The team managed to get the relic from Blackfire this time instead of Gizmo. Beast boy held his arm slightly; "At least it's not broken." Black wing stated as he walked towards his bike.

"Yea well I can't fly with a fractured arm, can I?" Beast boy questioned sarcastically as he moved his way to the car.

"No but I am pretty sure that Bella will kiss it better." Black wing responded with a smirk, as Raven smacked him upside the head. "Be nice." She groaned at him.

"I wonder why Aqualad never came to help us?" Questioned Night wing, as he moved towards his bike as well while Starfire followed after him.

"Watcher called me and told me that Aqualad and Bumblebee got injured it seems the new Slade attacked them." Cyborg responded to the question as he moved and sat in the car.

"Are they oh, okay?" Starfire questioned with concern on her face as she leaned against Night wings bike. Cyborg nodded his head and sighed. "Yea not a whole lot of injuries but Bumblebee was sliced in the arm." He spoke. "But Watcher along with Storm rider helped bandaged her up." He added.

"Good now then let's get home and bandage us up." Night wing stated; as he got onto his bike with Starfire following suit and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Let's go Cy." Beast boy said grumbling about fractured arm and not needing a kiss on the arm to make it better.

Raven smirked; as she and Black wing rode his bike together as they traveled back to the tower in semi one piece.

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Bella came flying out of her bedroom, and down towards the garage. "What on earth! How did you fracture your arm?" She questioned Beast Boy.

"Blackfire came and shot me with her bolts, but they seemed to be more powerful." Beast boy responded as he got out of the car, and he moved towards her.

"We got the relic though." Beast boy told her, as Night wing came and handed it to her. It was an old box, as she sighed deeply then she opened it to reveal an old cross and she held the cross in her hands.

"Can you hide this for me?" Bella questioned as she looked up at Night wing. "I trust you." She says as she hands him the cross.

Night wing felt something swell inside of him, at the fact that she trusted him. He grabs the cross and he walks off, as Bella smiles softly then she turns back around grabs Beast boy. "Let's get your arm checked out." She says to him.

Beast boy grumbles but walks along with her anyways; as they made it to the infirmary. She sat him down and Cyborg smirked in their direction; as he grabbed his x-ray machine and started scanning.

"Fractured two bones but with your healing and some rest you will be fine." He started as Bella smiled at him and nudged Beast boy with her nose. "I am glad that you will be oh okay." She responds in relief.

She nuzzles his neck softly causing him to turn completely red. Black wing smirks as he waggles his eyebrows at him, and Raven just elbowed him in the side causing him to wince. "This one may have bruised his ribs." She says to Cyborg.

Cyborg looks at Black wing and nods his head as he motions Black wing over towards him and they get him checked out. "Yes it does seem like they are bruised but at least they didn't break." He responds.

Black wing sighs in relief. "So how many more relics are there?" He asks, as Bella looks over at him. "Basically two more." She answers and she sighs deeply.

"The other one you need to find is an old, fossilized angel feather and the last one you need to find and protect is me." She says softly. "I'm the one who opens the gate much like my sister did for her father Trigon." She adds.

Black wing stares at Raven and he sighs. "They knew keeping that room was a good idea." He says, as Raven nods her head. "Before Trigon came into this world, they had a room created for me so that I was protected." She explains.

"We'll just update it for Angel warding instead." She adds, as Bella looks at her sister. She nods her head; as she moves closer to Beast Boy, and she clings to his shirt.

"Let's go rest." Beast boy states, as he wraps his arm around her waist and he leads her out of the room, and heads towards her bedroom.

Bella arrives at her room; with Beast boy in tow. "Beast Boy I'm scared." She says to him, as she turns and faces him. "I know Hun and I wish I could fix that." He says to her softly as he touches her cheek with his hand.

"Thank you." She responded to him softly, as she leans into his touch and her eyes flutter shut. Beast boy leans forward and rests his forehead upon hers. "I will do whatever I can do for you to protect you from your father and your brother much like I did for your sister." He whispers to her.

"Garfield, you're an amazing person." She responds to him, as she places her hand upon his that was still upon her cheek and gives it a soft squeeze.

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Raven and Black wing sat upon the roof, as she leans against him calmly. "I am happy that my sister has someone that cares about her so much." She states softly, as Black wing reaches around and places his hand upon her shoulder and brings her closer to him giving her a gentle squeeze.

"We will protect her, if she does have to open the gate then we will find her much like we did." He answers her calmly, as they watch the sky.

"Also, I am sorry for all the torment I put you through." He said to her softly then she turned towards him as she smiled at him softly. "I forgive you Black Wing." She says to him, as she leans forward and lightly kisses his lips.

Raven blushes lightly as she pulls back from him, and she just looks at him. "That was nice." He tells her as he leans forward and kisses her back. They kissed for a moment longer and they pulled back from each other lightly flushed.

"Time to go back inside and get some rest." Black Wing says to her as he slowly stands up from his spot and he offers his hand to her. Raven nods her head in agreement and she takes his hand into her own and they head back inside of the tower together holding hands.