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This takes place after Bill disappears on the last episode of True Blood. Bill proposes to Sookie. Sookie is so shocked that Bill proposed that she does not answer and runs to the bathroom with the ring. Bill is kidnapped from their table. This is where the story picks up from.

**This story will start to get funny after Chapter 4. I had to tie up a lot of loose ends from the show, before I could take the story where I wanted to go. Sookie is way Out of Character in this story and acts immature in the beginning. Yes, I am aware of this. She will start to mature quickly in this story. I wrote her like this on purpose. She grew up in a small town and lived a very sheltered life. Since she had so few friends and spent all her time when around people, trying not to hear their thoughts, she did not get enough life experince to mature in a normal fashion. Plus lets face it, she does not act all that mature on True blood show. I mean believing everything Bill says, slapping Eric, telling him she prefers cancer and mouthing off to Russel. She is very naive. But I just love Sookie to pieces anyway!

**This story also has a lot of Southern Slag and sayings, as well as sarcasm. It is the Southern way and this is a southern story. I just took it up a few levels. I will explain a few of the sayings at the bottom of the page after this chapter. I don't wait to ruin the story for you.

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Chapter 1:

I find myself regretting my behavior, when Bill proposed. The man proposed for heavens sake and I run out of the room as if he had just confessed to some horrible crime. Sookie! You should be ashamed of yourself! He proposed! The man you love proposed and this is what you do? Granted we have not been together as long as other couples. Like most girls I expected to date a year or more before getting engaged. But we are not a normal couple. You love this man and he loves you! It is completely natural for a relationship to progress to marriage. This is the way you react? What is wrong with you Sookie Stackhouse? Get yourself together!

I spun away from the sink and through the bathroom door with my answer (Yes, of course I will marry you!) ready to be spoken, to find myself, alone in an empty room. Bill is missing from the table! Where is Bill? It looks as if a fight had taken place and the smell of burning Vampire flesh catches in my throat. Everything in the area surrounding our table has been destroyed. I stand there for a moment in a state of total utter shock. What happened to Bill? Where is he? Who did this to him?

I tear down the hall, yelling Bill's name at the top of my lungs. My panicked breath caught in my throat as I realized that THEY might hear me. It looks as though a hurricane had swept through the room and down the hallway. I stumble over the debris and wood shards on my way to the front of the restaurant, without seeing a soul, either alive or undead. As I work my way towards the kitchen, my mind darts ahead of me, seeking the thoughts of anyone else in the building. Nothing... I cautiously peer around the door to the kitchen. The sight of the hostess, waitress and chef lying on the floor, like broken dolls, tears another yell from my throat. It looks as if their necks are broken. I start to hyperventilate. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! There are 3 dead people on the floor. Bill is gone and it looks like he was kidnapped. I didn't even get to tell him I would marry him. Why couldn't you just have answered him? What am I going to do? I look down to the lovely, diamond on my finger which begins to glisten, as tears start sliding down my cheeks. After a few minutes I say to myself "I am a strong Stackhouse woman. If Gran was here she would say that "Any woman worth her salt, can do what she has to do." Get yourself together."

I dart back to the dining room to retrieve my purse. It is right where I left it. I grab it and start digging for my phone. Who should I call? Oh shit, What should I do? I know nothing about supernatural kidnappings. I can't just go driving around looking for him. Besides I didn't bring my car, Bill drove and I don't have the keys. Even if I did have my car, what was I going to do, drive around until I saw a giant sign that says "attention kidnapped vampire here"? Like that would happen. And if I did find him, what could I do, after all I am only human. I don't have super strength or speed. I will need some help, of the supernatural kind. So I am trapped here, with no information and 3 dead bodies in the kitchen. I need someone who can help me, clean this up and figure out who took Bill. Sam! With his shifter ability and his knowledge of supernatural, he should be able to help me. I mean stuff like this is normal business to Supes right? I dial the number …

"Hello, Merlotte's," answers the new waitress, Tally, who started last week.

"Um, hello, is Sam there, this is Sookie?"

"Hi, Sookie. No, Sam just stepped out. He went to get parts for the water heater. It broke down again. He thinks it is the heating element this time, so he ran out to get a new one. He should be back in a few hours. Would you like to leave a message?"

"No, that's OK. I will call him later. Thanks." I hung up the phone. No luck there. Who else could I call?

Jason. He is only human like me and he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I would feel better with him here. Besides when you need help dealing with dead bodies you want family. I dial his number. It rings and rings.

"Hello, Hello. You thought I was there didn't you? Ha, Ha, Ha Leave a message."

I hung up the phone and sighed, will he ever grow up? I will have to have words with him, about having such an annoying and childish message. I guess it was for the best anyway. It is not like he has much experience with this type of situation.

