Jack opened her eyes only a few minutes later. She found herself starring at big brown, worried eyes in a fuzzy face only inches away from her own.

"hey max." she smiled. Max licked her nose and his tail started in a frenzy. Max opened his mouth and panted, a dogish smile on his face.

"Hey Jack." Jack looked up and found her dad smiling down on her. She gave a weak smile back, but then it disappeared when she saw a dark figure behind him.

"Jack, this is the boy that brought you here." Her dad said.

"A… a survivor?" Jack managed to whisper, "I… I thought…"

"Ya… me to." The boy said.

"Oh, jack I'm so glad your home." Dad continued.

"I'm so sorry dad, I fell asleep at the pier… I was riding to fast… I almost hit a baby bird, I think it's wing was broken." Jack said. Her dad gave her a tight hug, and Max managed to squeeze his head in between them. Jack looked back at the boy.

"Thank you." She said. The boy didn't answer. The dad looked at him.

"really, I owe you my life." He said. The boy took a slow breath.

"Your…" his breath was heavy, "Your welcome. It was no… no problem… I told you I would get her home… and…" his voice trailed off and suddenly Max gave a whimper. The boy's swayed on his feet and crumpled to the ground. In doing so, his hoodie fell off. Jack gasped, and Max started to bark uncontrollably. The boy had a nasty gash above his eyebrow, and the blood was dripping down his forehead. The dad was over him in a second. He tore off the jacket and underneath was a blue shirt, the side soaked with blood.

He had been bitten.

"Jack get the first aid and clean up kit. Meet me downstairs quickly." The dad ordered. Jack hesitated for a moment as the dad picked the boy up, his body limp and started for the stairs. Jack started for the pantry instantly. She flung the door open and pulled down the white box with a red cross on it. She put the handle in Max's mouth, who had followed her and said "Bring it to Dad." Max started off across the linoleum with a bit difficulty at a run but soon reached the run and bolted for the stairs. Jack pulled down a few extra bandages and swatches and tucked them under her arm. She then began to dig for a sewing kit and clean up kit. She soon found them and ran after Max. She skipped stairs going down and jumped the last few. Downstairs was cool and the air was thin and crisp. He was a bare room with cement walls and floor and ceiling… the basement. The door was a foot and a half foot thick of metal and had three locks, and six clamps. All down the stairs to the room, were windows, that were now closed off for the night. But when morning broke, they could be opened from inside to let the light in and scare anything off waiting on the stairs. In the room itself it was covered in light eight feet above their heads. They had locked one of… THEM down here before. When it was after Jack, she managed to trap it in here and she turned on the high powered lights. She never went back into the room until her dad came home later that day, and disposed the corpse. She was twelve at the time.

As she came down into the room, the memory came back. But her eyes flashed on the boy and her dad and the memory was pushed aside. Max had delivered the first aid like he was told and her dad had already set to work. The boy was set on a metal table on the far end of the room. Jack dropped off the things and ran back upstairs. She grabbed the gallon of bleach by the door, and a kitchen towel and began to wipe up the trail of blood that lead down to the basement. She wet it down with bleach, glad it was all on the linoleum and not rug. She let it the bleach sit for a few seconds, before wiping that up as well. Then just to be safe. She left the lid open in the hall way, letting the smell of the bleach swarm the house, then ran back downstairs. Her dad had cleaned him up and began to sew up the gash on his side and face.

"Jack… grab the ropes from upstairs… and the chair from my desk."

"The metal one?" Jack asked. He nodded, "Max come." Jack took off up the stairs again. When she came back down. She had the chair in both hands, and Max had the rope. Her dad had finished sewing the gash in his forehead, and started on the side. Jack picked up a clean cloth and started to clean the head wound. She brushed away the soft black hair in his eyes and cleaned up the blood around.

Jack knew what the chair and ropes were for. He had been bitten. They didn't know if he was completely immune, or just from the virus in the air. Being bitten would turn him into one of the infected: an inhuman zombie creature that lost all normal functions. One bite and the virus would spread through his body and he would become one of them in less than a day. Jack knew it was dangerous enough to bring him here. But he had saved her life, and her dad had just finished saying he owed him his life.

"He should wake up in about an hour." Dad said, "We'll leave him down here, tied. I'll stay by the door, and we'll check on him in the morning." He pulled the thread tight and tied if off with ease. His years as a doctor had paid off well in the past few years, and he had taught Jack a lot for being a fourteen year old girl.

"Dad… do you mind if I… stay by the door instead? If he wakes up… I want to thank him." Jack said. Of coarse she had many questions in her mind to ask him. And she wanted to know before the virus took over… if it ever did. Her dad looked up at her, eyes dark, but understanding.

