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Chapter 13:

Eric POV:

I waken from my daily death in the safe confines of my day chamber. I replay the previous night's events in my mind. I am making progress with my Sookie.

She invited me into her house. Granted it was so I could carry her in. But she invited me none the less.

I carried her in and placed her peacefully sleeping form on her bed. I asked her if she wished me to change her out of the leather and into a night gown. She mumbled something incoherently. I decided to undress her. After all, I could not leave her, in this state. So I slowly undressed her down to her underwear. I take a moment to take in the sight of her beautiful body before me. Her breasts are most magnificent I had ever seen. She will yield to me soon. She is Mine after all.

I searched through her dresser drawers for a night gown. She is in desperate need of some new ones. I will rectify that problem soon. I pick out a worn, pink tee shirt gown, with butterflies on it and slip it over her head. Once the garment, if you can indeed call it that, is correctly in place, I settle her under the covers. I place a kiss on her forehead and then give her one last parting glance.

Yes, she will soon be MINE! My Lover is dead set against the term, but never the less, she is started to accept my advances. She even shocked me, a 1,000 year old vampire, by kissing my cheek last night. I know it will not be long, till she is thrashing under me in ecstasy.

I think back to the display of power my Lover showed last night. I did not know that she could give her gifts to others. This is very useful information. King and Queens can send trusted humans to be gifted with telepathy, then Sookie could train them to use the gift. This will make her less desired, if each state already had there own telepath. I will speak to her further about this, at a later date.

Then the way she brought her brother to his knees, just using pure thought. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen in my 1,000 years. I wonder if all Telepaths can do that or if it is another special power.

And then of course there is the way she turned on music and video screens with her mind and went flipping through the bar to take down her brother. I had no idea Sookie had those kinds of skills! She is definitely a warrior, deserving of a Viking King such as myself, for a mate. It is good to know my Lover can defend herself, if need be.

I wonder what others skills she has yet to show or develop. I hope it will make it easier to defend her and maker her less desirable to other vamps. But I have a feeling that will not be the case. I will have to get her to live with me, as soon as possible.

I turn my head and pick up the video movie frame, of Sookie shooting her shot gun. What did Pam refer to it as, Oh Yes, "Viking Vampire Porn". Yes, indeed. I pick up the frame and watch the enticing movie a few times, my cock growing hard and harder each time I watch it. Unbeknownst to me, I begin to stroking my hard cock. Watching my Lover weld that Shot gun, makes me blind with desire and I yearn to bury myself deep with in her. My Valkyrie! Mine! I shoot load, after load of come from my aching cock into my waiting hand. I sigh. I am a 1,000 year old Vampire for fucks sake and I am here jerking off like a teenage boy. I don't know how much more of this I can stand.

Every time I try to partake in a Fangbanger in my club, I have to close my eyes and envision her, just to reach completion. Only to be disappointed when I open my eyes and see another before me. If Pam ever found out, I would never hear the end of it.

It does not matter. She will yield to me soon. I am nothing if not a patient and conniving Vampire. I always get what I want.

I leave the red, silken sheets of my large bed, giving an evil look and a growl to the dating books, Pam placed on my nightstand, as I walk to my bathroom. I climb into the shower and begin to clean myself. I enjoy the hot water cascade down my body and envision her in the shower with me, taking her against the wall, over and over. Once Sookie is mine, I will take her in this shower every night, in every imaginable way. I sigh to myself and exit the shower.

I force my mind to move on to other thoughts. I think about my child and her idea to glamour Sookie's friends. It is working out even better, then I could have envisioned. Pam removed all memories of Layettes imprisonment and replaced it with a healthy fear of V and respect for vampires. She did so under the guise of helping Lafayette with his PSD. I could really care less if those insignificant humans, like me or not, but they are my Lovers friends and she values their options, for some unknown reason. So Pam glamoured the ideas, that I am the perfect mate for Sookie and they should do all they can, to aid me in my quest to make Sookie mine. I now receive weekly reports on Sookies life, needs and desires.

I dress in my standard Fangtasia wardrobe and admire my physique in the mirror. How can Sookie deny me? I give myself an evil smirk and head to my office to check my emails.

I receive an email from Bobby. I click it open and read it.


You order from the Ping Pong company was delivered today. Per your instructions, I have placed all 25 boxes, in the back of a rented U-haul truck. It is currently parked behind Fangtasia and the keys are on your desk. As requested I procured a large funnel from the local Golf course and place it in the front seat of the truck, along with a roll of duck tape. I checked and tried out the funnel. It is indeed, the correct size to use with Ping Pong balls. Your order from Stray Tats was delivered and is on your desk. You have also received 2 boxes from a place called Snapfish. They are on your desk as well.

Your house renovations are now back on schedule and will be complete on time, if there are no further construction delays. I have delivered the remainder of the movies you requested and placed them on your desk. Steve's training is completed, so I sent him to started working for Miss Stackhouse this morning.

Your esteemed subordinate,


Yes, tonight is going to be quite interesting. My supplies have arrived for my revenge plan. I will have to check my voice mail messages, to see if my Lover has left any messages about Steve. I send a text to Pam, instructing her to bring sneakers with her tonight. I question, why I received boxes from Snapfish. Since, I don't recall ordering anything from them.

I check my voice mail messages. Ah, there is one from Sookie. I wait with anticipation, at what my Lover has to say, as the message starts to play.

Eric, what on Gods green earth, were you thinking sending Steve over here! You know I can't stand him!. Now you expect me to deal with hearing his thoughts all the time? Uggg! … Besides I do not need a day man! I am a day walker for Christ sake! I can take care of myself! Click.

Well my Lover never disappoints. I chuckle to myself. I leave my day chamber and head to the kitchen to heat a bottle of Royalty bend. As I consume my dinner, I watch the evening news and CNN stock info. Once my dinner is finished, I head to my garage and drive to Fangtasia.

Once I arrive at Fangtasia, I go directly to my office. As I approach my desk and notice 2 boxes from Snapfish. Knowing that I did not order anything from Snapfish, I sniff the box for explosives. You can never be to careful now a days. Once the box passes my through inspection, I open the box. On top is a note.


