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Today's' only the second day of school, and the teachers already decided to avalanche us with homework. Really? How can I keep up my grades to be prom queen if I'm going to have to deal with this mountain of papers?

Oh, and here's even better news.

The parents of the new Guardians sued Tsukasa, so you know what that means?

We get to flaunt around school in capes again.

And honestly, being the Queen guardian, but not being able to pull off Prom Queen…that's a bit disheartening. It makes me feel as if I'm not that capable to do any good. Like, I can't be a Nadeshiko. "She'd" get Prom Queen, two seconds flat. Even if Utau crashed it.

And speaking of Nadeshiko…

Nagifreako decided to ruin his perfect attendance record on the second day. Absent, to everyone's surprise, on only the second day of school. How lovely. I get to taunt him about this later.

I just realized, were we going to have to walk all the way to the Royal Garden to discuss Easter stuff? Ha, Easter. They're already down, so I don't see why we always have to talk about them. Although there is one thing I sorta always did wonder.

Of all the things to name a company, it's gotta be Easter, doesn't it? Easter reminds me of pink bunnies and caramel marshmallows.

"Will the new Guardians cha-cha over to the open area, please~"

Ew. Who says cha-cha anymo—OH, wait. Tsukasa's a maniac, I shouldn't have forgotten.

Okay, so all of a sudden, in an overnight job, Tsukasa decides to install a Royal Garden in our school. Smart, Tsukasa, smart. *cough, sarcasm*

"What's the big idea?" Amu demanded. Oh my, I thought she'd gotten rid of that icky act. Oh my, I just said "icky". Icky, icky, icky.

"Oh, you see, this Royal Garden has tinted windows! I have to go meet with Mr. Dopeekins for an important meeting. Chow~" Yeah right, I bet they're discussing which is cooler—Dora or Go Diego Go! I mean come on! He made a cool Italian word sound corny. It takes great determination and major concentration on retardation to do that. And, yep, totally Tsukasa.

"Mashiro-san?" addressed a voice behind me. I looked to see Tadase, holding a flower in his hand gesturing to Amu. "Give this to her and tell her I'm sorry…" He throws me the flower, and then runs away. It must've really pained him to hand over a perfectly good flower for me to give Amu. *sarcasm*

I wondered why he didn't just give it to Amu, since she was sitting in a chair right beside me. I think it had something to do with her not wanting to talk to him. What else could it be?

"Amu, what's going on? I don't wanna accept anymore flowers for you. Tadase burned them all with his cooties."

"Tadase doesn't have cooties." She responds, gritting her teeth together like a rabid bull. Seeing Amu so mentally conflicted bothers me. I mean, I'm her best friend right? Aren't I supposed to do something to help her get over this? Um, come to think of it… she wouldn't even tell me what "this" is.

"Amu, tell me what happened."

"Nothing, I just want you to be with Nagi so bad, it pains to see you two not together."

"Great, now what's the real reason?"

She gathers up all of her things back into her striped bag and leaves the Royal Garden, leaving me standing in it, concerned.

Pfft, and the next thing you know, she texts me.

"These windows really are tinted"

"Okay, so are you gonna tell me what happened, or not?"

"Um, you now I would, but I have to baby-sit Ami T^T And plus, I need a huge favor from you."


"Well, okay. I need you to go to the store and pick up some steam dumplings for Nagi. He's ill, so it's the least you can do."

Ending this convo, I flipped my phone shut. God, to do, or not to do?

Ugh, I figured I might as well do. I mean, Nagi's been really helpful to me, and it's not like he did anything wrong, besides interfere with my social life.

Okay, I guess that was pretty bad to do.

But still. He's sick, and one little run to the store wouldn't hurt.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Rima Mashiro, a classmate of Nagi's. I brought him some dumplings, since he's sick?"

"Hm, what kind?" she tests me.

"Pork." I answered proudly.

"NAGIHIKO! YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S HERE!" What a freak! I kindly deliver dumplings to Nagihiko and she thanks me by embarrassing me! Nagi wasn't out yet. He must be really ill. Or really embarrassed. Hmph, you're not the only one, dude.

"Eh, okay. Nagihiko's on the 2nd room down the 4th hallway on the second floor."

"Wow, thanks for the detailed information."

