Sorry I haven't been able to write for a long time. I have been balancing school and work, as well as battling a little depression. So here is my latest story. Not all of this is true, like the suicidal thoughts, and attempts.


(One month ago) I was laying there and I realized that I just lost the feeling of safety and that I had someone in this world that cared if I lived or died. Then in the darkness of my room I realized what that meant, she either died or walked away. I lay there awake until the depression drove me to tears. I was locked in my room for a week and finally I decided that I would never get close to another person ever again, in an attempt to avoid the sadness and depression that came from them just walking out.

(Now) I haven't seen her since so I slowly just drifted into serious depression including suicidal thoughts, and attempts. I eventually just drifted away from all my friends and never left my house. Every night I dream of Rena and have the same dream over and over. Whenever I have that dream I wake up with my heart racing, and in a cold sweat. Then I remember that voice that told me that I was never alone. Where was it now in my greatest time of need?

At that moment I heard a knock at the door. I heard a familiar voice telling me to run and get out by the window. Then the knock was louder and louder, I had to make a quick decision. Answer the door, or run? I decided to grab my newly acquired G18 automatic pistol and a sword from the collection I have on my wall. I chose a blood red katana and lept out the window right before they came in by breaking down the door. I thought they caught a glimpse of me leaving because they went right to the window after they could not find me. Once I was on the streets I ran for dear life. Then I tripped and fell into an alley, which I found odd because I fell forward and I landed to my left in the alley like someone pushed me into it. Right as I fell I saw three men in suits run by, and I caught a glimpse at a badge and what looked like an usp .45 pistol. They said keep looking we need to find the boy, he is the key.

So what happened to me next do you think?

See next time! And until then,