name-dantae fuji


hair-brown with white banges

eyes-dark blue

likes-watermelon,meat,star gazing,cloud watching,walking thourgh the forest,drawing senery,photagerph,sleeping,playing tennis,wolves and foxes,anime/manga,sweets

dislikes-anything sour,bullies,pepole being mean to one another.

pets-fox and wolf,kitten

summary-always has her headphones in school knows how to read lips,loves her brothers and sister with all her wears a zip up hoody with a pic of sanzo and hakkai

sanzo on the frount and hakkai on the back wearing a purple sweater and a black shirt over it and really baggy jeans a black and lood red tennis up her own moves

like the fox thife kurama,the whit wolf strike,the rose whip lash,the wolf hunt,wolfs howl,the snecky fox whip,the wolf bite,the rose ...

history-when she was 11 she was in a car accsdent and put in a coma for a year.

and she is about to see her brother's and sister agin.