"Sure, I'll set up for you." Her dad said after thinking it over. He left, leaving the room in silence. Jack turned her attention to the boy. The bite on his side was fresh… probably from saving her. The wound on his forehead wasn't a bite… but still nasty. By the looks of it, it wasn't infected. But the bite… she wasn't so sure. Jack pulled the knife from her boot, and cut off the extra thread from sewing up. She did one last clean around it, before wrapping it up nicely. When she was finished her father came back down. He picked the limp body up, and set him on the chair. As he tied the knots, Jack spoke up.

"Dad… what if he get's infected?" Jack asked. Her dad did not stop his task, but kept quiet for a moment.

"Then we take him to the bar outside of town. He should be fine there." Dad said. Jack nodded. As much as they disliked the infected, and knew they weren't human… they would not kill one so cruelly. Jack and her dad were Humans… they had morals.

As her dad finished tying, Jack gave one last look at the boy. She hoped with all her heart he wouldn't get infected. Another person out there that wasn't infected seemed impossible to her just this morning… that they were the last people on earth… literally. She realized he must have thought the same thing. How relieved he must have been to see someone like him, when he had been on his own for so long. She wondered how he had survived all this time, by himself. Maybe he wasn't. Maybe there were more. All this she tended to find out and soon. In less then an hour if her dad was right.

She closed the heavy door behind her leaving the boy in the corner. She found a makeshift bed at the foot of the stairs, and a loaded pistol next to the pillow. Even though they were safe, it didn't hurt to go the extra mile to keep it that way. She sat down on the makeshift bed and only a second later Max flopped down next to her, his head in her lap. She picked up the pistol, and checked the rounds. Don't get sloppy her dad would always say Don't get lazy. And she didn't plan on it. Her dad had taught her everything she needed to know to survive out here. She knew the streets by heart… she knew how to drive. Her and her dad had spent three months doing nothing but learning about the car and everything about it. She knew the quickest routes to home, and the routes that would last the longest in the sunlight. She knew the places that were forever in darkness… the nests of the infected. She knew how to avoid those. Her dad had taught her about the radios at the pier, and all about the wires and connections. She knew the stores by heart and her way around their own house. She learned how to replace generators for electricity. She knew how to find different medicines for different things, and knew a lot about the medical field. She knew how to shoot to. And a good shot she was. She favored the rifle for long distance, and kept her pistol loaded and always nearby. Her dad had taught her to always know where the guns were, always know how many bullets were left and where to find more. After shooting so many times for practice… and dangerous experiences, she could hit her mark from three hundred yards away if she had the right gun. They even practiced a few defensive moves. Nothing incredible powerful or effective but enough to gain some ground or time. Her dad kept her in shape and strong. They would run every morning after a big healthy breakfast. Sit up and crunches after lunch and movies, and they were always playing some kind of sport on Sundays. She was very healthy for her age.

She was thinking about some push up right now when she heard a disturbance in the room. Max had perked up ears forward. Jack stood up and peeked in the door. The boy was up and looking around. Jack opened the door all the way and let Max go in first. Max cautiously stepped in and looked around. When he saw the only thing in there was the boy, he trotted in. Jack figured either the boy hadn't turned yet… or wasn't there yet. She walked in. the boy's eyes instantly locked on her, and watched her move across the room. To him it was amazing to see someone move with such grace, and power in each stride. He didn't know weather he was seeing that because she was a strong girl, or if it was because he was used to seeing the Infected and their drunken but meaningful movement. As she approached, he shifted in her chair.

"Sorry about the ropes." She said. The boy starred for a moment, unable to speak. Her voice… a HUMAN voice… with WORDS and on top of that a kind apology. All something he hadn't heard in over two years, and thought he never would.

"No… no it's… it's fine. I understand." He said. He knew he had been bitten. And hard at that. But he also knew he wasn't going to get infected. He was entirely immune… unlike Jared and Kelsey. He had been bitten before, and never turned. But he couldn't just tell these people that. They were just trying to be safe. And weather he told them or not they would leave him tied, and sooner or later find out anyway.

"Are you hungry?" Jack asked, after shifting on her feet. The conversation made her feel odd. She hadn't spoken to another human in such a long time other then her father. She didn't have the social skills she had before the bridge blew up… and the virus was released.

"No." the boy said after thinking the same thing. He wasn't hungry. If anything he felt sick.

"Well, you need to eat. You lost some blood, and whether it a lot or a little it's dangerous." She said. The boy hadn't stopped looking at her, and she him. They were both fascinated for the fact they were speaking to each other. It was like a fairy tale story that came true.

