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7 years ago…

"What's with you?" Naruto asks as he glares at a young man in front of him, who glares right back. The young man, or as Naruto scathingly called boy isn't too tall, but isn't short either, with a head of messy brown hair and dark eyes, border line brown and black. He is most likely a high school student at the very least, and judging from the way he dresses, he is not a very good one… but appearance can be deceiving.

Either way, the two continues to glare at each other, electricity flying and sparks jumping from the space between them. The bystanders have long since evacuated… all but one. This one person happens to be the cause of the dispute… or more like related to the cause of the dispute. The topic of this dispute: octopus orbs.

"I was here first. Don't you know that it's impolite to cut in front of people?" Naruto grounds out while making share to show his longer-than-natural canine teeth at the youth in front of him. To his amusement, the teen not only isn't affected by it, but also bare his own teeth in return.

"Well, I was in a hurry, so you should let me go first." The boy barks back, ticking Naruto off further with the strange logic as well as the fact that he is probably late to whatever he is hurrying to. Of course, the blonde will be the bigger man and not resorts to violence. It simply won't do to mutilate the boy for no reason at all. "I bet you're just some old pervert that gets his kick from peeking at the hot springs."

…Screw it, someone call the hospital.

"Why you…" Naruto says as his bangs shadows his eyes, but only seems to make them glow a reddish color as behind him, the street disappears and in its place is a colossus crimson fox with nine swirling tails snaring down at the boy. His mouth has long since forgo its frown, and instead takes up on a savage grin that promise much bloodshed and pain at the boy in front of him, who gulps knowing that he had just gotten himself a one way trip to the hospital least some miracle happens. "You have just crossed the line… boy."

Of course, miracle happens in the form of a hand smacking Naruto in the back of his head. "Ouch! What was that for Miya?" The blonde whines as he rubs his head, completely forgetting the trembling youth in front of him that looks on the verge of soiling his pants. His attention is instead focused on a lady with pale purple hair and wine colored eyes, frowning at him with hands on her shapely hips. "Do you have to hit me that hard?"

"To answer your first question, it is for scaring the poor boy." Miya explains before jabbing a finger into his chest, emphasizing each word with a hard poke, "And I have to hit this hard because other wise, you will not respond. Now help me with these."

"Huh?" That is all Naruto manages to get out before several bags of groceries are unceremoniously disposed of into his arms. "W-wha?!"

"Now come along. We've let Takehito-kun waited long enough." Miya says as she quickly turns around to walk away, only to remember the poor boy that is likely traumatized for eternity and turns back to him. Offering a warm smile, the woman says, "I'm sorry for my friend here. If there is anything I can do to make up for it, please do not be hesitate to tell me."

"…Y-you could treat me to dinner…" The boy says, still somewhat trembling from the near death experience he just gone through. Miya blinks at the unusual request before nodding in acceptance. Seeing the approval, the boy offers a roughish smile and says, "Alright! I'm Kaoru Seo, please to meet you."

"Oh my, I'm Asama Miya, and this here is Uzumaki Naruto, it is a pleasure to meet you." Miya says in return with a small bow, forcing Naruto into a small bow as well with a hand on the back of his head. The boy laughs at the display, completely forgetting about what just transpired not but a few minutes ago. "Oh, and I do hope you're in your best behavior. You see, Takehito-kun, my husband, does not tolerate misbehavior in his house… am I clear?" The last part comes out so sweet, that Seo actually cringes. He cringes even more when the light around Miya dims and a purple demonic mask appears above her. What can he do? He nods his head frantically in acceptance while fighting down his instinct to run with his proverbial tail between his legs.

Satisfied with it, Miya returns to her happy self and turns around, saying, "Good, now come along. I should have dinner started a while ago."

Seeing this, Naruto wonders if Seo didn't just get himself ensnared by the Hannya. Although he is slightly glad. The boy intrigues him to no end…



Hikari and Hibiki, Sekirei Number 11 and 12 respectively, have never see their Ashikabi, one Kaoru Seo this nervous before. Oh sure he gets wary when Miya goes Hannya mode on them, but who doesn't?

Thus when the moment Seo starts to smile nervously and act as polite as possible to the blonde man, who has introduced himself as Naruto to them, walked into his apartment, the twin Sekirei knows something to be wrong. Their Ashikabi, as much as they do not want to admit it… okay, totally admit that he is a scum, he is also very resourceful and intelligent despite his lazy attitude. He has thus far able to keep them alive and fed, even though half of the time, he has to go running to Miya (and in return, he comes back to a beating from the twin).