I thought you might like these mementos, to help you remember the lessons of other night. I am not a possession to be owned! Enjoy!


Hum, what is my lover up to now? I pull the packing from the box and find a wrapped gift. With vigor, I rip off the wrapping paper to find a coffee mug. I look at the mug, a little perplex as to why my Lover would send me mug, when I obviously do not drink coffee. Upon closer inspection, I see a picture of myself printed on the mug. It must be one of the pictures Pam took with her camera phone, the night of Sookie's Post it Note fiasco! I look closer at the picture. I see myself with a confused look on my face, holding the shot license plate in my hands and covered in post it notes. Oh my Lover, you are sure full of surprises!

I put down the coffee mug and pick up the other box. I open it and find another wrapped gift, also with a note.


Just because I am mostly human, does not mean I don't know how to kick ass and take names! How do you like the license plate now!


I scowl at the note. I notice that this gift is much larger, than the last. I remove the wrapping paper to find a Desk organizer. The organizer has a printed picture of Sookie shooting her Shot gun at the Mine plate! As I am further inspecting the gift, Pam throws open my office door, laughing, with blood tears sliding down her face. I raise an eye brow at her.

"Master" Pam manages to choke out as she is laughing.

"You must see this!" Pam shoves a box full of things from Snapfish, towards me.

In the box is a puzzle, a coffee mug, a pewter Christmas ornament, a tee shirt and a desk organizer, all with pictures bearing my face, from the evening of the Post it Notes. The Tee shirt has a picture of me covered from head to toe, in post it notes, with a caption under it that says "Got Notes?". I look over at Pam and she is practically falling over on the floor she is laughing so hard.

"She sent me a Christmas ornament! I do not even celebrate Christmas! But this year I will acquire a tree, just so I can hang this ornament on it!" Pam is still laughing out loud.

"Pamela! How did she get these pictures?" I say in a voice that leaves no question, as to who is Master.

Pam quickly sobers up.

"Master, she requested I assist her in her task. Dear Abby says working together for a common cause, helps to solidify a friendship. So I assisted by taking pictures of you, once you found her surprise and email them to her." Pam looks at me with apologetic look.

"Well since you have no problem, assisting Sookie with her revenge plot, you will now assist me in Mine." I give her a look that lets her know, I will not take No for an answer. She does not need to know, I was planning to have her assist me anyway.

"Yes, Master."

"Go over see the club, until I call for you"

"Yes, Master." Pam says looking properly chastised, grabbing the box, and clutching it to her chest, in a possessive way on her way out of my office.

Once Pam is out of my office, I pick up the desk organizer and turn it around in my hands looking at it, from many different angles. Once I am done inspecting my gift, I find the perfect place for it on my desk and fill it with office supplies. Then I shove the coffee cup in the bottom drawer of my desk. I can't bring myself to throw out the mug, since it is a gift from my Lover, no matter how atrocious and ludicrous it is.

I sit down at my desk and power on my laptop. Just as it finishes booting, there is a knock at my door.


Sookie walks in and sits down in one of the chairs before my desk. She looks like a vision in a blue knee length dress, which matches her eyes. The dress has a fitted bodice that lifts her breast and shows only a hit of the cleavage that lingers beneath it.

"Hello Lover, did you miss me already?"

Sookie ignores my question and giggles at seeing her gift upon my desk.

"I see you got the gift I sent you. Do you like it?"

"I am fond of the desk organizer. Why did you send me a coffee mug? You know I do not drink coffee."

"Well, coffee mugs are designed for keeping hot drinks hot longer. So I figured you could drink you True blood out of it and it would do the same." She says with a shrug.

I raise an eye brow at her in thought.


There is a few moments of comfortable silence, before she gathers her thoughts enough to speak.

"Why do you send Steve over to my house? You knew I did not care for him! Now I am suppose to deal with him all day long, hanging around my house all the time!"

"He owes me a debt and is paying it off by working for you. I glamoured him, to make sure he does not do, say or think anything untoward towards you. He will be a perfect day man for you. In my time gifts of servants were given, as a display of affection, towards a potential mate."

"What? I gift for a potential mate? Who says I am a potential mate! We are not even dating! Seriously? Why couldn't you just send some flowers or chocolate instead? What in the world!"

I smirk at her. I see her trying to bury her indignation, so she can change the subject. She takes a few deep breaths to calm herself.

"Well the real reason I stopped by tonight, is I need your help with something."

"What do you require my help with, my Sweet, Sweet Sookie?" I say raising an inquisitive eye brow. I am willing to bet this will be interesting.

Sookie rolls her eyes at me.

"I have come up with a plan, to get back at Pam for her driving antics the other night. I thought you might like to help."

I raise my eye brow again, intrigued by her idea. This would be quite fitting, since Pam helped her with the post notes. I recall that Pam quoted Dear Abby, as saying that this kind of joint action helps to solidify a friendship. Yes, this could be very good for me indeed.

"You have my attention. What is your plan?"

"There is this Southern show from the early 80's called "The Dukes of Hazzard". It is about 2 good old boys, who are always getting chased by the police and do awesome car stunts to escape. Anyway, they had a very distinctive car with a unique sounding horn. I bought a horn like the one from the car on the show, as well as a few other things. Could you help me put them on Pam's car, without getting caught?"

This woman gets more interesting, each and everyday I know her. I smirk.

"Lets go, Lover" I say with an evil grin on my face. Little does she know tonight she as well, will be on the receiving end of a revenge plot.

Using mind speak I inform Pam I am heading out and will return later.

My future Lover and I walk out of the club and head over to Pam's car. If you could even call it a car. It is a cream color, Dodge Mini Van. Pam said something about it having under seat storage, which she finds useful for storing extra shoes. What she needs all the shoes for, I do not know. The van has a special order, upgraded V8 engine and many performance modifications. I always have a set of keys to Pam's car, so we jump in and drive to my mechanic's garage. He handles all the secret mods, I have done to my vehicles, to hide my emergency weapon and blood stash. So it should not be a problem to install a horn and what ever other surprises my Lover has in store.

We arrive at the Weres shop and I help my Lover out of the vehicle. Roger spots us upon our arrival and comes out to meet us.

