Harry Potter: The New Phoenix

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A.N.: Before we go much further, let me clear something up. I've gotten a couple of reviews where people thought that the Dumble's imperius curse shouldn't have worked on Jean or Charles. Well, if you read early in the story, you would see that Jean could read Dumbles mind despite his Occulency shields. Why you ask? Because Telepathy and Legilimency are like Radio and Television waves, just because you have a radio doesn't mean you are going to get HDTV programs on it. Just because you have HDTV doesn't mean you will get FM Radio on it. What I mean is that magic is magic and what Dumbles uses, Jean and Charles use Psionic energy, not the same and don't work the same; though they have similar effects. Neither Jean nor Charles had prior experience with wizarding magic so they had no idea how to defend against, and even if they knew how, they are not magical and couldn't defend against it anyway. Dumbles, while a powerful wizard, has no psionic abilities and therefore couldn't block Jean out of his mind. This is apple and oranges people, yes they are both fruit but they are hardly the same. Once again, the mind arts and telepathy look similar but in this story are not the same thing, and don't work the same, being able to use and defend against one does not mean you can use and defend against the other unless you have the ability to wield them both. Any questions?

Storm will be able to fight off the abilities of Jean and Charles because she is a very strong willed person with a well organized mind as is needed to manipulate the weather which she uses psionic energy to do, she's able to fight the obliviate because she is again very strong willed but also magical, her innate magic helping her beat the spell. Again Storm is able to get past Jean and Charles abilities because she uses psionic energy too, and is very strong willed. Dumbles doesn't have psionic energy to fight off Charles and Jean with. Note: Very few are as strong willed as Storm in the Marvel Universe, in the history of the various comic book series only two or three people, to my knowledge, have been able to control her mind for any length of time and they were near god like.

One more thing, Dumbles said Jean may have magic, let me be clear, she does NOT. Jean and Lily are twins, when they were one zygot or fetus, that person/being had the potential ability to wield both magic and psionic energy when they split and became two people, one got all the magic and one got all the psionic power. Dumbles was just plain wrong, but really are we surprised by that? Are we clear now?

Chapter 7: Return of the X-Men: A Storm is Brewing

Ororo Monroe awoke from another strange dream. It was of duplicates of her best friend Jean and a little green eyed baby that just loved to be held by her. Ororo felt a connection to the child. She knew it wasn't her child but it felt like the child was hers in every other way. The dream was strange in that she saw not one, not two but three different Jeans in it. One Jean was her best friend Jean Grey, that was okay she often dream of her friends. The second Jean was Phoenix, she had been afraid of her at first after the dark Phoenix incident but she was now accepting of Phoenix's sacrifice for them, so she was okay with that, what disturbed was the third Jean, this one had a husband who looked like the baby. The four women considered themselves as sisters, but Ororo had no memory of anything like that happening. It was strange. It was like something was trying to be remembered.

Ororo got dressed and thought on her dream. She thought about telling the Professor X, or Jean about it, but somehow she thought she had before, and then forgot the dream, so she said nothing. As the weeks turned in the months, she saw other dreams, dreams of the baby growing up alone and unloved. Crying out for her, crying for her to come and take him away. She saw the child being abused, and worked and felt the child's loneliness. She felt as the child started to lock away its heart, and it broke hers to see it happen.

Ororo was walking through X-Mansion with her thoughts on the dreams. She could practically feel the child calling out to her, it had gotten stronger over the years and until she could almost feel it when she was awake. This child was hers, but not hers. Then she understood it, she had bonded with this dream child. Somehow some way, she had a maternal bond with this child, and this child needed her. And has been needing her for the last four years, reaching out to call to her. She wrote everything down in a journal to help her sort out her thoughts. Finally, after everything was written down, she put the journal up and decided it was time to take this Professor X, and Jean. They would be able to trace the bond and help find her child.

Ororo walked into Charles' Office to find Jean was already there talking to Scott and Logan. She thought about waiting until they were alone but figured that Scott and Logan are family so maybe they could help too.

"Hello everyone, I need to speak to you about a dream I've been having for a few years now. See in this dream there are three Jeans Greys." Ororo started.

Logan in an uncharacteristicly playful moment said, "Great maybe I can get a redhead too." Jean smacked him on the back of the head and Ororo felt a flash of black haired man with liquid blue eyes, that said something very similar.

"Logan can you be serious, honestly." Jean said.

"SIRIUS!" Ororo all but yelled. The final piece came and she remembered everything. "They're dead. Oh Goddess, James, Lily, and Sirius are dead. We were supposed to raise Harry. We have to get him. He's the dream child; I've been dreaming of Harry Potter. He's our child. We have to get him. He's at…" Ororo froze; everyone froze, except for the Professor X and Jean.

Jean and Charles moved to in front of the group, their eyes were glassy, and said in unison "You do not remember the Potters. Forget." Suddenly they all moved and talked like nothing happened.

After a chat about the new late adding students, Ororo went to her room to take a nap, she laid on the bed and put her hand under the pillow, there she found the journal, she couldn't remember writing in a journal but recognized her own hand writing. She read the journal about the dreams and the child. She decided to meditate, and search her mind, it had been a while since had meditated. She used to do it to keep control of her powers, but she had sufficient control now that she didn't need to. She would spend the three hours in meditation.