Either way, being Seo's Sekireis come with its own perk despite the harsh living conditions they have to be in. For one, they know the who's who of everything, meaning they know who to go for underground operations or even who to seek out to get information about certain things. He knows practically the ins and outs of the city, like it is the back of his hand and then some. He has a vast knowledge of MBI operatives and enough contacts that they will never be in the dark as to what MIB is planning; though the entirety of they Sekirei Plan is still out of his hand.

With all that in mind, they should know the person in front of them if he is even remotely important. The fact that he can make Seo sweat by just being there means that he is important, but they have no recollection of their Ashikabi every mentioning a blonde haired blue eyed individual to them.

Of course, so far, all the new arrival Naruto did was sits there with a grin on his face; hands folded neatly resting on his crossed legs. That is all he is doing. In fact, he isn't even dressed to impress; only donning a pair of plain jeans, a white t-shirt under an orange jacket, and a pair of black and white sneakers, the blonde simply waltz into their life.

He waltz into their life, and made their Ashikabi sweat like a pig.

The silence they sit in has being stretching by the minutes, and the ticking of the only clock within their apartment has long since grown impossibly loud. The tension is not unbearable, more like suffocating yet still tolerating. Hikari has been fidgeting with her hands while Hibiki does so with the hem of her shirt; the former wanting to do something about this silence and the latter trying to come up with ways of breaking this silence.


The single words shatter the tension as if one has taken a sludge hammer to a piece of already cracked china. It causes Hikari to jumps while Hibiki yelps in surprise. Seo actually is so startled that he jumps onto his feet and yells out, "I DIDN'T' DO IT! TAKEHITO DARE ME TO TAKE IT! BUT I DIDN'T DO IT! MIYA DID!"

"Huh? Do what?" Naruto asks, being the one to break the silence, thus immune to the seemingly destructive power it possesses. The blonde watches as the three in front of him chuckles sheepishly in unison, making him smile in amusement, thinking just how fitting the two Sekireis should choose the one person that allows them to display who they truly are. Anyhow, he should finish what he sets out to do first now that the ice is broken. "Anyway, as I was going to say before, I want to know how you're doing. You did quit your job in MBI."

"No, I quit it the moment Hikari and Hibiki were released." Seo corrects as he reaches for a cigarette and lights up the cancer stick with an igniter from his pocket. Taking a puff, he exhales the fumes and says, "As for how I'm doing? I'm doing pretty well actually. There are no expectation from anyone and no pressure from some higher up trying to get some result."

Naruto laughs at this, and even Seo lets out a few chuckles. Hikari groans in annoyance and shame while Hibiki asks if this is something he should be proud of. When Seo gives her a blank look, Sekirei Number 12 drops her head in defeat before turning her attention to Naruto. "I'm sorry about our guy over there –"Hey, what do you mean our 'guy over there?' I have a name you know?"-…oh, how rude of us; we haven't even prepared tea. Please wait for a moment."

Naruto just waves at her to stop and says, "No, it's alright. It'll be quick anyway." With that said and a smile offered as thanks, Naruto turns his attention back to Seo, his amusement all but gone as his face takes on a serious characteristic. It is a major contrast as oppose to the man who waltz in with a megawatts smile. "So what exactly do you plan to do about the Sekirei Plan… and don't feed me some bullshit like you plan to win it. I know you better than that."

"What is it to you? It would hardly matter what I do so long as I don't get in your way isn't it?" Seo smirks as he takes another puff of his cancer stick and blows out the fume after two seconds. Maintaining eye contacts with the blonde, the Ashikabi says, "Rather the question should be what do YOU intend to do about the Sekirei Plan? Do not give me some bullshit about you just being curious, because I KNOW you were there the night Number 108 was winged."

"Oh? Your detection skill has grown…"

"Answer the question." Seo pressures as he leans forward, the cigarette now hanging between his lips as his brows meet in a frown. Hikari and Hibiki immediately understand that whatever he gets, it'll probably change his course of action. "I won't let you leave until you do."