"Roger" I nod to him. He, as most Weres in my area, knows I fore go the normal pleasantries.

"Sheriff, what can I help you with tonight?"

"This is my Lover, Sookie Stackhouse."

"It is a pleasure to meet you." She says with a sweet southern charm, while giving me an annoyed look, for introducing her as my Lover. She shakes his hand, as is normal human custom.

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well Miss Stackhouse." He says with a small smile, while still holding her hand. Sookie blushes. Yet another fan of Sookie, I will have to keep an eye on. I let out a small growl, letting him know, who she belongs too. Sookie rolls her eyes at me, for my possessive nature.

"My Lover wishes to have some things installed on Pam's car and I want it done as quickly as possible."

"What would you like to have installed?" Roger says reverting back to business mode.

I look over at my Lover, motioning that she has the floor.

"I was hoping you could install this Dukes of Hazzard horn and put on these two General Lee 01 door stickers. I also purchased a glow in the dark sticker for the front windshield, which says "Move Over". It is printed backwards, so when people see Pam's van approaching in their rear view mirror, they will be able to read the warning and get safely out of the way." My Lover is certainly inventive tonight.

Roger smirks at my Lovers deviousness.

"That should not be a problem. I could have that done in about an hour. I have a suggestion if you are interested in hearing it."

"I would love to hear any ideas you may have." My Lover is always so generous, with everyone around her.

"It would take an extra hour, but I could install something called a car skin. It is a plastic film, which sticks to the cars panels and is easy to remove. I am sure you have seen the Pepsi cars around town, with water splash on it, inlayed with Pepsi logo. That is a car skin. I could make a skin with the paint colors and graphics of the General Lee, then install it. It would not damage the paint in any way and can be removed my simply pealing it off. It would also prevent the General Lee sticker from damaging the paint on the car doors."

"Can you do the graphic from the top of the General Lee as well? You know the blue X with the stars on it?"

"Sure, that would be no problem at all."

"Oh! I bet Pam will just freak, when she sees her car in General Lee orange! That would be perfect!"

"I find your suggestion useful. Proceed with the car skin and add it to my tab. We will return in two hours for the car."

"Come Lover, let me take you out for dinner, while we wait for Pam's vehicle to be completed."

"Wait, this was my idea, I should pay for it!"

"What, no Lover, I will pay. You have already contributed by purchasing the items to be installed and supplying the idea. I owe Pam back as well, for her shenanigans. I will pay the rest."

"Huh" My Lover huffs and follows me out of the shop. I smirk at Roger as we leave and give him a nod.

"Lover, grab on to my neck so I can fly us back to the club to retrieve my car."

"What? No, can't we just walk. I am wearing a dress, for goodness sake!"

"Stop being difficult, I will have us at the club in mere moments. I do not wish to waste our evening walking through the streets of Shreveport."

"Fine." Sookie says with a pout and raps her arms around my neck. I pull her legs up, having her wrap them around me. I can feel the small scrap of fabric that is her thong. It is just barely covering the heat of her core, that is currently being pressed up against my growing erection. I stiff a moan. Oh, it is good to be me!

Once we are off the ground, I say

"I always knew I would get between your legs!"

"Eric!" She giggles and slaps me on the arm with one of her hands. I look down at her briefly to catch her blushing, in embarrassment.

I land us in the parking lot of Fangtasia, beside my car and open the door for her. She looks up at me shaking her head and climbs in.

I run to the other side of the car at Vampire speed. And climb in and starting the engine before Sookie has even gotten her seat belt on.

"So Eric, where are we going?"

"We are going to a new sup restaurant called Moonlight. Since it is a sup restaurant, it will only have Weres, vamps and a few human companions. It should be quiet enough for you to enjoy our time together, without having to try too hard to block their thoughts."

"Awe, that is so thoughtful of you Eric. Most people forget I have to block thoughts." She looks over at me with a soft, sweet smile on her face. What I wouldn't do to see that smile, every night for the rest of my undead existence. I hate feelings. They are turning me into some kind of love sick loser.

We arrive and I pull up to the valet. I get out and race around the car to open Sookie's door for her. Once she has step out of the vehicle, I take her hand and draped her arm over mine, I hand the valet the keys and hefty tip. I giving him a menacing look, letting him know I will come find him, if there is any damage is to my car. What so ever. He walks away looking visibly shaken.

We walk into Moonlight and approach the hostess stand. There is a young were woman in her mid thirtys. She is standing there waiting for us to approach, with a wide smile spread across her face.

"Welcome to Moonlight Sheriff. As always it is a pleasure to see you! How many in your party tonight?"

"It will be my Lover and I. I want your best, most secluded table in the VIP section."

"Of course Sheriff. This way please." She looks me up and down licking her lips, before turning so we can follow her. I can see and feel Sookie fuming beside me.

We walk up an open stairway to the 2nd Floor, with my hand on the small of Sookie's back. We follow the hostess down a long hall way, into our private dining room. The VIP section is divided into 4 large private, soundproof, dining rooms each with table, over looking the floor of the restaurant. The largest private room, called the Royalty room, is reserved only for ranking members of the sup community and is the most extravagant of the rooms. A side from having an over sized table for meetings, it also has a large seating area, with couches and a large screen TV, private bathroom and a hot tub room. The room has it own private server, for our use alone.

Sookie looks around the room in awe taking in the plush pillows on the couch and the elaborate silk wall coverings. After I allow her enough time to take in the full affect of the room, I guide her over to the table settle her into a chair. The hostess hands us our menus and informs us that our server name is Jill and leaves while giving me a wink. As if I would want a used up hostess, instead of the goddess before me.

I look over the menu and decide to order the house blend, which is a rare Royalty/AB combination. I watch Sookie look over the menu. The human menu here is quite extensive; she looks slightly overwhelmed by all the choices.

"Lover, have you decided what you would like to order?"

"I never heard of half the items on this menu!" She blushes.

"I have heard from Pam, that the Hickory smoked, filet mignon, is exquisite here. Or so I have been told. Pam brought one of her conquests here last week. She found it intriguing all the noises her dinner partner made while consuming that peculiar dish."