Albus Dumbledore was having a great day. All seemed right with the world. The school was filled with happy students, the teachers were progressing nicely in their classes, and aside from a prank or two by Bill or Charlie Weaseley, things were going pretty well. At the Wizengamot, he solidified his power base getting some lovely bits on black mail on certain neutral families. Really, when will these men learn that if you are going to have an underage male lover you must obliviated him after every encounter, they do tend be rather talkative otherwise. Albus counted himself lucky, after all there was an entire school of handsome young men to choose from, he would just request them to meet him in his office, then ask them to walk with him, away from the portraits; of course. Take them to a secret room only he knew, a quick imperius, a bit of fun, then some healing spells, an obliviated and everyone is happy. As a matter of fact Bill Weaseley was looking awfully tasty this morning. Dumbledore smiled to himself.

On other fronts he was a front runner on becoming Supreme Mudwomp of the ICW. This would have him as one of the most politically power people on the planet. Oh he could hardly wait, as a member of the ICW he had some say in policy of the wizarding world, but as Chief, nothing would happen without his say so, he loved the idea.

His thoughts turned to Harry Potter, another source of power, and maybe immortality. The kid's powers were incredible even with all the blocks Dumbledore put on him, he was still having accidental magic. Simply incredible. And everyday the child got more beautiful than both of his parents. Dumbledore wanted a taste of that, but at five, it's a little too young even for him. Still, someday he'll be at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore would just have to call him to his office.


Harry Potter was in trouble again with his family. Which was not that unusual, the mere fact that he breathe was enough to send his uncle into a rage most of the time, what had him in trouble this time was that Dudley had stood up to his parents for him. Dudley was determined to change his family, no matter what.

It all started after the car accident. Harry and Dudley was taken to the hospital. Dudley to his own amazement was worried about him. Harry wasn't the freak the anymore, not in Dudley's eyes anyway. Harry had saved his life…again. And five year old Dudley did something he had never done before on some levels at least not since Harry became the Freak to this family. He thought. He thought about his life before Harry saved him the first time. How Harry had been his brother, he thought about how much he, Dudley, was different then. He was a healthy size, he was learning a lot with Harry, he had someone who really understood him. Now he had his little gang, three of the dumbest kids on the block.

Dudley knew he was fat, no matter how his parents tried to make it sound like a good thing, Dudley knew no one else was his size. The kids of school made fun of his weight and he would just beat them up to shut them up. He listened when the school nurse said it was dangerous to be as big as him, but his parents never listened so Dudley had thought she didn't know what she was talking about.

Now with this latest incident Dudley has had to look back on how he's been. Harry, who he's bullied, and hurt time and again, saved him.

"Mama, will Harry be okay?" Dudley asked Petunia as they sat in the emergency room waiting room.

"Really Dudley, do you really care, if we're lucky maybe the little freak will kick it, and we can have our nice normal life again without him and his freakishness." She said in whisper to his ear, there were too many people around to say it louder or they could wind up under investigation again, she really didn't want have to call the old man back again, he creeped her out.

"But Mama, Harry saved me…again. Why is you so mean to him, don't you want me to saved? Do you want me to be hurt?" Dudley said, scared of the answer. After all, if they treated Harry like they did why would they really care about him. He wasn't smart like Harry, he wasn't adorable like the teenage girls said about Harry. He was just big ole dumb Dudley; he thought sadly.

"Of course I wanted you saved, Duddikins. I just don't want that freakishness to touch you. That's all. I'm glad you're all right, that's all that matters. The freak should just fend for himself. I'm really thinking I should just send his freaky little butt to the orphanage. I'm tired of all the trouble he causes." Petunia said waspishly.

"But mama, what trouble? He does all or most of the cleaning, he learning to cook breakfast, and he does all the yard stuff. He's only in trouble when I mess it up for him to fix. And I only do that because you like it when I do. How is he a trouble?" Dudley asked in all innocence.

"He just is just like my thrice dratted sister. Lily was just like him. She was smart and pretty, but she was also a freak. I tried to protect her at first, oh yes. But then that Snape boy came with his stories, about how special she was, and then she went to that thrice cursed school, and just abandoned me. Lily was so special, look at all the wonderful things that Lily will do, or Lily is a wonder. Well, I won't have it, in my house. I won't. Look at him. Harry all cute and handsome just like his father. And he's smart, like his mother, and just as freaky as both of them. Well, we'll break him of that freakishness one way or another. Just you wait and see." Petunia fumed.

"Mama, you always say that Harry is freaky, but how, I don't understand." Dudley asked.

"It is better you don't understand Dudley, it's better you don't." Petunia said as she hugged Dudley to her. 'The freak will be in for the beating of his life when I get him home,' Petunia thought. 'How dare he make my own son question me? Oh he'll pay and pay for this.'


Vernon Durseley had just arrived from work, hungry and ready for dinner. He just closed the door of his car, when Mrs. Jenkins from number 8 Privet Drive ran over puffing.

"Vernon, oh Vernon, your family's at the hospital." She said huffing her words out.

"What? What happened?"