I'm not going to say I easily found Nagihiko's room, even though it would make me proud to say so. I got lost like, 45369823 times. I swear, the dumplings might've been cold already. If a pretty lady with long violet hair hadn't guided me to his room, I would've been the ghost haunting Nagi's house.

Hehe, I could haunt Nagihiko in his sleep. MUAHAHAHAHA.

"Nagihiko, you have a visitor." She says, guiding me through the door.

"Thanks mom." As soon as Nagi's mom left, Nagihiko began to eye me with a sly look playing on his face.

"So you asked my mom to take you to my room… and you're by yourself. Rima, you dirty beast." Why must boys always jump to this conclusion?

"I'm here to give you your dumplings." I said. But wait. I guess I should…I don't know…Okay, I've decided! I will! "And I'm here to nurse you back to health!"

"Rima did you character transform with Suu or something?" Did I sound like I cared? I tried not to, gosh this is so complicated… All I'm trying to do is make him feel better, like he did to me.

"Just lie down on that darned bed and let's see what I can do."

There was a strange feeling about being alone in Nagihiko's room alone. Like, if I stand here any longer, something bad is going to happen to me O_O

Nonetheless, I took the nearest chair near Nagi's bed and tended to him. I slipped my hand under his purple tresses only ending up to feel a volcano. I recoiled my burning hand back and as far away as possible from Nagi's skin.

"Nagi, maybe you do have STDs…"

"What do you mean?" Nagi said, curiosity arousing.

"You're like, really hot." Peering over to his now blushing face, I realized I had said something totally misunderstanding. Wow, Rima, you're so smart. Saying accidental flattering comments. "I mean, like, your body must be fire burning right now."

"Rima-chan, are you-,"

"No! What I meant to say is that you're probably red hot on fire right now…"

"OH MY!"

"No, that's not what you think! I meant to say that you're probably 180 degrees right no—,"

"Oh my goodness." Why must he act so stubborn…? Secondary school does do horrors to people. "I can't believe you're checking out my body when you're supposed to be 'nursing' me"

"Nagihiko, you have a fever." If he misunderstands that, then I'm going to—

"Oh, okay." Hehe, I thought so. "Rima-chan, can you help me sit up?"

"Whatever." He put his hand in mine, using mine as a gentle support. "'Kay, so you wanna eat your dumplings now?" Nagi looked at me all puzzled. Like the look Tadase gives Ikuto whenever he asked if Tadase ever got laid before.

"Rima, I broke my arms yesterday when I tried to ditch dance practice…"

"What?! So how are you going to eat, Nagi?!" He smirked a very evil smirk.

"Open wide! Here comes the choo-choo train!" Wait. Did I honestly just say that? And did he just really open his mouth? "I can't believe I'm feeding you."

"In a few years, you'll be breastfeeding my babies."

Suddenly the scariest thing just happened. An image of two little babies with purple and golden hair popped into my mind.


Oopsies. Did I scream too loud?


"Nagihiko! I told you not to bang Rima when she comes!" O_O Wait what?! Let me comprhend: Nagi's mom kicked the door over thinking Nagi just sexed me up, saying that she had this visit planned…?

"Mom, I didn't lay her! Yet…" he mumbled the last word. Yet? Oh my.

"Wait, what did you mean? Did you plan this visit?!"

"Um, well…"

"It was Amu's fault isn't it?


Ms. (Mrs?) Fujisaki left the room just now. And good thing, too. I don't want her to see me beating the shit out of her only son. I turned around, making sure to wear an angry face, and glared at Nagi. He was hiding under his blankets. Wow, nice move smart one.

"Nagihiko… I can't believe you and Amu set this up."

"Rima-chan, I really…"

And that was all I could muster before I left his room, and took an elevator to the living room on the bottom floor.

I'm never coming back here.

"Rima-chan? Are you-,"

"Not now mom." Things have been much more happier and peaceful around the house, after dad left on his business trip. He never told me he was going away. He left while I was at school apparently, which I found VERY mean. And he took my awesome monkey slippers with him, damnit. Another thing someone I cared about did without telling me.

Um, yeah. Cared about. I'm talking about Amu. Don't misunderstand.

As I unloaded everything off of me, I ran to my room. I have some very serious business to attend to.


Did the neighbors threaten to give me a rabies shot? Oh yeah, you bet.

And while they're at it, tell them to give Fagifreako his STD shot.

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