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"Sakura, wait!"

Sakura turned around to see her blonde teammate running after her.

"Yes, Naruto?" Sakura asked after he caught up with her.

"Well…uh…" Naruto stammered.

"Naruto hurry up and spit it out, I have to be at the hospital for my shift in 30 minutes!"

"Well, I was wondering… that maybe… if I could take you out on a date later today?"

Naruto's face was bright pink, as he looked at her with hopeful eyes.

Sakura sighed inwardly. It had been 3 weeks since asked her on a date. Since when did I start keeping track of when I out with Naruto? Sakura thought to herself. But she missed his shy, but sweet attitude he showed her on such rare occasions. He treated her like royalty. She looked at him then, as he waited patiently for a response. She couldn't help but smile.

"Sure Naruto, why not?" Sakura finally responded after what Naruto thought to be decades.

"WooWhooo!" Naruto leapt into the air with joy at the thought of Sakura being with him on a date!

"Thank you, Sakura! I won't let you regret it!" Naruto told her suddenly becoming serious. Which made Sakura blush slightly.

"My shift ends at 6:30" Sakura warned him. "So don't be late!"

"Don't worry Sakura" Naruto told her. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Through the whole day Naruto worked hard at his training, so he could get home so he could clean up his house, and so he could get ready for his date. It even surprised Kakashi when he saw his former pupil create 1,000 shadow clones and begin creating one handed Odama Rasengans.

"Wow, Naruto!" Kakashi exclaimed. "Don't you think that you're going a little overboard?"

A Naruto from the crowd turned toward him.

"I have to do this Kakashi-sensei." The Naruto explained to him. "I have to get all of this done before I can go on a date with Sakura."

"Naruto." Kakashi advised him. "If you keep this up you will be too tired to go out on a date in the first place. Why don't you save today's training and do it tomorrow? That way you can get prepared for you date with Sakura?"

All of the Narutos' stopped and said to him.

"That's a great idea Kakashi-sensei!"

With a huge puff of smoke, all of the Narutos' except one disappeared.

"Whoa." Naruto said disoriented as the memories of all of his clones rushed into his mind. He faintly saw the sight of dried grass rushing toward him as he fell forward. He heard Kakashi say something before he only saw black.

Sakura's day couldn't have been going any better, she reflected. Naruto had finally asked her out on a date. Which made her Inner-Sakura bust into a dance. One of her long time patients, who had broke both of her legs from a falling tree, was finally able to walk by herself and would be able to leave the hospital soon. Yup. Sakura thought to herself. This day couldn't be going better.

Then Kakashi walked into the waiting room. Sakura, who had been daydreaming, jumped in surprise when he called her name.

"Sakura" Kakashi called.

"Oh, hi Kakashi sensei." Sakura greeted him with a smile. "What brings you he-"

Then she noticed Naruto laying on his back. Her eyes widened. Naruto!

"W-what happened to Naruto?" Sakura asked her voice filled with worry. Why am I so worried? Naruto has been through more dangerous things than this. Get it together Sakura!

"Don't worry Sakura." Kakashi warned her. "He just went a bit too far with his shadow clones and fainted when they all disappeared. I just want him to get checked out just to be sure."

Sakura motioned to a wheel-chair next to a wall. "Set him into the wheel-chair" Sakura told him, suddenly becoming serious. "Ill take him to an examining room now."

Kakashi nodded in agreement. "Well it looks like I'm not going to be needed here, so ill just go now."

"Ok, bye Kakashi-sensei" Sakura responded with a backward glance, as she wheeled Naruto through a set of doors.

Once in the examining room, Sakura lifted Naruto onto the bed using her chakra-enhanced strength. She then took out a small flashlight from a drawer, and quickly shined it into Naruto's left eye. Seeing nothing wrong she closed his eyelid and returned the flashlight back into the drawer. Quickly removing Naruto's orange jacket and black shirt, she then checked his heart beet using a stethoscope. With each pound of his heart she became less and less worried. Sakura stepped back, and couldn't help but notice Naruto's muscular torso.

Wow! She realized. Naruto sure has a nice body. Her gaze lowered to his chiseled abs. I wonder what they feel like. She thought to herself. Inner-Sakura shouted to her. "Why don't you feel them and find out?!" Sakura blushed heavily at the thought of touching Naruto's bare chest. Somehow it seemed dirty, but her curiosity got the best of her.

She slowly took a step towards her sleeping comrade and reached down. She suddenly shot a glance at Naruto's face, making sure that he was asleep. He looked cute while he sleeps she realized. The occasional twitch of his cheek indicating that he was dreaming. Hesitantly, she touched and felt his chest. His skin was tanned after the long days of training, but surprisingly soft. No doubt the Fox had healed him. She could feel his muscles underneath his skin. She lowered her hand toward his abs.

Again she got the feeling that she was doing something dirty. Why am I thinking about this so much? She asked herself. It's only Naruto after all. His abs flexed every time he breathed out and it really showed off his well chiseled abs. Inner-Sakura began drooling. "Oh my gosh! He's so hot!"I know right? Wait what did I just say? It's Naruto, my best friend I shouldn't be having these thoughts. Sakura told herself. I like Saskue after all. "No you don't, you like Naruto." Shut up no I don't! Sakura told Inner-Sakura. Naruto is annoying, obnoxious, perverted, rude… "You also think he's funny, dependable, cute, caring, determined, cute… Inner-Sakura countered. As for perverted look what you're doing right, while he's asleep!" You know what? Shut up! I'm not doing anything wrong! And stop talking. Sakura told Inner-Sakura. It's weird for people to talk to themselves. "Fine, but you still like Naruto!"

