Everyone knows that Hermione`s parents are muggles but what if it was all a lie they weren`t really her parent`s but her aunt and uncle and they weren't muggles. Her real parents are cobra commander and scarlet she was living with her father and would see her mother and Duke every other had a very interesting family her uncle was a ninja and her aunt was viper and the other uncle was made of metal. Even her name was fake it`s really Renne Angel Cobra she still didn`t know how her father pulled it off especially against Dumbledore she was spending her last days of summer with her aunt she heard a knock on her door and knew it was her aunt "Come on Renne time to go swimming and she jumped up and followed her aunt to the pool. The photographer was there taking pictures of everyone and they were just having fun she took her shirt off and skirt she was wearing a black Victoria secret bra and was wearing black swim bottoms and she jumped in and they played Marco polo and other certain games and they kept playing for two hours and they got out and dried off and lotioned they went to go eat and they went to the big TV room and watched movies though others were sgoignt o their room to sleep she did the same thing and went to her new room though really it was Shelly`s old room she had left for some college thing. She collapsed on the bed with her clothes on next thing she knows she`s being shaken by a nice rhythmic movement and she slowly opened her eyes and she was on a plane and was on a couch and she saw uncle Storm Shadow right there meditating. She smiled got up very quietly and went to the sword stand and just as she was about to grab it she heard a stern "Don`t think about it kiddo." She pouted and left him to mediate and found her aunt looking over some plans. She left her gun right out oin the open but she didn't want to be scolded twice. She just left her and went back to her little room to see soup and a glass of milk and juice laid out for her and some vitamins she went over to it sat and ate and just looked out the were going to their fourth base in America basically in Antartica dad had a thing for cold places he told her that when she came back he had something to tell her bust she din`t have a clue.