Who else can I call? Eric. Damn it all to Hell! I don't want to talk to that infuriating Viking! But what choice do I have? I can't get hold of anyone else. I will have to tell him about this at some point anyway. Plus with him being Bill's Sheriff, it should be his job to help find him and clean this mess up. Oh, he is going to just love this. Opportunistic A-hole.

"Hello, Fangtasia – the Bar with Bite. Amber here."

"Hello Amber, This is Sookie Stackhouse. May I speak to Eric, please."

"Master is quite busy." Amber replies snidely.

"Eric, will not be pleased if you do not get him right now! I work for him, for goodness sake. Tell him it is Sookie!"

"OK, you don't have to be rude about it"

"You have not seen rude, yet lady. Go get Eric." I hear the phone moving through the crowd on the phone.

"I am Here." Eric stated in an authoritative voice.

"And I am Here."

"Sookie, to what do I owe the pleasure." Eric says as his voice drops a panty drenching notch.

"Eric, this is not a pleasure call."

"Is that so, then to what do I owe the honor?"

"Eric, I was at a restaurant with Bill tonight and …"

"I do not care to hear about Bill."

"Bill was taken, you big jerk! Isn't it your job to care about that? Aren't you supposed to find him? He works for you! Plus I don't know the first thing about how to get rid of bodies! Should I leave everything the way it is? Do I just leave, go home and hope no one knows I was here? How am I supposed to know? I have never had to deal with corpses and kidnappings before! What am I gonna do? Who ever took Bill killed our waitress, hostess and the chef!" My anger slowly dissolves into sobs.

"Are you in danger now?"

"No, I don't think so. I can't sense anyone else in the building." I say, trying to talk.

"I need to get out of here, I want to go home! I am stuck here!" Hiccupping as I try to control my breathing.

"I am on my way", Eric reassures me. "Where were you when this happened?"

"Ah, I was in the bathroom, washing my hands, if you must know." I say feeling slightly embarrassed.

"So how do you know he didn't just leave you there?"

"What? Eric, Bill would not leave me here! I can tell there was a struggle! This place looks as though a tornado hit it!" I shout at Eric in anger.

"Is there some place you can hide until I get there?"

"I am in the bathroom. How far away are you?" I am crouched in the corner and I suddenly remember it would be much smarter to whisper.

A moment later, I hear a movement outside the door and my heart skips a beat as the door to the room flies off its hinges. There stands Eric, his nostrils flared and showing a little fang, I'm sure he noticed my heart's flutter, at the mere sight of him. He is leaning there, against the door jamb, flexing his muscles, as if he were a model working a camera shoot. As usual Eric is wearing black boots, black jeans that hug him in all the right places and a black wife beater tee. My lord, he looks like a Viking sex god! I slowly drag my eyes up from the fit of his jeans. By the time my eyes reach his I am totally stunned. Sookie get it together. You are supposed to be worried about your fiancé Bill - remember.

Eric chuckles at seeing the look on my face. I hate it when he laughs at me.

"It is safe for you to come out. It does appear as if Bill was taken"

"Thank you so much, Captain Obvious!" I say irately. I can't believe he thought Bill would just leave me here! As if my description of the destroyed room were not evidence enough! Men. Vampires. Whatever.

Eric seems baffled, "I am Sheriff, not a captain."

Eric dials his phone and is speaking quickly in another language.

"Pam will be here shortly to start an investigation, I will take you home."

A few minutes later, Pam walks in with a few vampires. As Eric speaks quietly to Pam, the unfamiliar vampires begin looking around.

The unusual cadence of their words snaps my last nerve. "Don't you know it is rude to talk in language I don't understand?" I say standing with my arms crossed, tapping my foot.

Eric smirks then motions, it's time to go.

"Oh, don't you just look delicious in lavender Sookie! I could just eat you up!" Pam states with a hungry look on her face while licking her lips.

She looks me up and down. She must be checking out my new dress and shoes. Bill gave me this dress as a gift, to wear tonight. The dress is a satin, light purple with dark purple trim. It is an off the shoulder style, that makes my neck and tan skin look really good. It flows down to my ankles, with a long slit that runs up to mid thigh, showing off my legs, I've always felt good about my legs. I felt like a goddess in this dress.

"Thanks Pam... Hi Pam, how nice to see you. How are you doing today? I am doing fine. Thanks for asking." I say sarcastically while rolling my eyes. Pam smirks. Oh that Pam.

"So what do you two think happened to Bill? Was he in some kind of trouble, if so why didn't he tell me about it? Was it the Fellowship of the Sun? Who has him?" I asked Eric in a worried tone.

Eric turns aside to tell Pam: "Keep me posted on any findings. I am taking Sookie home."

"Yes, Master." Pam nods.

