Living next door to the one...

For all you who dont know what has happened over the past few years Sonny is now living with Chad Dylan Cooper (yes they got together after the ending of the show), The Jonas Brothers seventh album went multi-platnium and now they where moving in next door to Sonny and CDC. They had never meet eatheir of them because they where to busy with all their lives but they knew the both had shows:/ And Joe With His knew girlfriend Stella and Kevin with Macy nick Was the only one left single but he liked it that way he just always said I need to find the one.

Sonny got really exited to finally have someone to occupy that really big house and some knew friends...

"What do you think they would like better chocolate chip or sugar cookies?" Sonny asked.

"Who cares why do we even have to take cookies their rich why dont hey buy some?"

"Its the neigborly thing to do and I want to be an AWSOME neigbor"

"Love you are AWSOME but they dont need to know that"

"Awww Chad are you jelause is CDC actually jelause?"

"PHHHH no why would I be of those cookie cutter popstars?"

Its okay I wont leave you for them your tooo cute!"

"I Know"

"how do you think they are?" Joe Asked

"I dont know but they say that Chad Cooper guy is a jerk and the girl is really nice" said Kevin.

"Speak for yourselves im still single and proud"- Nick

"Macy have you seen my Robbot Chicken videos I think I lost them"-Kevin

" No kevin they are on the movie box remember?- Macy

"Right"- he said

She waited a few days because she did not want to disturb their unpacking when they did that to her it took her sooo much longer to move in it wasnt even funny! But today she was going as soon as Chad got back from his work. He was now owned part of Warner brothers. She was so excited when he got home he didnt even let him change.

They knocked on the door 3 times before Joe opened the door while holding hands with Stella. as soon as he opened the door he called the rest of them to come down.

"Hi im Sonny Monroe and this is my boyfriend Chad Dylan Cooper"

"Hi Sonny hi Chad"- Kevin and Joe said

"HI"- Stella

"Hello"- Macy

Last but not Least "Ummm hi"- Nick who was still a little shocked about seeing Sonny for the first time the first thing he thought was... Shes The One! and then how he loved her hair and eyes and her wonderful body... He started to get a little jealuse of Chad who had his arms wrapped around her waist.

She gave them the cookies and Kevins eyes lit up like in christmas morning when he saw all the presents under the tree.

"Thanks!"- He added with a Huge smile:)

"You are so very welcome...'

After going to visit them Chad came out pretty mad... he just keeped thinking of how Nate looked at sunny and that he hated it. How he hated it so much but ofcourse he would never admit that to Sunny because he had way to much pride.

Hoped you liked it I know it sucked and my spelling to (i suck at spelling as you can tell) But I really liked the Idea of A crossover between Jonas and Sonny with a Chance so nice:)