"Your son Dudley was playing in the street when your nephew that Potter boy ran out and pushed him out of the way of car, the boy got clipped." She said.

"Dudley got clipped? I bet that damn boy pushed my Dudders in front of the car, he did." Vernon said as he opened the car door.

"No, Vernon you don't understand, I saw the whole thing. Your son ran out into the street, after a ball he didn't look before going after it, you nephew ran as fast as an Olympian and pushed him out of the way, and got clipped by the car. I called an ambulance to come get him. But when I got back Petunia had taken him into the house and told everyone he was fine. I told the ambulance that Potter was hit pretty good and they insisted on seeing despite what your wife said, they looked at him for a couple of minutes before driving off with him, Petunia insisted they take Dudley as well, even though the drivers said he looked fine. She said she wanted to be sure."

"So Dudders is okay? I guess. That's good."

"Yes, but the Potter boy, didn't look good Vernon, the ambulance people looked really worried." She said.

"I'll head out there and now. It'll be fine, you'll see Petunia is right, and those ambulance people don't know anything, the boy is probably faking for all we know trying to get more attention." He said as he pulled out of the driveway. "Oh that boy is going to get what's coming to him. How dare he try to get people to pity poor pathetic Potter. I'll give him something for the ambulance people to fret over." Vernon said to himself and drove to the hospital.


Ororo Monroe codenamed "Storm" had been meditating for the last three hours when she came upon a block in her mind. It looked like a locked room, but on the door where two huge green eyes, that looked at her sadly and a child's voice barely audible said, 'Please help me, auntie Ro.' The eyes closed, then faded away and Ororo was filled with a need to open the door, those eyes, called to her they need her. She was Auntie Ro, no she was more than she was Ma. He needed her and she couldn't remember him. She used her every known weather attack she could on the door but in the halls of the mind elemental attacks mean less than nothing. She beat on the door with her hands, used every martial arts skill she had been taught by Logan and Yukio, and still nothing worked. She had to dig deeper into herself, she could feel that she needed to remember those eyes. As she dove deeper into herself, she found herself in some place new. It looked like the plains in her African home, a white lion appeared before her and led her to a cave. She followed the lion to the back of the cave there stood a black woman so like herself. She was beautiful with long white hair that flowed down her back, mahogany skin and piercing blue eyes, that somehow where big and looked sort of Asian.

"Ororo, child, you have finally come." She smiled gently at her.

"Goddess?" Ororo said breathlessly.


Harry Potter lay on gurney in the emergency room, nearly a half dozen nurses and doctors working to keep him alive. In his mind Harry thought, "Maybe I'll die. Being dead can't be worse than being a live; maybe I'll see Mummy and Daddy again, I'd like that." Harry thought. A small smile played on his lips but it was covered by a mask feeding him oxygen. His life signs were slowly starting to drop.

"Yes, being dead won't be too bad, I get burned cooking all the time, and I get worked all the time, and I get beat all the time, what more could the bad place do that wasn't already happening? Maybe I was already in the bad place and just no one told me, maybe I died and I didn't understand, and because I'm a bad boy like Aunt Petunia always said, I went to the bad place." Harry sniffed, he really couldn't win could he?

The Doctors and nurses worked on Harry for over two hours to stabilize him, and they succeeded to a point. Harry was stable but it wasn't looking good.

"I don't know if he'll live through the night," the Doctor Atkins said to his duty nurse.

"But I thought he was stable, the wounds shouldn't be that bad should they?" Nurse Peters asked.

"No, they shouldn't be, but the boy is grossly malnourished, he has several previously broken bones that didn't heal proper, and he's had some damage to his kidneys and other organs that were never treated. In short this poor child has been abused for months and it's taking its toll. Plus he's not fighting, it like he wants to die. He's so young, life is just beginning literally for him, but it's like he not fighting to live. I don't know who his parents are but I'm calling the proper authorities. This is one of the worse cases of child abuse I've ever seen, the only thing missing is sexual abuse and I was afraid to check for that." The doctor growled.


"Hello Child, I've waited so long to speak with you. I have others who need to talk to you, please listen." Said the woman who looked so like Ororo, she stood in a shimmering white dress that flowed off on shoulder and came down to her bare feet in a small reverse "V" shape and then pooled behind her. Next to who stood another woman in white, she had white hair and blue eyes as well and held a book to her chest, the third woman wore black, had black hair and rosy cheeks that matched the green eyes of the child she could barely remember.

"Childe my name is not important, you know me. But my two companions I shall introduce to you. This she pointed to the lady in white is Death. And this she pointed to the lady in black is Life. They are here to speak with you about your dream." She said kindly.

Lady Death as Ororo couldn't bring herself to think of her as anything but Lady Death instead of just Death. Spoke. "Ororo the child you try to so hard to remember, the child that calls out to you. He is our nephew. He has chosen in his heart to make you, his third mother. Charles Xavier and Jean Grey have been bewitched to make anyone who mentions the boy or his family forget they existed. For all of the power they have as telepaths they have no defenses against magic. You do. You are of the Witch Woman Tribe of Africa, a princess in your own right and have the potential to be one of the strongest magic users on the planet. Furthermore to control the weather you use psionic energy, and that gives you some potential to protect yourself from most psionic attacks including telepathic. In this case you've been able to hide in your mind what they have sought to erase. We, my sister Life, and I did what you have done instinctively, for the other X-Men. Their memories of the Potters are not erased, we buried them. They can be recovered, but only you can uncover your own though we can help you." Lady Death said.