As Eric and I approach his red Corvette I ask him to answer my questions.

Using his long body, Eric leans against me, pressing me gently, yet firmly against the passenger side door, pinning me there. He looks deeply into my eyes, with a look of hunger and longing on his face.

My heart is racing. Being this close to Eric is heaven and a very bad idea.

"Yield to me Sookie"

"Eric, take me home! I am not going to Yield to you. Not now not Ever. Do you actually believe that after the way you treated Lafayette that I would ever yield to you? I would prefer the black plague to being with you."

"I think you are lying to yourself Lover and you know it." Eric growls with glowing eyes.

Eric moves aside to open the door and I slide into the seat. What have I gotten myself into? Now I am in a car with Eric Northman, the bad ass Vampire Sheriff of area 5 and Viking sex god. Lord give me strength. With the steamy sex dreams I have been having about him, this is going to be a very long drive. Calm down Sookie. Think about what he did to Lafayette. Think of Bill. You love Bill. You do not love Eric. You hate Eric. He tricked you into taking his blood. Bill warned you about this. After all, who knows if he is anything like he is in your dreams? They are just dreams after all.

"What are you thinking about? I feel your feelings jumping all over the place."

"Eric, please just take me home, I am on emotional overload and I just want to take a shower and go to bed."

"I would be more than happy to assist you with your shower and then take you to bed." Eric says raising one eyebrow at me.

"Keep dreaming Eric! Because that's the only way it would happen!" I roll my eyes.

I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed how fast he was driving. At this rate I would be home in 25 minutes.

"Eric, please slow down. I am mortal after all. If we crash I know you would survive, but there would be nothing left of me."

"I think of your mortality often, more then I care to Lover"

"Eric, for god's sake, I AM NOT YOUR LOVER NOR WILL I EVER BE!"

"No, not yet, but you will be"

"You are infuriating Eric Northman! I am marrying Bill. He proposed to me tonight and I accepted. There will never be an us!"

"You are not married yet. You will still be mine! Eric growls. Then I growl back.

"I never should have called you. I should have just walked home and avoided you altogether!" I say with as much venom in my voice as possible.

"That would have been unwise Lover and you know it."

For the rest of the ride we sat in silence fuming. I looked out the window, wishing I were somewhere else. I am counting the minutes, till I get home. Eric was trouble with a capital T. What was I thinking when I called him? I should have just waited where I was, until I could get hold of someone else. Sam would have come to get me as soon as he got back. Now I am stuck in this car with Eric freak'n Northman. This is just great. Finally we turn into my drive way, I was so relieved to see my house. I jump out of the car the moment it stops and start running for the door. In a flash of vampire speed, Eric is in front of me. I run into him at full tilt, and landed smack on my butt.

"Eric, get out of the way!" I say while getting up and dusting the dirt off my bottom.

"Sookie, why do you fight me so? You have had my blood; I can feel your attraction to me and I smell your arousal. Is Bill really worth it? "

"Bill, never tricked me into drinking his blood! Bill never kidnapped my friend Lafayette and kept him chained in his own filth. Bill never sent me into a trap, knowing good and well it was a trap. Bill loves me and wouldn't hurt me, he is a real gentleman. Whether or not I am attracted to you is irrelevant! I hate you! A handsome face is not enough to make up for the despicable way you act!" I said with all the anger I could muster, while sticking my finger repeatedly in to his chest. Does he actually think I would just forgive him for something like that? He is out of his mind. While he is thinking about what I said, I sneak around him and run into the house. Suddenly Eric is on the porch, trying to prevent me from going inside. I dive around him into my house. God Bless Jason for co-opting me for football practice.

As my body hits the floor, I yell "Eric, I rescind your invitation!" I immediately jump up and I slam the door in his face. I know that I have never invited him in before, but it just felt good to say it anyway.

I hear a loud growl outside and the sound of something crashing, then I hear an echoing growl from Eric's corvette and a spatter of gravel as he takes off at break neck speed down my drive way.

Well that was a close one. I think to myself. I put down my purse to look at the ring on my hand.

Bill where are you? I sigh.

I gather my things for a nice long shower. It feels like heaven, the hot water removes all the stress from my tired, aching muscles. I get out, dry off and look at myself in the mirror.

Why did I act that way when Bill asked me to marry him. Why didn't I answer him right away? Like Scarlett O'Hara, I will think of it another day. I am too tired to tonight.

I brush my hair and climb into bed. I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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**Even if I did have my car, what was I going to do, drive around until I saw a giant sign that says "attention kidnapped vampire here"?

She is being sarcastic. She knows good and well, as would anyone with a lick of common sense, that there would never be such a sign.

he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

This is a saying meaning he is not too bright. Other common saying are: dumb as a box of rocks, Lights are on but noone is home. Etc.