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"Ephraim..." Ephraim? Oh that's my name from when I was in the Undying Corps. "Ephraim, how many did you kill?" Joachim asked with a smile on his face. That's depressing; cut it out Joachim.
"That's a depressing question." Jude stated. I agree, Jude was our superior officer.
"I'm not interested in how many I killed. I just killed them. And in actuality we killed all of them, and the war ended." I told him emotionlessly I had blood splattered on my face and it was dripping off of the blade of my katana. Jude and Joachim both had the same thing, the blood of those soldiers we killed. Joachim was an odd one, when we were in the mine killing the ones who tried to escape, he was laughing.
The next thing we knew, it was our time to die.
"Church soldiers! Scatter! Ephraim! Joachim!" Jude yelled as the soldiers in white armor came in. They were all armed with carbonization guns. When they were used on an Undying it makes it harder for us to heal. The gun stops the blood from flowing to that area so you would have to cut yourself to get the blood on that wound not to mention then you have to wait for the new wound to heal for it to be any good. It ends up with a very masochistic situation and no sane person should have to go through that. A loud sound of the guns firing reached my ears along with Jude's scream of pain. I looked hurriedly over my shoulder to see Jude being blown apart by the guns. Pieces of his flesh flew past his body, or what was left of it.
"Jude!" I screamed. I looked over at Joachim to see what we should do but he only smiled and continued running.
"Joachim... You'd abandon Jude?" I asked in confusion. Once again he only smiled. Burning pain, sharp, shooting, pain went through my entire body as I was hit by the fire. It hurt so badly, I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry but I found that I couldn't do anything. From my place on the ground I could see Joachim running still. Like a child I wanted to call out to him, but that would be bad. One, I knew he wouldn't even look back. And two the soldiers would know I was still alive, I couldn't handle anymore pain. The soldiers followed Joachim but he was probably far away by now. They wouldn't catch him.
With the church at the helm, the whole world was pushing the blame onto each other. The role of "scrape goat" was assigned to us. The reason behind the formation of the church's Undying-hunting force... the truth behind our legend, that of the "Demons of War"...
Where could I run? And how? Was this the battle field I fought on? In the sea of dead bodies spread before my eyes... I felt it would be easier to just lie there and rot. But no matter how many days went by, I stayed conscious. Every night... every single night, I listened to the grudges of the corpses. Weeks passed... even when the worms ate my flesh as I lay there, it healed right away. And so I thought, "This must be my punishment." I was sure I had taken the lost time in all the lives of the people I had killed. And so I had such a long, long time forced onto me that I couldn't see the end of it. To get to that end, I couldn't afford to sleep. At the very least, I'll never kill anyone ever again. It's tiring, living shares of lives intended for others. I wish I could return this time to all the people I have killed up until now... and have them forgive me.
After months of slow and painful healing, my entire left side was blown off, I was finally able to move around. Once I stood I nearly fell from not having used my legs in so long but after a few minutes of practice I was doing much better. Where was Joachim? Was he even alive? Should I even be alive? So many questions ran through my mind but I had no answers. I did know however that I needed to get away from here. Being around the dead bodies was making me ill. I stumbled away from the area and into the dense forest that surrounded it. I accidently kicked something and when I looked down I saw a portable radio. It made a loud whining sound then cut to static. I bent down to pick it up but then the static started to become visible! It started taking shape and I noticed it was a man, one of his legs was missing from below his knee. I recognized him, he was one of the last soldiers I had killed.
"Screeeeeeeeeeeech!" he opened his mouth but all that came out was a loud feedback. I fell backwards away from the noise and covered my ears. The static body started to fade away, back into the radio. Once it was all gone I cautiously reached for the radio. It was still making the same static sound but it was mush quieter now. When I moved it, it made another loud noise but then it became quieter. I started messing with the knob on it to see if it still worked. After a few minutes of messing with it I was about ready to give up but then I heard a voice. Going back to the station it came from I could make out the voice of a man, it was staticky but clear.
"Of all the things in the world I just have to be in a radio. Those stupid krrrssshh Demons its all their fault. If they just krrrssshh left us alone then we wouldn't-" As interesting as it was to listen to him ramble I interrupted.
"Um, Hello?" I asked uncertainly. The voice became silent for a moment.
"Who are you?" The fuzzy voice asked.
"Well my name's... Harvey." I said after a few seconds. I no longer wanted to be Ephraim, the Demon of War.
"Hm, Herbie, you can call me krrrssshh Corporal." the voice, Corporal, told me.
"It's Harvey." I repeated.
"Sure thing Herbie." He said, I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.
"You know I can leave you here." I said seriously, he was already getting on my nerves!
"No you can not! You found me so you will take me back!" Corporal shouted, the feedback was even louder with that.
"Back where?" I sighed while rubbing my ears, it was loud!
"Back to my grave. Come on Herbie, we need to start moving." Corporal ordered.
"It's Harvey. Why should I take you?" I asked sighing, I didn't want to be stuck with him!
"You were the one that killed krrrsshh me. The least you can do is take me back." He told me seriously but I could hear the faint teasing tone behind the static.
"Fine. I'll take you back, but that's it."

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