Hermione and the Radiant Chaos


Unyielding Soul

The year was 2,993 A.D. Man had traveled to the stars, the Milky Way was the home galaxy to the most powerful race the universe had ever seen, humanity. Their adventurous spirits ignited with the opening to space and they never lost it, Earth became the capital world of the Human Federation, and most people lived to three hundred years of age, a rare few got to four hundred. Yet all of them paled in comparison to the woman in sitting on a feeble chair in a mostly ruined castle.

If the other humans had known about her, she would have been in the book of universal records, for being the oldest sentient being alive. But they didn't know about her, they didn't even care about the crumbling castle hidden in the green nature reserves of England.

It had been centuries since anyone had looked upon her. The old woman, whose back was bent with age wore a tattered black cloak about her frail shoulders. Her gray hair was long, and wild, and the old feeble woman's weary brown eyes held a pool of what seemed to be infinite wisdom.

With a sigh the ancient woman placed her hands on the desk in front of her, and pushed her thin body up. Her oddly pale, and much younger appearing left hand grasped the edges of her cloak and pulled it closer to her.

The ancient woman shivered as she flicked her index finger on her right hand. A staff, unnoticed amongst the rows of books floated over to her. The woman grasped with with a strength that bellied her feeble appearance and then she sighed.

It was a ragged sound that only someone who had suffered much could make.

"It's been...far too long..." She said quietly.

She then lifted herself out of the battered chair and with a chorus of clinking made from her staff and her right foot made her way out of the decaying library.

"I'm tired...but...I've finally figured it out." The old woman said to herself as she hobbled down the ancient steps.

Dull and decaying tapestries lined the halls and every once in a while the old woman had to move around a pile of rubble.

"I suppose it's fitting that this is my place." She said as she stepped over a piece of the ceiling that had caved in.

Fifteen minutes of the strange clunking sound and the sharp thudding of the old woman's walking stick she had entered a hall, one that long ago would have been incredible.

"You and I...We've both been standing for so long haven't we?" The ancient woman asked wryly as she drew something from her tattered clothes.

It was a stick. Not remarkably long, nor was it elegant. But rather it was a battered piece of wood and a few scorch marks marred it's surface.

The woman pointed the stick at the hearth and a small ball of fire emerged from the stick, and a blaze started crackling in the hearth.

The warmth washed over her and she relished it for a long moment.

"These old castle's could never keep any warmth in them." She noted.

A flick later and a plush chair appeared beside the crackling fire.

The woman smiled lightly as she sat in the chair.

"It's time."

Flicking the stick, and muttering words that no one would have understood lights began to surround her.

Towards the end of the light show she stood, vanished the chair, and sliding her stick across the cold stone gently drew a pattern in the gathered dust.

She flicked the stick and several beads of light shot out of her stick.

Finally, after a great light show she smiled as light began to circle around her. She then drew a sword out from undernegth her cloak and cut her hand open, blood dripped onto the floor, and on the dust and sand.

With that the lights turned into a torrent greens, blues, reds, pinks, silvers, golds, and more that made a sphere around her.

"I never was one to give up." The woman smiled.

Short, but descriptive, I liked it. I didn't label who the 'old woman' was and I didn't want to. (For a reason naturally!)

Wow, she's ooolllllddd.

But she seems pretty tough in her frailness. I know it was only a mere 768 words in length, but it's merely a beginning!

Defender Paladin.

Oh, if you didn't know, I don't own Harry Potter. I'm not going to bother mentioning this again in this fic, since it's too obvious. It's JKR's folks!