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Naruto slowly studied his surroundings. He was in the Leaf Village's hospital, on the third floor. His right leg was elevated in a sling above his bed, and his left arm laid against his chest in another sling. Why am I here? He thought to himself. What happened?

He tried to remember what had happened. I was on my way to Sakura's house, I was late, and I was almost thereā€¦

"Sakura!" He screamed out loud. I missed our date! Holy crap! She's going to kill me! Man, I feel so bad.

He sat up, and tried to reach the sling that suspended his leg using his good arm, leaving him in an awkward angle. His muscles groaned in protest, he could almost reach the sling. He slowly fell back to the bed. After a moment's break he shot forward and reached out for the sling, his fingers were only a few inches away, before he abruptly stopped, and slowly fell back to the bed.

"Arh!" He sat forward again this only an inch away. He cursed the predicament that he was in. He needed to see Sakura! Maybe its better that I'm stuck here. He thought to himself. After all, Sakura will be mad and she'll need time to cool down. But then he thought about how selfish he was being, and soon thought of a solution.

"Nurse!" He called.

After a few moments a short lady dressing white came in. "Yes?" She asked.

"Can you get Sakura please?" Naruto asked her.

The nurse's brow furrowed. "Sakura?"

Naruto tried to smack his forehead, only to find that his arm wouldn't move. Stupid sling! He thought. "Yes, Sakura, Sakura Haruno, average height, pink hair, she is a Med-Nin who works here from about 8:30 to 6:30 just about every freaking day." Naruto tried not to let his impatience slip into his voice.

Her face cleared. "Oh, her! I remember her now! Yeah, she is very skillful ya know? I heard..." The nurse leaned closer to Naruto, hushing her voice. "That she was taught by Tsunade herself!" Her voice rising till it was just a squeak.

Naruto stared at her blankly for a few seconds. "Really?" He asked in mock surprise. "I didn't know that!"

The nurse nodded franticly. "And you know what?" She asked.

"What?" Was his short response.

"I've actually talked to her before!" She said, sounding like a little school girl. "You know, you seem pretty interested in her, maybe I should let you meet her."

"That would be awesome!" Naruto shouted. "Now, where is she?"

"Oh shoot, I forgot, she's not in today." The nurse told him.

Naruto tried to smack his head again, this time he succeeded.