A secret life

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-gi-oh GX or any other forms of the show, or manga. This story takes place in my own little dimension were the originals are in there second year and there is aster but Jessie and them come a year early. The society of light isn't in the story.

Meeting the gang!

A young girl of only 14 years old, stood at the back of the Duel Academy entrance exam room. She was leaning against the wall watching one of the duels. She had dreamed about coming to this place ever since she was a little girl and it was founded.

She sighed and blew a bit of yellow hair out of her eyes. That right you heard me yellow hair, not blond yellow, this along with blue and red were the colors of her hair. Her hair was drawn up into a pony tail with a little bit left down on the side. She was wearing little more then a pink belly top that showed little cleavage, with a short jean jacket that didn't reach the top of her jeans. Just visible under the jacket was the tattoo of a heart and what looks like words but can not be read. She also had a belly button ring, a loop with two balls. Around her neck was a gold chain that ended out of site bellow the top of her shirt.

Now I know what you are thinking, this girl must be a rebel; well actually you would be wrong. She was actually a little daddy's girl who just wanted to be different. Now I bet you are wondering who this girl is? Her name is Kira and she is from a little town just outside of Domino City. Her uncle had enrolled her into the school, her father not knowing about it. Her father thought that she was staying with her Aunt and Uncle while her aunt knew nothing about any of it. Said uncle was also the way through which she got the hair, tattoo, and belly button ring.

Kira sighed again, this match was so boring the kid was almost out of life points and the match hadn't even been on from a 2 minutes. Her match had already finished and she had passed.

She looked up as she heard someone approach her. It was a boy in a slifer red jacket; he had brown hair and brown eyes. Accompanying him was a little blue haired slifer, a kid dressed in black, a boy in Ra yellow and a girl in obelisk blue.

The boy came up to her and smiled. "Hey I like your hair." He told her in a laid back voice. The blonde rolled her eyes at him.

"Wow Jaden, don't even introduce your self just straight to the point." She said with a laugh.

Kira smiled at them, "Thanks." She said sweetly, her voice was a slight soprano.

Jaden smiled. "Sorry Lex." He told the blonde and then turned back to Kira. "Im Jaden Yuki." She told her.

The blonde took a step forward. "Alexis Rhodes. And these are Syrus Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, and Chazz Princeton." She said pointing them all out in turn as she said there names.

Kira smiled at them. "Nice to meet you, my name is Kira." She told them. "Are you all first years or do you already go to the school?" She asked them leaning back against the wall again.

"This will be our second year at the school. Its really nice there, you should like it. It is never boring." She gave a small laugh and so did the others like they had some kind of inside joke that she wouldn't get.

The kid in black, Chazz took a step forward. "So what is with the hair anyway?" He asked her in a snotty voice.

"They represent the Egyptian gods, Slifer, Ra, and Obelisk." She told him her voice hinting that she thought it was fairly obvious.

Chazz looked at the colors. "Why is there only a bit of blue then, I mean obelisk is the best so why only put a little." He asked confused.

Kira laughed. "Obelisk isn't the best; in fact Obelisk is the weakest out of the three, Ra is the most powerful, then Slifer, then Obelisk. The only reason that The school has Obelisk as the top of the school is because that is that only god card that Kaiba had in his position. And slifer is the bottom because that was Yugi's favorite." She told him.

Jaden laughed. "She is right about the first part Chazz. I don't know about the second part about Kaiba but about the best and the worse she is."

Chazz fumed at being laughed at and stalked away. Kira looked after him in surprise. "Was it something I said?" She asked them her purple eyes wide with innocence.

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