"You answer mine first…" Naruto deflects as he too leans forward slightly, the shadow somehow growing on his face, framing it in a way that it makes him appear threatening. "What makes you think you can stop me anyway?" Number 11 and 12 immediately gets into defensive position, acting to a threat that may very well be true as Naruto's lips twists into a smirk. For whatever reason, the blonde man appears bigger than he actually is. The twin Sekireis remember that he is only slightly higher than Seo, but not buffer, so why does he appear so much larger now?

Once more, a tension saturates the air that makes Hikari and Hibiki uneasy, wondering if they have to move to defend or attack the person that now is trying to crush them with his presence alone. Seo is surprisingly holding on rather well. If the Sekireis have to guess, the twin will say that he is actually the one holding out the best amongst them three.

And then the pressure simply disappears, and the two men share a chuckle for reasons that simply fly over Hikari and Hibiki's head.

When the chuckles subside, Naruto sighs before standing up, Seo copying his action and the two shares a hand shake. Before they let go of each other, Naruto says, "Whatever you do, be careful. I am not always here to look after you."

Seo laughs loudly at that and replies, "Yeah, whatever old man. I can take care of myself."

"Hmph. I highly doubt that." Naruto snorts as he lets go of Seo's hand and heads for the door. Opening it, he is just about to steps out when he tosses over his shoulder "You do know the offer still applies? What is keeping you here now?"

The twin shares a look, wondering what the blonde is talking about as well as what Seo means when he calls Naruto an old man. The two doesn't have long to ponder upon it before they find an arm circling each of their waist in an embrace and their face buried in Seo's chest. Giving out a weak protest, the two quiet down immediately to see what Seo is doing with this. "As you can see, I have something else to take care of now besides me. Of course, there is also the fact that there are people in this city who need my help. So can you really ask me to leave?"

"…Suits yourself."

When the door closes behind the blonde, Hikari and Hibiki glances up at Seo with questioning looks, their heads filled with questions that demand answers. Seeing that they won't be answered without action, Hibiki takes the initiative. "Ano… what offer is he taking about?"

"What? Oh, he's talking about letting me move to his super mansion somewhere off on the coast of Japan. The guy is rich I tell you. He probably has so many cute servants around that he doesn't need to do a single chore." Seo says with a large grin, completely unaware of the vein that suddenly bulges on Hikari's head.

Said Sekirei decides to confirm her hearing and asks, rather sweetly, "So… we could be living in a luxurious mansion somewhere with lots of exquisite food and no worry of ever going hungry…?"

"Hmm? Of course, but then if I did, I wouldn't be meeting you two right?" Seo offers with a charming smile, this time oblivious to the strained smile on Hibiki's face.

Sekirei Number 12 decides to take up the baton and asks, "True, but if you did accept the offer this time, we would probably be out of here and living in a life that is only in fairy tales?"

"Why yes. In fact, if I did accept the offer, we wouldn't have to worry about MBI ever again! He has ways of avoiding them, and even the dogs of MBI can't go against him." The Ashikabi says in a cheerful tone and a large grin on his face. The grin falls off however when he feels the tale-tell sign of electricity gathering in the air. Cold sweat starts to gather as he feels his Sekireis tremble in rage and their hands balling into fists on his shirt. This can't be good…

"So… why did you refuse?" Hikari asks with such a sweet voice that Seo wonders if she has been secretly taking lessons from Miya. The only thing lacking is the demonic mask, and she'll be doing a perfect imitation of what Takehito and Miya can do to intimidate their friends.

In a last ditch effort to save his body from physical harm, Seo, in completely desperation, offers up a lame excuse. "Err… I didn't accept because I love this place a lot?"

"You love this apartment more than us?" The twin asks simultaneously, and the Ashikabi immediately knows that he has just screwed himself over. "Seo-kun, you scum…"

This really is not good at all…

In fact, this will hurt a lot…



Naruto has to bites his lips to hold in his laughter as he listens to Seo's scream for mercy. No doubt he has revealed the nature of his offer, and if his information about Seo's life as an Ashikabi is correct, then his Sekireis Hikari and Hibiki are not pleased. Judging by the excess electricity shooting out of the window, angry would be an understatement.

Spotting his ride, a red convertible of unknown origin due to heavy modification, Naruto hops into the driver sits just as the passenger, who is wearing a hoodie with the hood up to cover her identity, turns to look at him. Offering a small smile, he guns up the engine and pulls onto the road that leads towards one of the exit for the capital. Letting the wind play with his hair a little, he turns half of his attention to his passenger and asks, "So Yomi-chan… is there anything you would like to do before we leave?"