Lady Life came forward. "We approach you now, because the child, our nephew is dying. He could live if he chose, but his life has no good in it. He has known no love, no kindness, no friendship. He is utterly alone. He is hurt and in the hospital if he chose to fight to live he could, very easily; but he sees no reason to continue a pained existence that has no hope. He is giving up and by midnight tonight he will die. Three days after his death this world will because he didn't survive, you must save him to save the world." Lady Life finished sadly.

"Child," the Woman who looked so like Ororo said, "You and I will talk in your dreams when you have taken care of the little one, I can find you now, but right now, you have to choose, do you want to remember this child, if you do, if you choose to be a part of his life, you will set yourself on a course you will not be able to return from. Your destiny will change and you will have the potential to walk the stars, but also watch the majority of your friends and family die as you go on. You must choose now for time grows short."

Ororo thought, if she chose not to remember she and the world would be destroyed though she would be with her friends in the next life. Choosing to remember the child saves the world, but she would doom herself to watch the ones she loves die, but they would live now… It was really no choice at all. She was X-Men, and they protect people, and she will protect the child, her friends, her world, her galaxy. "I choose to remember." Ororo said strongly.

"Good choice," Said Lady Life. "Think back to four years ago…" Lady Life and Lady Death worked with Ororo to get her to open the sealed memories within her.


Vernon Durseley arrived at the hospital to find his wife and son in the Waiting Room of Emergency. "Oh thank goodness, I thought our Dudders was done for. How are you, Duddy?" Vernon said as he hugged his son to his chest.

"I'm fine Daddy, it's Harry he saved me but he got hurt. The doctor came and talked to Mommy but he was frowning, I don't think that's good." Dudley said. He was worried. Now that he remembered, now that he knew Harry was not just some freak, now that he remembered him as a brother, he didn't want to lose him. Dudley promised himself he would be better to Harry and he would see to it his parents were better to Harry too.

"Don't worry Pet I got this." Vernon said as he stood went to the hall to get a nurse or doctor's attention. Vernon flagged a nursed down. "Excuse me, I would like whatever papers are necessary to check my nephew out of your establishment, we are leaving."

"And who is your nephew, Sir?" Nurse Benson asked.

"Harry Potter."


"Durseley, Vernon Durseley." Vernon said.

"Mr. Durseley, I don't think you understand the boy is gravely injured, it looks pretty bad, we need to keep him." She said.

"No, Madam, you don't understand, his parents, God rest their souls. Were very religious and didn't believe in hospitals, they believed that it was for the Lord to save his faithful. They extracted a promise from my wife and I that we raise their son according to their religious views, and I can't go back on that. Personally, I would prefer to leave the boy here. But I promised them if anything were to happen them that I would follow their views on raising him so, get him ready to leave in a half hour or you and this hospital will be facing kidnapping charges, and a civil court suit." Vernon all but yelled.

"I'll speak to the doctor in charge of your nephew's case immediately Mr. Durseley." Nurse Benson hurried away.

"Oh, Vernon that was brilliant." Petunia gushed at her walrus …uh, husband as he took the seat next her.

"Thank you, Pet, I saw that on the telly last month, good thing I remembered it. Heh." Vernon said. Now they should have the boy ready in a few minutes and then we can get out of this god forsaken place. 'Just wait til I get that little ingrate home, he'll wish he was never born.' Vernon thought.

"Potter Party?" A man with a clipboard called as he entered the room the waiting room containing the Durseleys.

"That's Durseley, and yes we are waiting for Potter. Is he ready to go." Vernon asked.

"Um, yes. I just need you to fill out these forms and you can take him, but again it's against our recommendation. He's a very seriously injured young man, as it is, it looks like he won't make it. It would be better if you left him here, where we can care for him." The Doctor said.

"I've already stated that it goes against his parents' religious belief now get the boy so we can go. Or I'll have you up on kidnapping charges, and sue you for every penny you will ever make over the course of the rest of your life." Vernon growled.

"As you wish Mr. Durseley. Fill out these forms and I'll be back in a moment with Mr. Potter."

Vernon filled out the form as quickly as possible, and waited impatiently for the Doctor to return with Harry.

"Doctor, are you really going to release the boy to that…man?" ask, the nurse.

"I'm afraid I have no choice, he is the boy's legal guardian. However, that doesn't stop me from forwarding the evidence collected to the proper authorities, hopefully by morning the will have gotten the boy out of that house. I just hope he can survive until then." The doctor said, as he wrapped the last bandage on Harry and rolled the boy on a gurney to the waiting room. Vernon carefully lifted Harry off the gurney and carried him to his car a positioned him in the back seat. Dudley waddled in quickly and placed Harry's head on his lap. He was determined to keep his promise to be there for his cousin and protect him.

Petunia and Vernon watched Dudley care for his cousin with barely concealed disgust, the boy will pay for this, they both thought as they drove off. The doctor personally took the file to the police station, and explained the case, unfortunately it was 7 p.m. and the courts were closed and there nothing that could be done until morning. It frustrated the doctor and the police.


