Isabella: Hi this is my very first story and I'm truly excited about it.

Luna: Hey I'm her guest star today beside The Teen Titans

Isabella: (she giggles) yep but this story is mainly about Raven and my most favorite Pairing is Slade haha.

Beast boy: why does Slade get to be with Raven.

Isabella: Cause she still love Terra who I don't really like that much expect her powers that's it.

Raven: I have to agree with you on that.

Starfire: Hello Friends (she gave everyone a big crush hug)

Luna: (she growled) Get off me.

Isabella: Sorry Star but she doesn't like preppy girls Like Kitten.

Starfire: I hated her myself.

Isabella: She was annoying and very ugly.

Slade: Hello Everyone.

Luna:( she swoons at the site of him)

Isabella: (she giggled) sorry she has a big thing for evil villains who have sexy voices.

Slade: I'm use to it…So Bella want me to the honors. (he smirked behind his mask)

Isabella: Thank you Mr. Slade and your not getting a kiss from me.

Slade: (He sighed) Isabella doesn't Own Teen Titans or the Characters and she doesn't profit from writing her stories so please don't hassle her Thank you very Much.

Isabella: Thanks Slade….On with the Story.

It was a glorious day out in Jump City, expect for the Teen Titans of course since they were trying to catch from stealing money from the Jump City Bank. But once he saw Raven he flinched then surrender to the Teen Titans, of course the Titans did Change a lot. Robin had finally changed his name to Night Wing but the rest remained the same expect that Beast boy was taller now than he was and more muscular than he was seven years ago.

They were in the tower relaxing when they alarms went off. "Trouble….and the person is inside the building." Warned Night wing as the team got ready for battle but it never came. "Well duh Boy wonder but I do have a name" said a voice then Raven turned around and smiled. "Hey Big Sis how's it going" said a girls voice.

Raven ran over towards the beautiful girl with light pink hair and dark green eyes with pale peach skin, "Isa what are you doing here." She asked as she pulled away from the girl "Well someone stole my ring" replied Isabella as she sighed deeply "So I'm guessing you two have meet" asked Cyborg then Isabella giggled. "Not really…See we're sisters." She answered truthfully.

The team looked at her weirdly then Starfire came over towards her and poked her. "Hey watch were you poke." She said as she stood there. "So you're a demon as well" asked Beast boy "No I'm more Angel but I know all the Elements and I can also Shape-shift" she replied.

Raven looked at them then she sighed. "She's my step-sister." Raven said loudly then Isabella looked at them "I'm guessing that they have meet Trigon" she asked while they nodded their heads "Oh my gosh how rude of me I'm Isabella Roth…Pleasure to meet you" she said politely.

Cyborg wrapped his arms around her shoulders pulling her in. "I like this little lady a lot." He said as the rest nodded "So who stole your ring Miss Bella" asked Night wing as he walked over. "Well I didn't get a good look but he wore a mask" she answered as she looked at him. "Well that helps" Beast boy said.

Isabella glared at him as she wrapped her arms over her chest "Don't worry Isa Beast boy complains a lot" Raven smirked as he stuck his tongue out. "So who's who Raven" Bella asked as she looked at them "Well the one on the Computer is Night Wing, The one who was just poking you was Starfire, The one who has his arms around you is Cyborg and The rude one is Beast boy" Explained Raven.

Bella smiled brightly as she held onto her pink cloak, as Starfire smiled towards her "So what do you do for fun around here" she asked nicely "Well we usually play video game and watch movies even eat Pizza." Said Cyborg then someone walked in.

Cyborg moved his arm from her as he smiled. "Hey Bee" he said as he walked over towards her and kissed her lips. "Who's that" she asked then tilted her head to the side. "That's Bumble Bee Cy's Girlfriend" said Raven "Hey Bee this is Isabella, Raven's Little sister." He introduced her.

Then they shook hands "She's pretty cute just don't let any of the others see her" Bee said with a grin as Bella raised her eyebrow. Isabella sighed as her stomach growled "Guess the little lady is hungry" Cyborg chuckled as she blushed; Cyborg went into the kitchen and put on his apron as he whistled "So what do you want to eat." He asked her then Bella went and sat at the table "Sushi but not meat please" she said as they looked at her. "What I don't like meat alright, I like tofu since I'm also a Shape-shifter" she answered.

Raven chuckled at her then sat down next to her "B-B doesn't like meat either since he's a Shape-shifter also." She answered then the Alarms went off "Trouble" said Night wing "It's Slade" he added as everyone ran towards the door, Bella followed after them "You shouldn't be following us….you could get hurt." Said Beast Boy "I'm going Boy" she said as she followed her.

The Gang entered the museum as Slade stood there with a smile on his face while it was hidden behind his mask "Wow the gang is all here expect there is a new girl with ya'll" Slade said as he held up something "Hey that's my ring" Isabella yelled as she pointed towards him.

"Titans Go!" Night wing yelled while they ran towards him but he dodged as he grabbed a hold of Bella and held her as Isabella struggled. "I will give you her….For Raven" Slade said with a smirk on his face.

Beast Boy: So Isabella is a Tofu eater like me

Isabella: Yes she is.

Raven: So Do they Trade me for her.

Isabella: You will just have to find out.

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