"That was way too much info Eric! I don't really want to hear about Pam's conquests! But, if it is half as good as she says, I will go ahead and give it a try."

I smirk at her. She smiles sweetly and I can almost feel my dead heart beat. I push the call button on our table that informs our server we are ready to order.

A moment later she arrives.

"Hello Sheriff, it is a pleasure to serve you tonight. My name is Jill, I will be your server tonight." She says with a deep bow to me and a nod to Sookie. She is a short, petite woman with curly brown hair, which reaches down to her shoulders.

"Jill this is my Lover, Sookie Stackhouse. You will be seeing to her needs tonight." She looks at me with a nod. Sookie gives me a stern look, for once again introducing her as my Lover.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Jill, you may call me Sookie."

"Yes, of course, Miss."

"What can I get you both to drink tonight?"

"I will take the house blend. And you Sookie?"

"I see you have wine. I guess I will try one glass of a White Merlots. I have never had a White Merlot before!" Sookie looks excited at the prospect of trying something new.

"Yes, Miss.. Sookie. I will return with your drinks shortly." She walks away with a bow.

"So Lover, what do you think of this place?"

"It is so beautiful! I can't believe you brought me here." She says looking down, bashfully, looking ashamed of her current attire.

"You look beautiful Lover. You outshine all those around you."

She looks up at me shyly in disbelief, blushing at my words.

A moment later Jill returned with our drinks.

"Here you go Sheriff, a house blend for you and here is a white Merlot for you Miss Sookie."

"Are you ready to order?

I motion to my Lover, for her to order.

"I will have the Filet mignon, medium rare, with herb potato's and a cranberry and pecan salad."

"Excellent choice. I am quite sure you will be please with your selection. Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"No, that will be all." I say with a wave of my hand. Jill leaves with a bow.

I watch my Lover; roll the glass around, letting the wine breath a bit, before taking a sip.

"Wow this tastes amazing." She looks at the glass again, while licking her lips, savoring the flavor. She takes another sip and places the glass back on the table.

"So how do you think Pam will like her surprise?"

"I think her reaction will be priceless. Once we return to Fangtasia, I will set the parking lot surveillance cameras to point at her car, to capture her reaction. Would you like me to email the video to you?"

"Yes, I can't wait to see it!" I smirk at her.

"Oh, I just had a thought! Maybe we could steal her phone and put the Dukes of Hazard theme song as her ring tone! That would be just too funny!"

I laugh out loud, catching my Lover off guard.

Jill knocks then enters, carrying my Lovers meal. She eyes the food as if she wishes to devour it, whole. I have never been jealous of food before. I look forward to the night she looks at with that longing in her eyes.

Jill places the plate in front of her and waits for her to taste it, to make sure it is to her liking. Once she is satisfied she leaves us to our perspective dinners.

I watch my Lover place a bite in her mouth and slowly close her lips close around it, savoring it. She admits a low moan as she beings to devour the steak.

I sit there imagining, what she will look like, with her sweet mouth around other larger things. Such as my rock hard cock. I adjust myself in the confines of my pants.

Watching her eat is pure torture.

"So do you ever do team building activities with the Area vamps, like corporations do? I was watching this show on the discovery channel, about how beneficial team building activities are to building a cohesive unit."

"I have not heard of these, "Team Building activities". What do they in tell."

"Well sometimes it is just a group outing for fun. Such as an amusement park, bowling, paint ball or water fights."

"No, I can't say that we have. How does paint ball or an amusement park, in courage a cohesive unit?"

"Well it gets people working together on the same goal, for bowling and paint ball. For the amusement park and water fights, it lets employees get to know each other better and to find common ground. This helps them work together more efficiently. It also increases happiness and reduces stress levels. It also helps to develop a feeling of family and belonging. People work harder and longer for the sake of a family or a group they feel they belong too."

"That is an interesting point of view. I wonder if it would help with increasing the loyalty of the Vamps of Area 5 and to increase our revenue."

"Vampires love water right? I have noticed you all, always have lavish bathrooms. You could have an Area 5 night at Splash Mountain, once a year."

"What is this Splash Mountain?"

"It is an amusement park, that mainly has water rides. It has many water slides, a lazy river to float on for relaxing, wave pools for surf boarding, as well as many other water actives. Some parks also have mini golf and go carts. I think it could help, with the high stress existence you vampires have."

"That is a brilliant idea. I would have to purchase the whole park for a night. I will look into this further."

Once my Lover has finished her meal, I settle the tab and we depart arm in arm, back to my car. Sookie glares at the Were hostess, as she looks at me with a longing look. I complete ignore her repulsive existence.

We walk outside. When I approach the Valet with my ticket, I see him gulp at my arrival. I smirk over at him with a menacing look.

"I trust all is well with my car."

"Y.e.s… of course sir, I mean Sheriff. I will be back in a moment with your car."

"You know you don't have to scare the poor man to death. Do you really think he would chance damaging you car. You are scary enough as it is, you don't have to add to it, by trying to scare the poor man to death, on purpose." She rolls her eyes at me.

My car slowly and carefully pulls up. The Valet steps out and runs around to hand me the keys and opens the passenger side door. We walk over and I help Sookie get settled into her seat. I set a gentle, lingering kiss upon her hand, while looking deeply into her eyes, before releasing her. I hand the Valet a large tip and at vamp speed make my away around the car. Once inside I wink at the Valet and I see him wince. I laugh, as Sookie notices what I am doing and gives me a scolding look.

I drive us back to Fangtasia and park the car. My phone rings it is the Were from the shop.


"We will be by shortly." I close my phone.

I look over at my Lover, with a raised eye brow.

"That was the Were from the shop. Pam car alterations have been completed."

Sookie looks giddy at the news. She is bouncing in her seat and clapping her hands, while making a high pitched squealing noise. I smirk at her enthusiasm. I exit the car and move quickly to open her door and extending my hand to her. She takes my hand, stepping out of my car. She looks up at me with her big beautiful brown eyes and I get lost momentarily in her gaze.

"Time to fly." I say as I step closer to her, smirking and raising an eye brow.

