroding when angered. It also linked perfectly with Ukitake's Bankai, if only the lazy bum would hurry it up...

"Bankai!" Ahh, thatta boy.

Ukitake's Bankai was totally different. Rather then form a large, clunky sword like Shunsui, he instead formed a long, thin blade, imbued with a lightning type Reishi. Unlike Shunsui's blade, it was built for fast, debilitating blows, rather then heavy, erosive ones. There was a unique quality to the two however; they were like their masters. Complete opposites, yet perfect partners.

Shunsui attacked the Fox, using a blast of Reishi to soak it with his special Reishi soaked water. Following Shunsui's attack, Ukitake struck quickly, and powerfully, his blades lightning Reishi joining with Shunsui's attack, together utterly destroying the Fox's nerve system. Or at least, that is what it was suppose to do.

"Interesting, together, you are far more potent then you are apart. However, you cannot defeat me like that. I am the Lord of Demons. My healing abilities are second to none. It takes me a mere second to heal the damage inflicted to me with that attack. You need to be far more potent then that to dismiss ME!" Roared the Fox.

"Shunsui, we have to use.. That."

"I agree Ukitake. Lets get it rolling." Replied Shunsui. Shunsui leaped up to the Fox, forcing all of his remaining Reishi into his blade, and swinging. His swing released several huge pillars of water, which hit the Fox head on, lifting it up and binding it. Spheres of water held its arms, legs and even tails, totally disabling the Fox. The final sphere attached to the Fox's head, raising the Fox into a crucifixion like position. Its arms were held out wards, almost like he was star jumping. It's legs and tails held straight down, just above the ground. It's head was forced to look up, witnessing the growing storm clouds.

Together, Shunsui and Ukitake roared; "haritsuke!"

A giant pillar of lightning came down from the heavens themselves, and with an absolutely MASSIVE explosion, utterly obliterated the Fox's summoned form. The lightning was so potent, it instantly cooked the Fox, obliterating all of its nerves, frying its muscles, and burning its bones. Nothing could have survived it.

Utterly spent, both Captains released their Bankai, and sat down.

"Maah, Ukitake. You wouldn't happen to have some Sake would you?" Shunsui panted, totally wiped from that attack.

"I can dream, my friend." Was Ukitake's reply, just as exhausted. The two companions both lay back, entrusting everything to Yamamoto.

With Naruto, and Yamamoto

"Impressive, your two disciples truly are impressive Yamamoto. They managed to defeat the Kyuubi, even if he was only at 15% of his potential power." Naruto stated calmly.

Yamamoto's eyes widened considerably... That was only 15%?! Then that means...

"You're holding out on me, aren't you Naruto?" The Old Man said, chuckling.

"Of course, not even YOU could last more then 5 seconds against my full power. Even if you have unlocked your third release... I was not the only one holding back, ne?" Naruto replied smartly, releasing his Resurreccion. "Don't worry Old Man, I won't tell. But I believe we have something more.. pressing, to attend to. Namely your traitorous Captains." Naruto said, pointing his thumb towards the ground. There was Aizen, Gin and Tousen, looks of surprise on two of their faces. Of course, Aizen still had that stupid smile on his face.

"Yo, Aizen, why are you so late?" Naruto said.

"Hm, sorry about that. A little dragon delayed me slightly." Aizen replied, smooth as ever. "May I enquire as to why you are here, Firstborn-San? Surely this can't have been coincidence."

"Of course not Aizen-Teme. I was here to play around with a little orb. Perhaps you know of it? Hogyoku. Interesting little toy that one." Naruto said, smirking as he saw Aizen's face cloud over for a second.

"Interesting indeed Naruto-San. What exactly happened to it, if I may be so bold?"

"Well you see, I had to take it home, but on the way I encountered a little black cat. You know how unlucky it is crossing their path, so I took a longer route to my house. On the way though, you simply won't believe it! I got abducted by ALIENS! They seem to think I was their God or some such rubbish. After bludging for a bit, and of course eating some cake, I left my worshippers to come back here. But imagine my surprise! Somehow I forgot to bring back the Hogyoku! I'm afraid you'll have to fly to planet Omicron Persei 8, and ask them for it." Naruto explained, while helping himself to some cake he managed to procure out of nowhere.

This was the first time in history, that Sosuke Aizen, Master manipulator, ever cracked.

"GO !#!# YOURSELF YOU !#!# PIECE OF !#!#! !#!# I SWEAR TO !#!## GOD I WILL !#!# HUNT YOU THE !#!# DOWN, CUT OFF YOUR !#!# AND FEED IT TO YOUR !#!#." Basically this. Repeated. A lot.

"Yo, Old Man. I think I've actually learned some new words from that. How 'bout you?" Naruto whispered conspiratorially. Only to see Yamamoto with a small notepad out, taking down notes. "Huh? You say something?"

Naruto couldn't believe it, another had taken up Kakashi-Sensei's teachings! With anime style tears pouring down his cheeks, Naruto hugged the old man, ranting about The power of Youth, or some such garbage.

Eventually, Aizen recovered. "Well, I suppose our time is up. Such a shame we didn't get to talk more, Naruto-Kun." Aizen simpered.

"NO. I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU. FREAK!" Naruto yelled, swiftly covering his rear.

Launching Aizen into yet another thirty minute tirade. "Actually, where are the Menos? They should have picked me up by now.. Hmm."

"O, and Aizen. I hoped you aren't relying on a Hollow to get you out of here. No Hollow would dare defile me with its presence. Just thought you should know, y'know, before the Old Man absolutely curb stomps you." Naruto said conversationally.

"Sigh." Was all Aizen could respond. Luckily, he had a backup plan.

"terepo-to, Huecu Mundo" Aizen muttered, irritated his plans had been set back so far. As he stepped into the portal, he removed his glasses and slicked back his hair. "I'll be seeing you all.. Very soon" Aizen stated, before walking into the portal.

"I always knew he was gay." Was Naruto's intelligent response.


Here we go! Finally, some action. How did you guys think it went? How was the Bankai's? I tried to stick with how I see the characters. Shunsui just EMBODIES water to me. Tranquil, timeless, but ferocious and destructive, all at once. Ukitake, speedy, powerful, and aims to incapacitate, rather then kill. As for Yamamoto, as stated, he was a Samurai in life. Why not be one in death too?

I enjoyed Naruto's first Release. Be advised; I have only scratched the surface of it. And yes, Yamamoto has unlocked a third level, beyond even Bankai. What could it be? Hmm I wonder:P.

I wonder how many realised, way back in chapter five, that Soi Fon was one of the Captains who was knocked out by Nosebleed:P.

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