The boy listened to her words, and knew she was right. Loosing a lot of blood is dangerous to the point of death. Loosing a little was dangerous to the point where it attracted the infected… and then death.

"How long have I been out?" he asked.

"About ten minutes." She answered. Suddenly all his senses came back. He had been bleeding… he probably left a trail of blood everywhere. And where ever they clean him up was probably covered in blood as well. And where were they? Was it safe? Had they locked up? He had seen lights when he came in… those would attract the infected as well.

"Are we safe here? There's no blood right? Did you clean up?" His words were rushed, and Jack barely caught them all.

"Yes. My dad locked up and the trail of blood is cleaned. Not a spot of blood for miles around. And yes we are perfectly safe in here." She said. The boy looked impressed almost. They had cleaned up the blood, locked an entire house up, cleaned HIM up and went to bed all in less than ten minutes. They were good. The boy let his muscles relax. It felt good to relax like that. Let his muscles loose, and he realized he was sore from being to tense for so long.

"What's your name?" the girl asked. The boy looked up again. For a moment, he didn't remember, but then he spoke.

"Trevor." He said.

"I'm Jack." She said back, "And I'll be but a minute with some food. Max, watch him." She said as she left. Max, the beautiful cow dog, looked at Trevor and then plopped down, eyes on him. Soon she came back down with a soda and a plate of diced potatoes and a slice of meat. It smelled delicious with all the seasonings. She set it down on the table and set to work on his ropes.

"What are you doing?" He asked as she untied him.

"I ain't gonna hand feed you, and if you start turning, you'll stop eating. You'll loose control of your muscles for a few minutes, and if that happens it'll be plenty of time for me to tie you up again." She said, "Just eat quick." Trevor pulled his hands around and looked at her. She was taking a risk, but she had it planned out.

"Well go on!" she urged. Trevor stepped up to the table and began to eat. He ate it quickly and soon there was nothing left on the plate other then sauce from the steak. As he finished up he realized the girl and the dog had been watching him closely the entire time. He noticed she held the pistol at her side at all times. Finally he set down his fork and sat back down on the chair. Jack pulled the ropes back on and had them tied in a smart tight knot quicker than any boy scout had ever wished he could. Then she stood back.

"There, food feels good in your stomach doesn't it?" Jack asked. Trevor nodded, still watching her. "So where did you come from?"

"Maine." He answered.

"Maine? That's a long ways off ain't it? And a lot of camping on the ground at night."

"It wasn't two hard one you knew how to sleep in trees." He said.

"So you traveled all the way from there to here?"


"You must have had a lot of luck on your side."

"And… talent." He answered slowly.

"Where their others with you?" she asked. Trevor pulled his gaze away. Instantly Jack knew what happened. "I'm sorry… I… I didn't mean to pry. It's just, I was hoping there were more of you. More of the immune." Trevor kept his gaze down.

"So did I." he muttered, "Can you loosen the ropes, they're awful tight."

"Nope. You'll be pulling at them if you turn and I'm not risking any loose ropes." She said. Trevor sighed and stopped pulling at them.

"So what about you? You from around here?" he asked. She nodded.

"Me and uh…. My… my parents moved here just before it happened." She said, trying to sound casual.

"Where's your mom?" he asked.

"Pinewood street, right next to the old ice cream shop. We visit her a lot and…" they were interrupted by a sound outside. It was the sound of the infected. They were snooping around the house, although they weren't sure if they smelt blood… or bleach… or both.

"They can't get in." Jack said, seeing the boy's face.

"And if they do, you'll be wrong… and I'll be tied up bait." He said darkly.

"Not while this is loaded." Jack said lifting her pistol, "And it's only not loaded for a few seconds."

"Uh-huh." The boy muttered putting his head down. As much as he understood why they did it, he didn't like it. This house was new to him, he hadn't scoped it out. He had to make sure it was safe for himself. He had to see it personally. Until then, he felt like a sitting duck.

"So why'd you come here?" Jack asked. With his head still down, he shrugged.

"Wanted to get away, had nowhere to go." He said simply. Jack was just starting to get annoyed of his answers. They were just enough to answer, but not enough to figure him out.

"Well fine then." She said heading for the door, "I'll see you in the morning…" she let it hang. As she left Trevor barely caught the words 'I hope' from her before she left with the dog at her heels.

He sighed. So he had found people after all. Kelsey had been right. There were still people out here. He closed his eyes, remembering. He had been outside with Jared when they heard her scream. He shook his head. He didn't need to think of that. He needed to sleep. So he let his head hang and slowly faded of to sleep.