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The warm water ran down Hermione's back. As it hit every one of her scars, she wasn't quite sure whether it hurt or not. Maybe she had just grown used to pain. She couldn't stop a lump from forming in her throat as she looked down at her body. It was disgusting. There was a large purple slash that crossed her torso from her chest to her stomach. The entire left side of her stomach was a nasty combination of several shades of red, pink, and purple. Cuts had slashed through her skin everywhere. Bellatrix's knife had so kindly assisted in placing a long crimson mark on her neck that seemed to stand out from every other cut she had. At one point on her arm there was the light pink imprint of a star. Damn chandelier, she thought bitterly. The thought of that night was too much to handle. As she stood in the Hogwarts shower, tears rushed down her face. She sobbed loudly, not caring if anyone heard. She was sick of trying to be strong.

So she cried. Hermione Granger stood and pressed her face against the cool tile wall and cried. It was worse than anything she had ever felt before, even worse than Ron leaving her. She wasn't just crying for herself, she was crying for everybody. She cried for everyone who had lost a loved one, for the innocent youth children had missed during the wars, for her selfishness and regrets, and for everyone else's. She cried for Harry and all the Weasleys. She cried for Teddy and Andromeda. For Hagrid. For every brave student in Dumbledore's Army. For Dumbledore himself. For the Longbottoms, the Potters, and Remus and Sirius. She kept crying, even louder now. A tear for Hedwig. A couple more for Cedric. Snape and Regulus also got tears for their bravery. She even cried for the Malfoys and Crabbe and Goyle. Everybody in the Order of the Phoenix deserved a tear for fighting for what they believed in, no matter the risks. Every muggle-born and Muggle who was killed for doing nothing more than existing got tears. Especially all the Muggles that made up that horrendous "statue" at the Ministry. Everyone's grief steadily flowed down with her tears as she cried her tribute to them all.

The water was cold when she turned it off. She stepped out and dried hereself with a towel. Eventually, she would have to learn to live with the scars. Hermione was done bleeding and now it was time to heal.

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