She gives me a look, that tells me, she is only going to allow this because we have to fly there.

I take her arms in my hands, gently placing them around my neck. Then I pull her legs around my hips. I place my arms around her slender waist and give her my best smoldering look. I then surprise her by placing a passionate, earth shattering kiss upon her lips, putting my all of thousand years experience to good use. I am rewarded with hearing her moan into my mouth and sound of her accelerating heart. It sounds as if, it might beat its way out right out of her chest. As I pull my face away from her succulent mouth, I look at her and see she has a dazed look upon her face. I leaning my forehead against hers for a moment. I take a moment to stare into her eyes, as well to get myself back under control. How can this woman make me lose the control, which I spent over a millennium perfecting?

I look up and shoot us up into the night sky, with Sookie holding me as if her life depended on it.

In mere moments we land at the Weres garage.

The Were notices our arrive and walks towards us hold Pam keys. We walk towards him, meeting him in front to the garage doors.

"Roger, how nice to see you again! How did the car makeover go?"

"It is a pleasure to see you once again, Sookie. Sheriff." He says with a nod to me.

"How about I show you the Van improvements." He pushes open the garage door to reveal Pam's Mini Van.

Sookie's mouth is open in shock at the sight. Than she giggles and runs over to it. I follow her over.

"Well as you can see, I was able to put the car skin on."

"Wow. Just… Wow! It looks amazing!"

Roger walks over to the driver's side door and opens it.

"Would you like to give the horn a try? Go ahead and try it." He says with a smirk.

My Lover looks at me, then races to the Drivers seat and sits down. She looks at the steering wheel for a moment before pushing down on it. The horn blares an awful tune, loudly into the night.

"Wow that is so cool! That will definitely get some attention." She giggles.

She gets out and walks around to the front of the car inspecting the 'Move Over' sticker on the front wind shield. She then completes her circuit around the car taking in all the minuet deals of the car skin.

"This is just perfect!" She proclaims, before running up to me and giving me a celebratory hug, before she realizes what she is doing. She blushes and then steps back away from me.

"You know what we should do? We should purchase the DVD Box set of the Dukes of Hazard and have it delivered to her tomorrow evening!"

"I like the way you think Lover. We will order the set when we get back to Fangtasia."

My Lover bids the were goodbye, then we climb in to Pam's revamped Mini Van and drive back to Fangtasia. We head straight to my office. I log in to my lap top and pull up the Amazon website. We order the box set and set it for next day delivery. Then I down load the Dukes of Hazard Ring tone and save it to a thumb drive. Once that is done, I log into the security cameras and reposition them to record Pam's Mini Van. I set them to resume their previous position at Sunrise.

"Thank you, so much for your help tonight with this prank. I can't wait to see the video of her seeing her van! I bet she will just freak!" She laughs.

I chuckle. I think Pam will do much more than freak, but I am sure her reaction will be priceless.

"Not a problem. I rather enjoyed being in on this prank. Although you can always making it up to me by letting me ravish you." I say trying to get a rise out of her.

"Not a chance Viking. I am not that thankful!" She chuckles and rolls her eyes.

"Well I am ready to call it a night."

"Leaving aready?"

"Yes, Alcide told me today, he and crew will be by early, to finishing up the driveway. So I will not be able to catch up on my sleep, with all that racket going on."

"The Were informed me that the estimated completion date was tomorrow as well. It should not continue to be a nuisance for much longer." She nods at me.

"Will you walk me out to my car. I not in the mood to get hit on by dunk Fangbangers tonight."

"It would be my pleasure." I say with my voice dripping sex. She rolls her eyes at me.

I lead my Lover out of the club, through the back entrance to her car. Once there I pin her up against the door, with my body, while looking deeply into her eyes. Then I dive down to her mouth, accosting her lips and tongue with my own. After a few heated moments, I pull back; fully aware of the affect I have on her, smelling her arousal. She looks up at me with lust filled eyes and panting for air.

"I.. I .. have to go Eric. It.. Uuu.. has been fun." She rambles and quickly climbs into her car, attempting to avoid further contact, as if she might lose control and give into her lust. I smirk at her, leaning up against my car, showcasing my long body to her, as well as my full erect member, for her viewing pleasure.

I see her swallow and start the car. She waves then drives off.

I walk back into my club and locate Pam. She is standing at bar badgering the new bartender for using to much alcohol in the drinks. After all this is a bar, not a keg party.

I slip in beside her and steal her phone, without her noticing. I mumble to her about paper work and head to my office. I hook her phone up to the thumb drive with the Dukes of Hazard ring tone and load it in to her phone. Once complete, I slip quickly into the bar and place the phone back in her pocket.

"Pam, I am expecting the architect to stop by. Send him to my office once he arrives."

"Yes, Master."

I then head back to my office to finish some work while I await the architect that is designing a sleeping chamber and garage that I am having built at Sookies home.

I work for over an hour on invoices and request to enter my area. Just as I finish putting everything in the appropriate place, there is a knock at my door.

"Master, your architect is here." Pam walks in to my office, followed by a short, balding, pudgy man.

He bows to me.

"Sheriff, it is an honor to offer my services to you. My name is Frank L. Webber. How can I be of assistance tonight."

"I require a large underground steel reinforced day chamber, lined in iron, with two hidden escape exits. On exit/entrance will lead directly into the house. The other exit will lead to a place to the east of the property about a mile away. I require it to have all the amenities a human would require, to stay here for a prolonged period of time. I wish it to have a large over sized bathrooms, with over sized closets, so large, they are considered a rooms themselves. As well as a full stocked kitchen, a living room and 2 guest bed rooms. I want the Master suite to have 3 additional rooms off of it. A library, office and a hidden security room. I need the whole building wired for security cameras, that can be accessed from any TV in the day chamber."

Frank nods taking in all the information, jotting down some notes.

"Above the day chamber, I require a 4 car garage to hide it location. Above the garage, I want an apartment suite, suitable for two live in guards, with an outdoor entrance."

"This should not be a problem at all. I will email you the finished designs in two days time."

We nod at each other in understanding. The architect then departs my office.

"Pam." I call to my child.