Life and Death guided Ororo through her mind, they couldn't give her the answers she sought but they could guide her in the proper direction. They were frustrated they wanted to say and do so much for their nephew but they had done too much already when the saved James, Lily and Sirius, Fate their bitch of the sister would screw the boy more than she already planned if they did anything more than they were doing. Even this bit of help was only because of Ororo's Bright Lady, the Goddess allowed them to speak to Ororo in her place. The Bright Lady of the Witch Woman Tribe was a primal Goddess, she was also known as Gaia or Maya. She was the Goddess of the Earth. Ororo was to be given her choice to assume leadership of her tribe, and embrace her magical nature, or stay the course and continue with the X-Men and stay solely mutant. However the issue with Harry was coming to a head a lot faster than anyone could have anticipated. If the boy died, the earth would follow and while the Goddess would simply move to another world, she liked where she was. So she agreed to allow Life and Death to use her connection to communicate with Ororo, besides now that she has established the link, she can contact her again, however Ororo's destiny has grown exponentially from where it was originally. Ororo was well on her way to becoming her true daughter.

"You are almost there Ororo, just a little more. Break the last seal and you can have your memories back." Rooted Life.

"You must hurry, it's 7 pm now in England, if you are not there by midnight, this world die in three days time. Nothing will save it, not even us. " Said Death.

Ororo gathered the last of her energies. It was difficult using the energies she normally used to manipulated the weather to break the barriers in her mind. It was the same energy yes, but she was unused to using this way, she was tired but she knew a child needed her, and she could see the green eyes, slowly closing, and knew if they closed but once more it would be the end of all. She focused the energy on the seal, and with one last might push, she fired a bolt that had it been in the real world would have leveled New York City, and New Jersey. She fell to her mental knees barely conscious, when the memories rushed to her. She remember the baby, she remember James and Lily, and she especially remember her beloved Sirius. The Child that called to her, her Harry. Harry was alone, and hurt and she could feel his pain, the bond between flared to life and she could feel him fading. "NO! Please Goddess, I just remember him, I can't lose him, not now." Ororo snapped out of her mind and back to the world of reality.

She ran through X-Mansion as did she grabbed, Scott, Wolverine, Gambit and Bishop. She completely bypassed Charles and Jean, and only stopped when Jean and Charles were blocking the steps to the X-Jet.

"What's going on? I didn't order a mission." Charles asked from his wheelchair.

"What's going on Ororo? I can see from the minds of the others, that it's you, you just grabbed them and asked them to trust you. Why, what's going on? We just want to help." Jean implored, genuinely confused.

"Jean, Charles, do you trust me?" Ororo asked.

"You know I do, Ro, you're my sister." Jean said.

"As do I Ororo, you are my best friend and like a daughter to me." Charles stated.

"Then I ask that you just let us go and when we get back, I'll explain everything to you. Okay?" Ororo said, with pleading eyes. She knew that it wasn't Jean and Charles fault that they were being used to hurt her child. Harry was her child, the bond between would let her think of him as nothing else but, but she also knew that if they even thought what the real mission was it would be buried again in her mind, and there was no time to save Harry if she had to dig the information out again.

"I don't know why you don't feel you can trust us, but I do know that I trust you. Go, do what you have to, I'll be waiting for you to return my friends." Charles said as he wheeled out of the way of the ramp.

Jean held her ground, she looked hurt that Storm didn't trust her, but she also listened to what Charles said, the thing that was bothering her was that she could get no inkling from Storm what the mission was. She thought she could force the issue, but the look in Ororo's eyes, told her that she needed to do this. "I'll trust you, Ro, even if you don't trust me. I'll trust you and hope that someday you can tell me what's going on. Go, be safe, and come back soon." Jean said, as she walked up to Ororo and hugged her.

Storm smiled softly as she held Jean, "you won't be sorry sister, when the time is right, I'll explain and we can celebrate if all goes well, I hope the Bright Lady is with us." She said as she separated from Jean. The others boarded the plane. And Scot prepared for lift off. "Which way, Ororo?" Scot asked.

"East, top speed." Was all Ororo would say. 'Bright Lady, we have four hours to get to England, find Surrey, and get Harry. Sweet lady, I can't lose him. ' Ororo thought as she plotted coordinates for the flight, she would have to use her powers to get England, as fast as possible, normally she wouldn't as it messed up weather patterns for not just her flight path, but for hundreds of miles, but this time, consequences be damn, she would not let her child die.

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The Durseleys had just arrived home and Vernon had just carried Harry in from the car. Most of the neighborhood was done for day, either watching telly or going to bed early. So no one noticed them arriving home. Vernon threw an unconscious Harry on the couch and started to take off his belt, 'the boy is in for the beating of lifetime.' Vernon thought maliciously. Dudley saw was about to happen and jumped between his father and his cousin.

"Dad what are you doing?" Dudley asked.

"I'm going to teach this little freak a lesson, he's made me miss my dinner, set the neighbors to talking, and probably got that hospital asking stupid questions. It's his entire fault and he's going to pay." Vernon growled.

