(Did you see this coming?)

Oh boy, I'm gonna get SO many flames for this.

Okay, you guys. I don't wanna write the last chapter D8

I'll just say that Rima and Nagi hooked up, Rima gets Queen, then gives it to Amu (Prom Bride xD), who asks Ikuto to be her Prom Pirate.

Then, Yaya sees Kari at the punch bowl.

After that, they go get some ice cream :3


Well, that's all I had planned.

I'm so sorry. I made you guys wait a long time for an update, and what you get is this silly crap.

I'm lazy. I have exams this week… I HAVE A FUDGING DATE-GUY. (he's not my boyfriend :P He likes me and I like him and we go out. Period)

But I'll write my next story and I won't publish it untill I have 5 chapters already written out in the best form they can be.

I'm not gonna make the lazy mistake again.

Thank you for reading Prom Jack, my pretty reviewers, readers, and cheerleaders xD

(Wow. I had a LOT of plot holes. You think I shouhld tie them up in a sequel? O.O)

Kk, that's it. Bai 8D