"My business has concluded with the architect. Inform Chow he is to close the bar tonight. You will be assisting me tonight."

"Yes Master."

Pam left in a flash to inform Chow. I few moments later she returns.

"It is done Master."

"Good. You will accompany me to Sookies house. Tonight is the night of my payback, for the Post it note fiasco. As your Maker, I command you, to not speak a word of this to Sookie. Is that understood?"

"Yes Master."


"May I ask what the plan is?"

"No, you may not. I will inform you when it is time for you to know." I say to her with a stern look. I pick up a box from it hiding place under my desk. I filled it a few days ago, with the latest in micro spy camera technology. This way I will get to see Sookies reaction to my plan, first hand, upon waking tomorrow evening. I smirk to my self. I place the tattoos in the box as well.

I motion for Pam to follow me out of the club. I have my phone in hand and ready to take pictures when she spots her surprise.

"You will follow behind my in your van to Sookies house. Once we arrive you will need to put your sneakers on. I will be driving the U-haul truck that is currently parked behind Fangtasia. When we are finished with the truck, I will leave it parked over at Comptons, for Bobby to pickup and you will drive us back."

Pam nods in understanding, looking deep in though, about why we would need a U-haul truck. We exit through the back door.

Pam starts walking to her car and stop dead in her tracks. With a look of utter shock and bewilderment on her face. I snap a picture. I hear her take in a gasp of air. She looks around the parking lot for her car, just to make sure she had not mistaken someone else's van, as hers. I take another picture. I have to use all of my 1,000 years of experience, to repress my laughter.

Pam then pushes the unlock button on her key chain, to confirm that this monstrosity is indeed her van. Instead of it beeping as it normally does, it lets loose the Dukes of Hazard Car horn. She jumps at the noise. I have never seen my child jump, at the mere sound of a noise in her 200 years. I try even hard to repress my laughter.

My Beautiful Child looks over at me, with a look of pure shocked upon her face. I take another picture. This is priceless. Perhaps, I should order some merchandise, from Snapfish baring these pictures. I will think on this more later.

"Fuck! What the fuck happened to my Van!" I chuckle and take another picture.

She walks over to her van and runs her hand over the orange car skin, taking note of the 01 on the front doors and the blue X with white stars on the roof of the van. She then walks around to the front of the car noticing the 'Move Over' glow in the dark sticker on her front wind shield.

"Someone will pay dearly for this!"

After I take a few more pictures, I call her phone. It starts to ring.

Just the good ol' boys,
Never meanin' no harm,
Beats all you've ever saw,

been in trouble with the law since the day they was born.

Pam looks around, for the source of the music.

Straight'nin' the curve,
Flat'nin' the hills.
Someday the moutain might get 'em, but the law never will.

She digs into her purse and pulls out her phone, looking at it with a disgusted look.

Makin' their way,
The only way they know how,
That's just a little bit more than the law will allow.

She stares at her phone, unable to believe this song is coming out of her phone.

Just good ol' boys,
Wouldn't change if they could,
Fightin' the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.

Yeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaw

"Yes." She answers the phone, in an annoyed tone.

"Your Master wants to know, how you like your new ring tone."

She looks over at me in question.

"Master?" She looks over at me with an evil look and we speak one word in unison.

"SOOKIE!" I laugh so hard, blood tears are come out of my eyes.

"You helped her with this didn't you?"

"Yes of course my child. You assisted her in her revenge plot. So I in turn assisted her with one on you. You were right it is quite a bonding experience. You should send my regards to your Dear Abby."

Pam just stares at me with no expression on her face. Though our Child Maker Bond, I can tell she is running though many emotions right now. Anger, revenge and amusement are just the most prominent ones.

"Now you will be more inspired to help me with my revenge plan for Sookie tonight."

"Yes, Master. I will be more than willing to assist you." She says with a smug look.

"Excellent. You will follow me. Understood?"

"Yes Master."

I walk over to the U-haul truck and place the box of surveillance supplies in the front seat. I taking note of the contents of the front seat. Once I am sure that Bobby put all the necessary components on the front seat, I start it and drive off with Pam following behind me. These U-haul trucks are certainly not made for speed.

Finally we arrive at Hummingbird Lane. I pull over by the mail box and turn off the truck. I get out and motion for Pam to park her car. We can't have Sookie hearing approaching vehicles.

"Pam we will carry the truck the rest of the way. I do not want to awaken Sookie with the sounds of the truck."

"Yes Master." She says with a look that states I will be carrying the truck myself.

I pick up the truck and hover up the driveway. Once I am beside her house, where her bathroom window is, I lower the truck to the ground. I stand still listening to the night for sounds of anyone that would give us away. Once I am sure that no one is present I motion over to Pam.


"In the back of the truck I have a ladder and 25 boxes of Glow in the dark Ping Pong balls, inscribed with the word 'MINE'. First I will enter the house to verify she is indeed asleep. Then I will prepair the bathroom for my revenge plan. Once that is complete, I will unlock the bathroom window and lower the top pane. I want you to start carrying the boxes out of the truck placing them below that window and lean the ladder there."

I go back to the truck to retrieve the tattoos and the micro video recording devices. I enter Sookies house and hover to her bedroom. I am almost unprepared for the sight before me. Sookie is laid out in her bed in a soft white night shirt, which clings to her luscious curves. Her hair is scattered around her head in waves, making her look like a sleeping angel. Her lips have a small pout and she has one hand laying under her head and the other above her head as if reaching for something. The blankets are thrown about, with one of her legs below the blankets and one above them. As if she can't make up her mind, whether she wants to be covered by the blankets or not. She is lying on her side, making the sweet swell of her hips even more obvious. I slowly move towards her captivated by beauty and watching her slow even breaths.

After staring at her for a few moments, I make my way to the bathroom to secure the bathroom cabinet doors, retrieve a wet wash cloth and close the toilet lid. I also close the shower curtain and secure it with duct tape. I cover the area above the shower curtain with a towel and duct tape it in place, effective filling that hole to prevent leakage in to the shower stall. I install one camera pointed at the door. So when she opens it, I will get a shot of the expression on her face. I check the portable Mini Lcd viewing screen for alignment. Once I am satisfied with its location and angle, I exit the bathroom, making sure to shut the door fully.

