The sad but necessary truth…

After much thought and reviewing the story, I come to the sad conclusion in that I simply CANNOT continue this story. It has something to do with how my brain work (which I can't explain because I don't' know how), but I just find myself questioning a few things in it.

That, and personally I were never good with over powered Naruto. If anything, I would rather watch him struggle and earn what he can.

As such, this story is DISCONTINUED! The idea will be scrapped, and if interested, it is indeed up for adoption. Otherwise there would be no further update on this one.

I do have idea about another Naruto/Sekirei story though, just not sure how to go about it at the moment. It should be up there sometime in the future I think.

Until then, I thank all who put this story on their alert list and for all the reviews ever submitted. Again I am sorry, but this is it for this particular piece.