Naruto had awoken to a world of black. He started to panic. Why can't I see anything! OMG! I'm I blind?! Then he realized that he had his eyelids' closed. Oooooh, that's why I can't see a freakin' thing. Slowly he began to notice the things around him. Its seems that I'm laying on a mattress or some type of bed. Then he felt something warm, soft, and gentle touching his chest and abs. I wonder who or what is touching me? Then he realized something. Wait… if someone is touching my skin, then were are my clothes? Naruto slowly began to panic. What if someone is prepping me to get dissected? OMG! I don't want to die! He slowly opened his eyes preparing for the worst. What he saw was probably the biggest surprise in his life. Sakura was standing over him, slowly sliding her hands over his chest and abs. He felt his heart rate quicken, and blood rushed to his face.

"Sakura! What are you doing!?" Naruto asked her, almost screaming. He wasn't angry or anything, just scared from what his mind thought of what was about to happen to him, on the contrary if he wasn't so scared that he was about to die some painful horrible death he might have been quiet happy, in more ways than one.

Naruto who was almost shouting, was nothing to the sound his pink haired friend was making.

"AAHHH!" Sakura screamed, jumping almost 5 feet in the air. "Na-Ru-To! You idiot! You scared me half to death! Don't you know better than too suddenly start screaming like a maniac?!"

Naruto cringed in fear. No matter what, nothing is scarier then Sakura when she's mad.

"I'm sorry Sakura, please don't hit me!" Naruto pleaded, raising his arms over his head to protect himself. "It's just that you scared me."

There was a long silence as Sakura tried to find her voice. Realizing that he was in no immediate danger, Naruto lowered his arms.

"By the way Sakura, what were you doing?" Naruto asked a bit confused.

Sakura blushed heavily. Naruto saw her blush but thought that it was because she was still angry.

"I was… ah… um… massaging your stomach muscles." Sakura lied.

"Umm… why?" Naruto asked suddenly checking his body for any signs of bleeding or injury.

"Well… Kakashi-sensei said that you fainted from training so I thought that your muscles might cramp so I decided to massage them. After all you won't be any help to the team or village if you can't move." Sakura lied, crushing all of his hopes that she might have been doing that for some other reason.

"Oh… ok Sakura, thanks then, I guess." Naruto said a little disappointed.

Naruto began searching for his shirt, and when he found it, began putting it back on. When only his head was through a hole Sakura stopped him.

"Wait, I'm not done massaging you yet, and after all of that I don't want my work to go to waste and you start getting cramps." Sakura informed him. Then she blushed when she heard her own words. I sound like a retard. Why did I tell him that I still need to message him? Now he's going to think that I like him or something.

Naruto saw her blush again. Jeez, she must be really angry. Though I'm glad she's holding it in and not wailing on me. Wait what if she's sick!? She might have a fever. Naruto thought, worrying himself. He decided to voice his concern.

"Sakura?" Naruto called, getting her attention. "Are you sick or something, cause your face keeps getting red?"

Naruto noticed her face get red again.

"No I'm not sick, I just ate something really hot before I came in here." Sakura lied. I'm glad Naruto is so dumb when it comes to girls.

"Do you need water? Cause ill go get some if you want me to." Naruto informed her. Generally concerned for her well-being.

Aww, Naruto can be so sweat. Her eyes began to lower down to his bare chest. She quickly averted her gaze to his eyes. His eyes she noticed began to slowly drift down to her breasts, and then quickly shift to the wall. But he was losing his battle to his perverted side, and slowly began to drift back her chest. What a perv! She thought to herself. I should punch his face in! "But weren't you just doing the same thing?" Inner-Sakura interrupted her. Sakura blushed. Oh, shut up!

"Sakura…?" Naruto said, awakening her from her inner argument.

"Don't worry, I'm fine now."

"Ok, can I get my massage now?"

"Ugh, fine… what part of you hurts?" Sakura asked snobby.

"My back does." Naruto responded ignoring her attitude.

Sakura made a rolling motion with her hand, and Naruto rolled off of his back and onto his stomach. Showing her his unsurprisingly well muscled back.

Inner-Sakura then began to drool again. Have a little self-control, jeez! "Oh shut up! Its not like you didn't want to the same thing!" "Yeah, but I'm not doing that are I?" Her inner-voice went quiet.

Sakura took a slow step towards Naruto. After a brief hesitation began to rub Naruto's shoulder-blades in small circles. She heard an involuntary groan of pleasure escape his lips, as she pressed a more sensitive part of his back. Naruto sure likes massages. Sakura told herself. Naruto was thinking along similar lines. God, this feels so good! I cant wait till our date later!

Finally Sakura stopped, much to Naruto's displeasure, only get it back when Sakura asked him.

"Does anything else hurt Naruto?"

"Well now that you mention it… my arms and shoulders are a bit sore." Naruto asked hopefully.

Sakura began to massage his left shoulder.

"Oh, this feels so good!" Naruto moaned.

Sakura smiled, she was glad she could make Naruto happy. Its just one of the small things that I can do for him. She realized. She began working her way toward his forearm. After completing his left arm, she began to work on his right arm.

"You know what this means right?" Sakura asked him?

"Umm…" Naruto thought out loud.

"It means that you are going to have to take me somewhere special." Sakura informed him. "That means NO ramen."

"Ok, Sakura" Naruto agreed, much to Sakura's surprise, but after what he just experienced he would of agreed to anything. But its not like there's anything wrong with ramen. He complained in his head.

Finally Sakura finished his right arm.

"Does anything else hurt?" She asked him.

"No, I'm fine now… thank-you Sakura." Naruto said sincerely. Giving one of his famous, goofy Naruto smiles. Yup. He thought. This is the best day ever!