The next day since Chad was still out he decided to invite Nick to the movies. She liked his company and having him around they liked alot of the same stuff and they focosed on the little things of life that always made life alot better and happier and simple in her book. Ha could argue with him wqhich sonny loved she loved to tease him and tell him what he was doing wrong. He loved her for it, because no one ever dared to challange him they all where to scaare but when they did it just made it all more fun but with Sonny he thought everything was fun:)

She called him around 12:00 because she thought it would be a good hour. "This is an S.O.S dont want a second guess its the bottom line its true I gave my all for you" The phone rang.

"Hello" He said a little to exited.

"Hey Nick its me Sonny I wanted to ask you..."

"Sure what is it Sonny"

"If you want to go to the movies with me"

"But you have a theater at home?"

"Yea i know but I only use that when I'm board and it makes it funner to go to the theater it's way more exiting"

He chuckled "Okay"

"What's so funnny?"

"That you think its fun to go to the theater when you have one at home..."

"What dont you like the expirience of doing normal things like going to the theater and getting out of home?"

"No I might get eaten up alive by all the crazy fans"

"hahahahahahaha thats what you get for wanting to being famous but are we going or not because I can go alll by myself you know It's a whole different expirience but it's still FUN"

"Yea we are still going what movie are we watching?"

"Well its chessy but they say its really cool The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock"

"ohhh i know now it does look chessy but cool. So what time?"

"When do you have time?"

"Now or Later.."

"Haha are you ready?"


"Okay ill meet you in an half an hour at my or your house?"

"Yours but we are taking my car"

"No we are not where taking mine"

"No Mine"





"Fine Nick we will take your car but im paying my own ticket and its final or we take my car!"

"Fine we will take yours but I'll drive"

"No we have a deal to bad! hahaha :)"


"Hey welcome to my car:)"


"So what theater are we going to?"




Nick's POV

Ohhhh ohhh what shall I do? She just picked up my hand and is practically huging it! I dont know what to do? So I'll just leave it there, they fit together like penut butter and jelly... Thank God my hand dosent sweat because that will be kind of awkard... I want to kiss her soo badly her lips are calling me! No Nick look at the movie! But I cant help it! We'll atleast the movie has football and its based on a true story and thats all I know because the movie is over? How can I spend 2 hours looking at her beats me but I did and now im in trouble because girls like to talk about the movies! UGH should of paid attention, Should have, could have, would have! But I didnt!

"Ohh im so sorry I didnt realize I was holding your hand should have said something Chad hates when I do that..."

Stupid Chad! "Nah its cool."

"Ummmm okay? The movie was AWSOME though dont you thik ?"

"Yea it was preatty cool... What do you wanna do next?

"Awww I almost cry he talked about his mom and when he picked up the popcorn because he had nothing else to eat."

"Why didnt you?" Did i just ask that outloud?

"I dont like to cry in public..."

"Hmmm So what do you want to do next?"

"Go for some icecream OFCOURSE!'

"sonny but its cooled outside!?"

"Yea I know thats why I get really HYPER in the cooled I love IT!"

"Okay then I guess were going for some icecream"


"Soo what's your favorite book?" asked Nick

"The Truth about forever by Sarah Dessen. Your's?"

"I cant decide but I love all the Alex Rider series"


"He's Just Not That Into You. You?"

"The Boat That Rocked'


"At the moment Fireflies by: Owl City. You."

"Where are you now by: Honor Society"


"Yellow you"

"Blue, but you dont where yellow often?"

"Yea i do all the time" Then I noticed them her favorite pair of shoes her yellow convers.


After the ice vream I drooped her of at home. I didnt want to but i didnt want to look desprate and m,ake her notice that i like her..


Short but hoped you liked it i cant write very long stories and yes lori I know my grammar sucks but its the best I can Do...:)