The passenger, whom upon letting her hood fall to reveal Sekirei Number 43 Yomi with different eye colors due to contact, just shrugs her shoulder as she leans back into her chair. "I would say that I like to visit Mikogami-same… but that is not possible is it?"

"Not without revealing where you are, no." Naruto answers immediately with no hesitation. Deciding that he needs to offer some explanation, he starts, "I only have your-."

"I know, I know, you only have my safety in mind." Yomi interrupts, waving a hand to stop the reason behind it all. "I am thankful that you are concerned about my safety, but I still cannot fully trust you… You do after all have her saw me." The Sekirei mumbles out the last part as she stares at the passing scenarios, of couples walking happily down the street and the occasional Ashikabis with their Sekireis enjoying themselves as much as they can. She envy them, partially because they gets to walk freely around and partially because the Sekireis' other half actually pays attention to them as a person other than as but a chess piece that can be sacrificed to achieve the king's goal or some rare piece to a set of collection.

Now that she has time to think about it, Yomi finds herself questioning more often on why she even choose Mikogami Hayato in the first place.

For his mysterious charm? For his boyish look? For his outrageous amount of money? Well, it certainly isn't for his attitude or his personality…

"You sure there isn't anything you like to do before we leave the capital?" Naruto offers once more, turning his head just so that one of his cerulean blue eyes locks onto the sulking figure of Yomi. After a few seconds the blonde man is about to give up and the Sekirei answers.

"Ice cream…"

"Excuse me?"

"Can we… go for ice cream? There is this shop near the tower… I visit it as often as I can before I was winged by Mikogami-sama…" Yomi asks before explaining, suddenly very shy as she plays with the hem of her skirt. Carefully looking up, she sees the curiosity on Naruto's face and says, "I always liked ice cream… It is such a fascinating thing."

Naruto smiles at that and mentally make a note to stock as much ice cream as he can in his mansion before he says. "Ice cream it is…"

"…Just so you know, this is not a date." Yomi says harshly with a healthy blush on her face. Naruto only bursts into peals of laughter, making Yomi's blush grow.

It is so amusing…


That night is a peaceful night. The streets are mostly deserted except for the main streets, and even then the people wondering it are scarce.

However, our attention isn't focused on those that wonders, but rather we turn out attention to one of the shadowed alley way. Rushed foot steps echo through the empty narrow corridors as their owners try to escape what is pursuing them.

There in lies the problem, they can't get away.

Sekirei Number 78 Nanami wonders what she did to piss of their pursuer or if it was something her Ashikabi did. Whichever the case, the situation is beyond despair. The Sekirei that is currently chasing after them is simply too much for her to handle. As much as she hates to admit it, this one is simply out of her league. The thought of being crush doesn't even do it justice to describe just how much out of league the mysterious Sekirei is.

Suddenly, their pursuer appearance in front of them and Nanami is sure that her fate is sealed as what seems like white veil shots toward her with the intention to maim, and Nanami knows from all the destruction wrecked by this Sekirei that it is possible. She tries to shield her Ashikabi with her own body, but the effort seems futile as he too equally tries to shield hers with his own. In the end, they just embrace each other and pray for some divine miracle to happen.


"What, YOU?!" The mysterious Sekirei yells out, and Nanami dares to open her eyes to peer at her rescuer. When she finds it, or rather her, Sekirei Number 78 wonders which is worst, the pursuer or the rescuer.

It is after all foolish if she does not recognize the uniform of the Disciplinary Squad.

"…Che." The mysterious Sekirei grunts out before she flies off in a wondrous flair of veils, and Nanami would have admire it if it wasn't trying to maim her not so long ago. Instead, she turns her attention to their rescuer, still wary and tense wondering why the Sekirei appears now of all time and at this particular moment.

Her answer comes in the form of excruciating pain before she enters a semi-trance like state. She can vaguely hear her Ashikabi's cry of pain as well. The Disciplinary Squad member looks at them with cold eyes before pulling out a phone and dialing a number. After a few seconds for it to connect, she simply says, "It is done… They are in an alley way near the shopping district… No, I will not give you further instruction." The call finished, the Sekirei slams onto the disconnect bottom before returning her attention back to the injured pair in front of her. Just as Nanami surrenders to the darkness calling to her, she hears one last sentence.

"…This is what love is? Foolish…"


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