Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time

Summery: It's one of THOSE stories, you know, girl falls into one piece, and destroys all of existence… OK… maybe not that last part… but she does irritate the hell out of Zoro.

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(inner Kaede)

"I know it's in here somewhere..." A elderly voice said, accompanied by a soft rustling sound.

"Grandmaaa-?" a pleading voice begged, getting to excited to wait for the elderly woman to finish looking for whatever it was that she was trying to find. "Have you wound it yet?"

"Now, now Emi, be patient." the elderly voice said as a tall, ancient looking woman started moving some boxes around. "It's been years since I went through any of these things. I know it's in one of these shelves, I'm just not sure which one."

"But you promised to tell me a story." the little seven year old said pleadingly, giving her grandmother her best 'begging kitten' eyes she could manage, knowing that the elder Roronoa woman didn't need to be looking at her to be effect by the gaze.

Just as her granddaughter had expected, the long haired, dark tanned woman didn't need to be facing the little girl to feel the effects of those eyes. Even with her back towards the little girl, she felt her heart breaking at the look the back of her head was receiving. Her granddaughter wanted to hear 'The adventures of the great witch', a story that the child had already started to become incredibly fond of, though, there was something about the story that the child didn't yet know, something her grandmother was already preparing herself to tell her about.

'Note to self, Kill Chiotsu for teaching her that look.' the elderly woman thought, rolling her eyes as she continued looking for the object she was searching for.

"Emi, I can't tell you the story until I find the book." she said tiredly, refusing to turn her golden, cat like eyes on the child, knowing that she would give in if she did.

"You mean it's a books?" The little moss haired girl gasped excitedly, hoping that she would be able to read it herself some day, when she finished learning how to read.

"Well, sort of." The woman said, straightening up and dusting her long green dress off. "It's not an actual book, just... something I wrote a long time ago."

"Really?" The girl said, amazed at just how great at writing stories her grandmother was. "You really wrote it grandma?"

"Yes, I guess you could say that I wrote it." The elderly woman said, pushing some boxes off the top of the large bookshelves in search of the specific book she was looking for. 'Well, writing something in a diary is technically writing it... sort of.' she added mentally as she started sifting through another row of books.

"Do you think you'll write another one sometime grandma?" the girl asked after a minute, holding off the rest of her questions until her grandmother could pay more attention to her.

While most children her age didn't usually have that much patience, Little Emi had learned a long time ago that you could never get anything done unless you had patience.

Plus, there was a cookie in it for her if she behaved, and that was motivation enough for a seven year old.

"No, child, I've written enough of them to last me a very long time." The elderly woman said, glad that she wasn't facing the child when a few tears slid down her face.

The truth was, over a hundred years had passed since her last friend from her days as a pirate, her husband, had died. She couldn't write a new advanture if she didn't have any more adventures. That was kind of the way it worked, since the stories weren't so much as stories as they were just a written history of her and her friends from so long ago.

"Awww..." The little girl said sadly, saddened by the fact that he grandmother wouldn't be writing more to the story. "Why not?"

"For many reasons child, for many reasons." the woman said sadly, though she let out a small, happy sigh when she finally found the book she was looking for. "Besides," She added, wiping her face off and turning towards her granddaughter. "The part of the story you've heard so far was just volume one, this," She said, holding up the book to show the now excited little girl the large letters had written on the cover. "Is Volume two, and there are many more after this one."

The moment Emi saw the book her golden eyes lit up. While she had never actually seen the title written on paper before, she had heard her grandmother say it so many times that she knew it by heart.

Diaries of a mad cat woman, Volume 2

"Now, how does it go?" Kaede began, now fully ready to retell her story.

Emi was so excited about finally being able to hear the next part of the story. She hadn't known that she had heard all of the first part, but now that she did, she wanted to hear the rest. Squealing excitedly, she grabbed her grandmother's hand and ran down the stairs that led to the third floor, ran down the hallway, and into her room. When the two of them were settled in, Kaede opened the first page of her old diary and started telling her granddaughter her story, translating the pages from diary format to story format as the memories of the past flowed over her.

"Once upon a time..."

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