"But Dad, he not even awake, besides he's hurt and all those things happened because I didn't pay attention when going after my ball. I'm sorry. I'm the one you should beat." Dudley cried. It wasn't his usual 'guilt them into getting his way' type of tears, it was genuine tears and Vernon and looked shocked. Was his son crying for the freak?

Petunia pulled Vernon into the kitchen, while Dudley sat with his cousin. "Listen, the doctor said the freak probably won't live anyway, right. Leave him be, and let nature take its course. Then we can't be blamed for the freak dyin', see. He dies of his injuries from the car crash, we get our nice normal life, and Duddy goes back to be the good little boy we know and love, and we don't have to worry about the freaks or the hospital blaming us. See it's perfect. The little freak probably won't last the night anyway from the look of him." Petunia said.

"All right, we'll play it your way, but if he's still alive in the morning, then I get to beat him, and teach him to be a bother to good honest normal folk like us." Vernon said.

"Of course, dear." Petunia said.

Dudley sat on the sofa, with Harry head in his lap. Tear ran down Dudley's face as realized what an arse he truly was, and he may never get the chance to make it up to Harry. "Please Harry, don't die. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I should stood up for you before now. It's just that they gave so much for just being mean to you. They were so mean to you all the time, I thought that's the way it's suppose to be. I'm sorry. Please don't leave me. Don't die. I want to say, thank you Harry. I'd be dead now if it wasn't for you, so thank you. I'll be a better cousin from now, just to leave me. Please." Dudley cried his tears falling into Harry's unruly hair. Petunia tried to take Dudley to bed, but he refused to leave Harry.

Petunia looked at her son and got a blanket for him and wrapped it around him, so he could stay up with Harry. Dudley took the blanket and covered Harry with it, and sighed. Petunia sighed as well got another blanket and wrapped it around Dudley, she put the telly on for him. And went to bed, "Once the Freak dies, things will be back to normal." Petunia thought as she drifted off to sleep. The clock on the night stand said 10 p.m.


Ororo Monroe was extremely exhausted. She used her mutant gift to get the X-Jet to fly to England in record time, but she now could barely stay awake. She still hadn't told her fellow X-men the mission and it was already 11 p.m. Greenwich mean time. Using her gift to tear down the barriers in her mind and then to fly across the Atlantic in three hours, had nearly killed her, but she hid it well, she couldn't risk her fellow X-Men trying to stop her. They had to hurry, thought she still had no idea what she going to do to help Harry.

"Stormy, why to for you bring Gambit all da way to do angel isle, Cher?" Gambit asked.

"So tired." Ororo said, but she knew she has to keep it together. "We have to save my son, or more precisely the son of the Phoenix Force."

"WHAT!" Every male on the ship said.

"Here's the short version, you'll get the long after we get our act together, let's see. Bright Lady, it's 11:15 p.m. We have to get Harry, get to Madam Bones and then St. Mungo's Magical Hospital in the 45 minutes or the boy dies, and if that happens, not only will I lose my son, but the world will be destroyed in three days, when the Phoenix Force returns to find him. He's been calling out to her for at least three years now. She's been on the other side of the universe, and with Eternity and Infinity gearing up for the coming of the second Beyonder she hasn't had the power to travel that kind of distance as quickly as she normally would. Let's move we have to be quick. If the old man catches us before we get the boy, we'll waste valuable time, and then it's game over."

"Gambit don't understand none of dis, but Gambit know that Stormy ain't never led him wrong, so he goes where she do." Gambit said. The others nodded and the exited the Jet as it was parked in the park near the Durseley home.

"Okay, we're on Privet Drive but where's Number 4, all these house look the same. We don't have time for this." Ororo growled in frustration.

"Hey, Storm, here's number 4 right here," said a sharp eyed Wolverine.

"Open the door, Wolverine, we have no time for niceties, right now time is short. " Storm said. Snikt, three metal claws emerged from Wolverine's knuckles and he sliced the lock off the door. Storm ran in behind and him and spotted Dudley and Harry on the sofa. "HARRY!" Ro screamed.

Dudley looked up with tears in his eyes. "I think he's dead…"

Ororo felt for a pulse, it was faint and then nothing. "NO. Nooooo." Ororo screamed. She mustered up a small but powerful electrical charge and shot it into the child's heart. She checked his pulse… nothing. She repeated it again, and the breathed into him. Still nothing. "Ro, Gambit be tinking we too late." He said sadly. "No, no, no, I won't lose you. " Ororo breathed into again, and another jolt. Harry gasped. She picked him up ran to the park..

"Where are you taking him?" Dudley asked he tried to follow.

"To get help. Stay here." Wolverine said, as went to follow Storm with the others.

"What the hell is going on, what are you freaks doing in my house. Can't descent people get a night's sleep." Vernon yelled as he purpled.

Wolverine growled, "we will settle this later fat man." And he ran.

On board the Jet, the door were just closing after Wolverine got on board. "Were to know Storm," Cyclops asked.

"London Charing Cross Road. We get the floo there and contact Madam Bones, if we get her involved we can get Harry taken care of before the old man becomes involved. Go. We only have half an hour left." Luckily the flight to London was only five minutes Scott landed in the middle of the street, since it was 11:40 p.m. there was no traffic. Storm spotted the Leaky Caldron and banged on the door, "Open up, Open up it's an emergency." She screamed. A moment later, Tom the barkeeper came.

