Harry Potter: the New Phoenix!

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Pairings: Will be hetro and slash. I've decided that Harry's love will be... Magik! Also known as Illyana Rasputin the little sister of Colossus, and she is a demon sorceress. If you don't like the pairing… Bite me. ;o) Just kidding…maybe. Harry/Magik

Summary: Takes place during the end of the Phoenix Saga of X-Men; where Phoenix destroyed her human shell on the moon, after battling the x-men, and the Shiar Army. Phoenix sacrificed herself because it was what Jean Grey would have done, but what if she wanted something else, what if she found a couple in England whose child just died in the womb, what if she decided to change that. Let's see what happens. And this is based on the X-Men comic book of the eighties and nineties and Harry Potter Books, not the movies of either franchise, though the story will NOT be strictly canon. Thank you.

Chapter One: the story of a firebird and woman

Jean Grey was thought to be a beautiful and pure-hearted woman. Ah but if people only knew. After all how can you explain her dual loves. Scott "Cyclops" Summers, the original boy scout, self sacrificing, brave, believing the world is a good place, good hearted always trying to do the right thing. Then there's the other, James Howlett or as he now prefers, Logan or Wolverine, dangerous, dark, willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done, though he too is good hearted it is tempered with the harsh reality that the world is not always a good place and not everyone can be saved. Jean Grey was no Rebecca of Sunny Brook farm, or Pollyanna. She worked very hard to keep her dark side under cover.

One day something happened, the X-Men wound up going into space to stop an alien invasion by insectoid race called "the Brood." The Brood injected their eggs into a host and then the embryo would feed off that person gaining their DNA and knowledge until there was nothing left of the original person, but their memories and DNA. The victim would then become a secondary form the brood could use to infiltrate and get more hosts for their eggs.

The battle was long and hard fought but eventually the X-Men came out victorious and were using a space shuttle to return home. However there was meteor shower and cosmic storm in effect and the shuttle was damaged greatly. Storm was knocked unconscious and needed medical aid so she couldn't help with the landing of the ship, the only other person with the power to help was Jean Grey, a telekinetic of the highest order and telepath, she knew she was the only the power to save them, she knew the others wouldn't allow it so she locked them in the cargo and went to the unshielded cockpit and faced the death she knew would come, she was trying desperately to save her loves and friends, but she was losing suddenly everything stopped like it was frozen in time, everything except her.

A shadow woman appeared before Jean, "Hello Jean Grey. What would give to save the lives of your friends? Would you give your life?" said a willowy voice.

Jean stood frozen trying to wrap her mind around was happening, and then went the woman's voice finally penetrated her muddled mind she responded.

"Yes, I would give my life to save my friends." She said as bravely as she could.

"So be it." A flash of light hit Jean and she was knocked out. The shadow woman changed into a copy of Jean complete to her DNA, and copied her every memory and her personality. She sealed Jean into a cocoon she made invisible. Next she used her abilities to encase the now again falling shuttle in her power that took the form of the legendary firebird. She landed the ship in Jamaica Bay. The memories and personality of Jean Grey consumed her. Once the ship was in the bay the other X-Men escaped to the surface of the water, and then began to look for Jean. Just as the diving was about to begin a great bird of fire rose from the water with a mighty call. They saw at the center of the bird was what was believed to be Jean Grey. Jean said in a voice both beautiful and deadly. "NOW AND FOREVER I AM THE PHOENIX!"

What no one knew was that that call was Phoenix's true personality trying to keep from being completely submerged within Jean Grey, unfortunately it was a for a time.

With Phoenix's true personality submerged completely within the copy of Jean Grey, the Phoenix lived her life, and was happy for a time, she even managed to save the universe from the Imcron Crystal, she was a true hero, but then the dark side of Jean's personality started to come to the fore, at first like Jean the Phoenix could suppress it. Though it didn't quite know why it should do it.

You see the Phoenix was not just some firebird from legend, no. The Phoenix that now copied Jean was a cosmic entity. Its power was beyond all reason. The Phoenix was the physical embodiment of the universe's impulse to create or destroy. The phoenix fed off of two things, the living biosphere of the world and whole stars. It could survive off of either, and surviving off the biosphere did nothing harmful the inhabitant of the world, as biosphere energy was actually life that radiated from everything living thing on the planet. As living things radiated it, it would have done no harm to feed off it as it would have been expelled anyway. Feeding off of stars as wholly different and doing so invariably caused the star to go super nova, however it gave her powers an enormous boost. Still, she rarely did feed on a star as bio energy was fine for her purposes, so normally her powers were on par with the world devourer Galacticus, however if she ate a star she would surpass him.

