okami no kage



eyes-left one gold right one crimson

likes- swords,guns,anime/manga,yaoi,sometimes cosplay,love watermelon,and wolves,foxes,and dragons. country music,rock,hip hop some rap.

dislike-people she loves being hurt ,bullying,and hates the color pink.

species- human

weapon-banishing gun,and the heaven suturas said only those pure of heart can use it

what she wears-long baggie pants,a shirt with a wolf looking into a waterfall with a dragon cerciling the sky and a kit in a tree,crimson and midnight blue skate board shoes,

and a hoddie that can fit three of you.

personality- calm,quiet,couriese,and vary smart for a ten year old,vary playful like a wolf pup,knows when to be serious,can tell what other people feel just by looking at them,will help those in need,knows not of the evils of the world,and thinks that all people have a good side even demons no matter who they are,very protective over those she cares about witch is almost every one.