"Keep your shirt on lady, you know we close at 10 on Wednesday nights, right?" Tom said.

"I need to use your floo. I need to contact Madam Bones. " Storm said as she held Harry.

"Bless my soul is that Harry Potter, what happened to him?" Tom asked.

"We don't have time, I have get Madam Bones and then get him to St. Mungo's or he's going to die. " She all but screamed.

"Right come in. You're lucky I'm a personal friend of Madam Bones, I can get straight through to her floo."

Tom went over to the floo and called Madam Bones and told her to hurry. Madam came through along with three Aurors.

"What have you done to Harry Potter?" She said.

"Amelia, we have to hurry, get Harry to St. Mungo's, he's dying, we need to get him there. And you need to be there or the old man will obliviated everyone, again. "

"What old man?" Amelia had a sinking feeling she knew who.

"WE have to get Harry to the hospital now! I'll tell you everything there. I get the feeling the old man will be looking for him soon. Hurry." Storm said desperate to get Harry some help.

"Right, let's floo. Madam Bones taught them quickly how to floo, and then had them floo to a special ward in St. Mungo that was exclusively for her undercover agents. Only she and select few doctors had access. It was a secret ward so no one knew where it was but the select few.


Albus Dumbledore had just returned to his office to find the monitors he had set on the Durseley home going off. Something had happened the boy was no longer at the residence. He collected Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall had them portkey with them to Privet Drive.

"Albus what's going on, why are we here, has something happened to Harry?" Minerva asked anxiously.

Severus Snape was torn, part of him wanted the boy to suffer, after all he was James Potter's son, but another part of him prayed the boy was okay, the boy was also the son of the love of his life, Lily Evans. He feared the boy had his mother's eyes, to look at him in accusation of his part in her death. How he cursed himself for his mistakes that cost him her love and her life.

"The wards on the Privet Drive indicate that something has happened, but not what exactly, I've come to investigate. It should be nothing more than a glitch, but better safe than sorry." Albus said as he lead the way to number four.

Albus knocked on the door. The horse-faced Petunia answered the door. "Freaks, what are you doing here." She said with a sneer.

"We are here to inquire about Mr. Potter, madam." Professor Dumbledore said, with a jovial smile.

"Well, the little freak is gone and good riddance, I never wanted him in the first place, and I hope to never see him again." She made to slam the door only to have it blown back and to find herself sprawled on the steps. Minerva looked at Albus who was looking at Severus. Severus looked murderous, "Tuney, where is Lily's son!" He thundered.

"I… I don't know. People came and took him. We had just got back from the hospital and went to bed, when I heard voices down stairs, I went to look and found a black woman with white hair holding him, she and some other men took him." She said quickly.

Albus stared at her this was bad; they came for the boy. Damn it. "Did they say where they were taking the boy?" Albus asked.


"Wait, back from the hospital?" Asked Minerva, "who was in the hospital?"

Petunia shook at that she had hoped they had wouldn't notice her saying that. "The boy was hit by a car earlier, we just got home from the hospital and set him on the sofa to get some rest." She said quickly.

Dudley who had been sitting quietly on the sofa all this while since Harry left finally spoke. "Harry was hurt pretty bad, the doctors said it was bad to take him home, but Mom and Daddy made them let him go. I think he's dying." Dudley sniffed.

"WHAT!" The three magic users yelled.

Snape and Dumbledore were instantly on Petunia and in her mind. She never stood a chance. Severus felt violently ill at how he failed to protect Lily's son, while Albus thought his plan was going fine but that they took it a little too far. Some adjustment would need to be made but it was still a viable plan.

"What happened" Minerva yelled.

"They've been abusing Harry for the last two years. When he didn't have any accidental magic at first they treated him like a normal kid, but when he used his magic to save young Dudley here, instead of being grateful, they turned on him. They've been starving and overworking the boy ever since and there's physical abuse as well. When the boy was hurt saving their son for a second time, they brought him home against medical advice to punish him for being a bother, and then they hoped he would die so that they could have their nice "normal" life. Petunia you are waste of oxygen. Lily would have never have done any of the things you've done to Harry to your son, and you know it. You're a monster." Snape reached for his wand.

"Severus put that wand away now. We have to get to Madam Bones." Albus said as he created another portkey, "Grab hold." The vanished, and Petunia breathed a sigh of relief, but she knew Snape, he would be back.

Albus cursed if that white haired bitch remembered Harry she would surely gone to Bones. This could complicate things. They arrived at the Ministry and Albus began searching for Madam Bones. He didn't take into account that t was nearly midnight and no one would be there. Bones Manor was unplottable and you couldn't get to it without the permission of the Bones Family Head, and Madam Bones never liked Dumbledore and so never gave him permission.

"St. Mungo's, she had to have taken him there. All right Severus, Minerva come here. I've made another portkey we're going to St. Mongo's." Albus said as he held golden galleon. The all touched it and…"1, 2, 3 activate."