I pull the tattoos out of my pocket and walk over to her bed. I separate out the first of 4 tattoos. I pull of the plastic protective paper off the first tattoo and I place it facing down on her forehead. I take the wet washcloth and use it to cover the tattoo per the instructions, for 25 seconds. Once I am sure the paper is sufficiently saturated, I take away the wash cloth, and slowly pull the paper back, to reveal the tattoo now firmly affixed to her forehead.

Then I pull out the second tattoo. I slowly inch up her night gown, careful to not disrupt her peaceful sleep. Once her white string bikini underwear, with daisies on it, comes fully into view, I stop the upward descent of her nightgown.

I move to sit behind her on the bed and slowly inch the back of her underwear down, exposing the soft curves of her glorious bottom. She has the bottom of a Greek goddess! After taking a few moments to admire and burn the image into my memory for later use, I peel back the plastic on one of the tattoos. I place it on the small of her back. I believe they call it a tramp stamp. Why they call it this I do not know. I place the washcloth over it for the allotted 25 seconds and then gently pull back the paper. I take a moment to admire my work.

Then I take out the 3rd tattoo. I place it on her left butt cheek making sure to properly a line it. Then Place the wash cloth over it for 25 seconds. Once the 3rd one is complete, I pull out the final tattoo and place it on her right butt cheek. In mere moments it is affixed into place. Now that is complete, I take one last longing look at my Lovers beautiful bottom, before covering her back up and putting her night gown back in place. I place a few micro cameras around her room, to make sure I full capture her face when she finds her surprises. Once I am satisfied with the camera's, I walk out of the room, stopping over at the door way to give her one last lingering look.

I once again secure her front door and walk around the side of the house to meet Pam.

"What is the plan Master. I do not understand what the Ping Pong balls are for. Really Master, I can't believe you had them inscribed with the word 'MINE'. You know how she hates that possessive pronoun."

"Watch and you will learn child. Did you move all the boxes as I requested."

"Yes Master."


I ripe off the top of one of the boxes and retrieve the funnel from the front of the truck. I push the funnel though the cardboard and use the duck tape to secure it to the cardboard at the proper angle.

"Pam climb up the ladder to assist me. Pam climbs the ladder, while I hover up to her bathroom window. We use duck tape to secure the cardboard and funnel to the open area at the top of the window.

"We need to keep the funnel at the appropriate angle so we can pour the Ping Pong balls, directly into the funnel. Then the Ping Pong Balls will drop into the bathroom, effectively filling the room to the brim. When she opens the door she will be hit with a wall of glow in the dark Ping Pong balls falling on her."

"Yes Master! I will be more then happy to assist you in this scheme." Pam says looking giddy and proud.

I fly down to the boxes and pick up one up, rip open one side. I fly back up and hand the box to Pam to pour in. We get a nice rhythm going and before you know it all 25 boxes of Ping Pong Balls have been poured into the bathroom. At one point, the balls reached the level of the open widow. Pam had push the Balls with a rake, to make more room, so the rest of the balls would fit. With all the balls in the bathroom, we collect all the empty boxes and place them in the back of the truck. Bobby can clean it up tomorrow. I don't want to hear from Sookie how we turned her yard into a "Pig sty".

We put the ladder and funnel back into the truck and I fly the truck over the trees to Comptons house, to await Bobby's pick up tomorrow.

I fly to Pam's Van and climb into the passenger seat.

"So Pam tell me… Do you like the Dukes of Hazzard makeover of your vehicle"

"I can't believe the two of you painted my car orange! It is such an ugly shade at that! How did you get it done so quickly?" We are driving down the road and are temporally behind a slow moving vehicle. They all of a sudden pull over to the side of the road, I suppose to move out of the way and then pull back on once we have passed.

"Well at least the 'move over' sticker is getting the Sunday drivers out of your way!" I chuckle.

Pam gives me a stern look. I chuckle even harder at my child.

We drive to my house. Pam parks in my garage and we go inside.

"Pam do you wish to sit with me, while I study the movies you mentioned from Sookie's Pity Party. I thought I would start my research with the Beauty and the Beast movie."

"Yes, Master. I having been wondering what my telepathic friend finds so captivating about this movie that she sees fit, to subjugate her friends to repeated viewings of it."

Pam sits down on the couch in my living room, while I open the DVD and place it into the player. I snatch up the remote and walk to the couch. I get myself situated with my legs up on the coffee table and hit the play button.

I push the Menu button and select play. Once it is playing, I fast forward to the beginning of the movie.

I am shocked to see it is a cartoon, made for children. Everyone is walking around, living their lives while singing.

"I can see how Sookie feels a connection to this movie. The local towns people look down upon Bell for reading and being peculiar, just like your Sookie. When it is obvious to me that Bell, is special and unique, not peculiar." Pam says analyzing the movie as if like she is Dear Abby herself.

"Indeed. The rest of the town's people are not even worth mentioning."

Gaston enters the movie, being his strong, dumb, sexy, self centered self.

"Look at that guy Gaston. He reminds me of Bill, but better looking and on steroids."

"I do not see a resemblance between Bill and this Gaston. I think he is more like me."

"Well the towns people all like Gaston and look up to him. I do not believe the towns people of Bon Tomps look up to you. But they all loved Bill with his Southern gentleman ways and Southern accent. And Gaston is bound and determined to marry Bell. Just like Bill was determined to marry Sookie, to keep her away from you."

"I can see that." We return our attention to the movie.

"Look, Gaston doesn't like her reading or getting ideas that do not involve him. Doesn't that sound like Bill to you."

"I suppose." I say with a shoulder shrug. Still not really seeing the connection to Bill.

Bells father enters the castle. The clock and candle stick are arguing with each other.

"Talking clocks, candle sticks and tea pots?" I say is disbelief.

"This is a children's movie after all. It is designed to a peel to their imagination."

I shrug. I know little of human children. It was women's work to raise them, in my time.

"Now that Beast reminds me of you!" Pam says with a smirk.

"I am not like the Beast. That is like comparing me to a Were! I am as ferrous as the Beast, but I have much more charisma and pizzazz, not to mention, I am much better looking."

