name-ciley ann yates


eyes-sky blue


likes-forst,rain,star gazing,midnight,crafst,spind time with family,red,silver,midnight blue,black,anime/manga,dark magic.

dislike-bullies,pepole bining mean and rude.

persanality-hyper,kawaii,lovebly,sweet,modest,will do anything for family,never make angry,always talkes calm when upset.

looks-wears a black long sweater with a crimson red t-shirt with yin and yang symbole with a dragon and tiger,blak baggy jeans that chang into shorts,with a sand head band around you'r waist.

history-loves to use black magic,after her family died she was moved to japan to live there with her cousin haruhi and she knows nothing of the host club.

fav food-strawbarrys,choclit, and penutbutter,meat.

fav school subject-history,sicence,gym,lunch.

hobbie-tennis,tennis,tennis,and did i menchine TENNIS,also likes watchingprince of tennis,along with reading.

specile tennis moves-kikamaru beam,moon vally,teazuka zone,tripel court,burning shot,twist server,jack knive,dunk smash,snake,boomarang snake,also here own moves like ryuu fire,ryu,ryuu spirel,tiger strike lightning shot,thunder boom,wolf's run,wolf's fang and a doves song.