Just as Jean's dark side started to emerge, a mutant by the name of "Mastermind" decided to use his powers to nurture it, to turn Jean Grey dark and have her join the Hellfire Club's inner circle thereby gaining him admittance. The plan was brilliant and simple and would have worked perfectly if it had been the true Jean Grey he used his powers on. Alas it was not, and the Phoenix turned dark. It went mad fed from a star that went super nova and killed two billion sentient lives in the process. The Phoenix now craved emotion, dark emotions, as Jean Grey it was exposed to love and friendship, and all the light sided emotions with bits of anger when in battle, but Mastermind had introduced it to lust, greed, evil and the Phoenix craved these new sensations. As it's normal self, it was above base emotion and was ever curious about them, but now it could feel all emotions and lost itself, in this new addiction.

In the end it turned into a great battle on the moon with the X-Men and the Shiar Army. Even with all this power, the X-Men and Shiar were losing. Suddenly during the battle, the light side of Jean Grey's personality came to the fore, the side that was willing to give its life to save X-Men returned. Jean look at her friends who were battle worn, tired, some hurt and couldn't believe what she had done, still in her mind she could feel the dark Phoenix side of personality struggling to get free. She knew she couldn't keep it lock up for another ten minutes much less a life time. She took that moment to say good bye to her love Scott, while sending a telepathic message to Logan that she would miss him. She pushed Scott away, and the other became ready to start the battle again, when a massive ion cannon aimed itself at Jean. Scott and Logan realized what was happening and started to yell at Jean.

"Jean, no! Please don't do this we can find a way to help to you control or suppress it. Please don't leave me." Scott said.

"Jean, don't do this! We can help you. Please no, stay with us. Stay with me." Logan said his battled harden heart breaking with each second.

"I can't stay I have to do this, I can feel the dark Phoenix fighting to be free, nothing can hold her, she fought Galactus, you lot have no chance. I have to do this to protect the people I love, the world I love, the universe I love. Remember, me fondly and forgive me my sins. I love you all." She said sadly. The ion cannon powered up, Scott tried shooting it with an optic blast, but Jean shielded the cannon, it fired, and Jean was vaporized. Phoenix finally free of the Jean Grey form and personality returned to the stars. Screams were heard from the X-Men and cheers from the Shiar. But was this the end of the story? Some years later the REAL Jean Grey would be discovered by the Avengers at the bottom of Jamaica Bay in her cocoon. This was not the end of the Phoenix though.

Somehow being a part of Jean Grey had a woken Phoenix's maternal instincts, she needed to have a child. For all the problems she had as a human she still liked the human race and decided that her child would be part human. Phoenix being the embodiment of the universe's impulse to create or destroy wanted to create a child. So she searched the world and found some magic users in England, she gravitated toward a group who looked like a mix of her former friends the X-Men, she in particular watched a red head woman with green eyes that looked so much like Jean Grey. The woman was pregnant, but through the Phoenix's senses she could tell the child was dead, it was only a matter of time before Lily's body would expel the fetus.

Phoenix saw her chance. As Lily and James Potter slept the Phoenix used her power of creation or destruction to blend her essence with that of the deceased child. A new child was created, a child with the potential power to match her own. She smiled as she had taken the form of Jean Grey to do this. (Birds don't smile.) This child would be hers and the couple's child since it was made from the body of their child. She suppressed the child's power for a babe to be that powerful from the start could destroy this world. She figured as the child grew it would break her suppression, and that would summon her, to help him. He will be told who he is, and taught how to harness his power as the child would start out human. Phoenix figured it wouldn't have the same problem as she did dealing with human emotions for it was part human, not a copy like she was. The Phoenix was surprised by one thing, she seemed to have kept at least one of the emotions she had as Jean Grey, she kept love, but which seemed to be limited to her child, and maybe that was the way it was supposed to be, she thought before she faded from the room and returned to space, "I will return when you are ready, grow strong my child and know that I and your other parents will always love you. " With that she took off for deep space, after all she was still a cosmic entity that meant she had responsibilities.

Four months later, a little boy that looked uncannily like his father but had his mother's green eyes was born, but if one was to look deeper they would see a spark of something far greater than they conceive of in those beautiful emerald eyes.

End Chapter 1.

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