"Ok I will give you that." Pam says with a nod.

"Oh look at that! Bell offers to trade herself for her father! That is classic Sookie!"

"I agree, Sookie always puts others above herself. I remember how she slapped me and agreed to go to Dallas, in trade for letting Lafayette go. I could use a similar tactic to get her to move into the house with me, when the repairs are complete." I say deep in though, about how to use this to my advantage.

"I agree Master. You could use the draining crimes her brother Jason Stackhouse committed. She would be more than willing to move in with you, to spare her useless brothers life."

"Yes. Yes, indeed. I will think on this further. I still have time before the house is complete. I am hoping she will agree to live with me of her own accord. However if she is not agreeable, I am not below using it to reach my goal."

"Of course Master. Let me know if you require my assistance." We go back to watching the movie.

"Gaston has a throne made out of animal skins and antlers. Did you see the way the woman all fawn all over him? It reminds me of the way the Fangbangers at Fangtasia act towards you! He is more like you than I originally thought."

"I told you there were parallels between Gaston and myself. However I appreciate a woman who reads and has thoughts of her own. Plus I have a stronger intellect then him."

"True Master. You are much more socially and intellectually evolved that Gaston."

The dishes put on a show for Bell in the Dinning Room

"Dancing Dishes. I never thought I would see the day."

"Master, It is a children's movie."

"Yes, I know. But dancing Dishes?" Pam rolls her eyes at me.

The Beast yells and growls at Bell for entering the west wing. Bell runs away, out of the castle, gets on her horse and leaves. She ends up getting attacked by a pack of hungry Wolfs. The Beast comes to rescue her.

"That girl is a trouble magnet, just like your Telepath. Look he comes to her rescue and she starts having feeling for him."

"I rescued Sookie from the bomb at Godric's house and she didn't start looking at me like that."

"You also tricked her into drinking your blood, after you saved her. I think that changed her option of the whole event, in her mind."

"I needed to break the hold of Comptons blood on her, as well as be able to track her, if she finds herself in trouble again."

"Yes, I know. But I had to explain it to her the other night. She thought you did it to control her."

"Ah, that explains a lot."

The Beast gives Bell the gift of a library.

"Look the Beast gives Bell a library as a gift! She accepts it and appears to love it. She says nothing about being a kept woman, for accepting it as a gift! Perhaps you can have a library built at you new house, to give to her. Or you can purchase a Barnes and Noble store as a gift."

"Hum. That is an excellent idea. I will speak with Alcide about adding a library to the house. Perhaps I will purchase her a book store as well. But I think she would prefer a small family owned book establishment. Plus if she still demands to work, once living with me, it would be an acceptable job for her."

"Yes, I agree Master. She is more the family book store type of girl. I believe it would be a fitting job for her as well."

Bell and the Beast play in the snow, having a snow ball fight.

"Perhaps, I can take her to my homeland. I love the snow. I wonder if Sookie would have a snow ball fight with me?"

"That could be quite the bonding experience for you both, without all the common distractions, of Fangtasia and Area 5. When will you book a flight."

"I will wait until the house is finished. Then I will book our flight. I will leave you in charge of the bar and Area 5 in my absence."

"Yes, Master. I will enjoy having the Fangbangers all to myself. It has been a while since I participated in an orgy. I wonder if Chow would be interested." Pam says with an evil smirk.

Gaston and the villagers charge the castle. The Beast is not interested in fighting back, since he is so heart broken about Bell leaving.

"Love turned the Beast into a wimp. I would never allow myself to show such weakness."

"I agree Master. How can Bell want someone who is so sad and desperate they just give up."

Gaston shoots an arrow at the sulking Beast. The Beast and Gaston fights. Eventually the Beast wins holding Gaston over the side of the castle and is about to release him to his plummeting death. Gaston begs and cries for his pathetic life. The Beast chooses not to kill Gaston and releases him back on to the roof. Gaston sneaks up behind the Beast and stabs him in the side.. Gaston loses his footing and falls to his death.

"I can't believe the Beast lost his balls like that. He couldn't even bring himself to kill Gaston after he broke into his castle and tried to kill him and his. Pathetic."

"I agree."

The Beast starts to die, from the wound bestowed upon him by Gaston. Just before the last petal falls off the Rose, Bell confesses her love for him. Magic starts to fall from the sky and shoot out and around them. The Beast is lifted into the air and returned to his human form. His servants soon follow in the transformation, from common household objects to human. The castle is transformed from dark and menacing, into a thing of captivating beauty. They all Live happy ever after.

"Awe, isn't that sweet." Pam rolls her eyes.

"I can see what draws your Sookie to this movie. It is a happy ever after, where she finds a place to belong and True love."

"True Love? Apposed to untrue love?" I say with a chuckle.

"I recall we still have 7 movies to watch, that were referenced the night of Sookies Pity Party. We still have Sleepless in Seattle, City of Angels, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Princess Bride and Coming to America."

"Lafayette informed me in his last Sookie watch update, that Sookie also loves the movie "When Harry met Sally". He says it has the "Daddy Mack of orgasm scenes in it". I have ordered it from Amazon. It should be delivered in a few days." I look on to my child with pride with the initiative she has taken.

"You are free to go for the rest of the night. Tomorrow we will watch Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The box says there are 3 good Fairy's staring in it. I sure it will be delicious."

"Fairy's you say! I wouldn't miss it for the world. Master." Pam nods to me on her way out.

I clean up the living room and then head down to my day chamber. I walk to my office, to email Sookie the pictures of the Dukes of Hazzard revenge and the Video surveillance tape to her. I watch the Video a few times, then order two picture video frames from Staples. I will load the video into the frames and wrap it to give to Pam for her R-day. (Rising day)

Once that is complete, I go to the Snapfish website that Sookie used and order a Tee shirt for her and Pam. Both Tee shirts are custom printed with the most facially expressive of the photo's. I pay for next day delivery and power down my computer.

Once that is done, I climb into bed. My last thought before my day time rest claims me is, I wonder what Sookie will say about the Ping Pong Balls and Tattoos. I can't wait to see the video!

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