The Healers were working at a fever pitch on the boy-who-lived-but-wouldn't-much-longer-if-something-wasn't-done. Out in the waiting room, Ororo explained everything, and Madam Bones, normally a calm and well grounded woman, had her first bit of accidental magic in thirty years as all the lights in the room exploded. The X-Men all ducked and brought their powers to bear looking for an attacker, while the aurors went about repairing the lighting.

"Madam Bones, please control yourself." Auror Dawbins said, as he watched her crackle with power.

"Please forgive her, when a witch or wizard is this upset they tend to loosen their control of their magic." He said.

"It's all right, same thing happens with us mutants, so no problems," Cyclops said.

"That conniving, manipulative old man, I should lock his arse up in Azkaban, have him, kissed and then the body buried on salted ground so nothing will ever grow there." She growled. "Dawbins, get Smith her ASAP. I want this obliviation gone immediately, also get Moody here as well, he'll know what up with his old friend and if it turns out he's in on this two, he'll share a cell with the old man."

"Yes, Ma'am." Dawbins then turned and ran to the floo and called Unspeakable Smith, then went through to go get Alastair Moody.

"Now what was your name again Miss?" Bones said.

"My name is Ororo Rose Monroe, codename Storm. You called me Ororo." Storm said and then introduced the other X-Men.

"This is fantastic, how does the boy have three god mothers though."

"You were his first god mother before Lily found out that Jean was her twin. Once she discovered her twin, she made Jean and I, his Godmothers and you his godmother and representative in the magical world, though Harry is to live with us." Ororo said.

"I don't remember any of this." Bones growled again.

Unspeakable Smith arrived. "Madam Bones, you called for me?"

"Yes, I've been obliviated and it happened about four years ago, can you recover those memories?" Madam Bones asked.

"Yes, it'll take about a week, and about four hours a day." The Unspeakable said.

"I know there's a faster way, Smith."

"Yes, it could get your memories back in fifteen minutes but it's very painful and all obliviation even ones you yourself requested would be removed. In our line of work, there are obliviation we request to be done to preserve our sanity; use the quick method to reverse the obliviation will reverse even the ones you requested. Do you accept this, is this your choice?" Smith said in all seriousness.

"Yes." Madam Bones said.

Ororo stood on the side, with Gambit his arm around her shoulders. "Gambit say things gonna turn to right, Cherie, you believe Gambit, non?"

"I can't lose him, Gambit. He's been calling out to me for years, YEARS. At first I thought it was just dreams, and then I thought maybe I was going insane; I just couldn't put it together. I can't lose him. He's my son. I can't lose him." Ororo said as tears streamed down her face. Gambit promised the old man some pay back for this. Ororo was his best friend, the first person to see that he was more than a thief and a rogue, she was his sister in all but blood, and no one, NO ONE caused his sister to cry, her tears earn their blood, he swore to himself.

"It's four minutes to midnight, they have been able to save him." Ororo worried.

"Harry Potter anyone here for him?" A healer asked by the door.

"We all are," said Wolverine.

"Yes, well, we done all we can. he was so badly hurt, but we healed almost everything, the problem is that he doesn't want to live." The healer said sadly.

"What?" They all said.

"He doesn't want to live. His injuries while serious shouldn't have been enough to have him this close to passing. The muggles had him stablize him and we should have been able to repair most of the damage so he would be healed in a couple of days. However, the magic we use to heal is contingent on the patient's magic and desire to be healed. It's not working, or it's not working the way it should. By all rights a few days rest should be all he needs at this point, however, his vitals are dropping. The magic is breaking down, the healing we've done is becoming unraveled, he's not fighting. He wants to die. I've seen this before, and it only happens when a patient wants to die. I'm sorry."

"Can I see him?" Ororo asked.

"Yes, follow me."

Everyone in the room sat down heavenly in the chairs, tears flowed down the faces of men who were known for strength of character and soul, men who haven't cried since they were five. They didn't even remember him, but the thought that a five year old boy didn't want to live, it broke even their battle harden hearts.

Ororo walked into the room, it was stark white with a clock on the wall, it said 11:58 pm. A long hospital bed sat against the wall of the small room, on the bed was a small boy who looked positively tiny on the much larger bed. Bruises were starting to reappear on his face and neck and any expose skin, he was so very pale, his skin looked almost translucent, his pitch black hair was arrayed around his head like a small halo, he looked too innocent to have had so much bad happen to him. She walked up to him. Took his hand and leaned in to his head.

"Harry, please stay with me. I've come. Please don't leave. Auntie Ro is here. Come back to me. The X-Men are here and we're going to take you away, baby. You remember me don't you. Please baby, come back to me." She said as she sat on the end of the bed.

Harry in the recesses of his mind he heard a voice say his name. "Whose calling me. " He wondered.

"Harry, Come back to me. Auntie Ro is here. Come back to me." He heard. The light had appeared it was so close and inviting.

"Harry, I love you. We all do, we didn't mean to leave you. Someone made us leave you, but we're back now. You won't go back to the Durseleys ever again. We love you, Harry. I love you, please come back." Ororo pled. She got on to the bed, and pulled Harry into her arms and rocked. She looked at the clock; 30 seconds.

Harry listened to the voice. Someone loved him? But he's the freak, no one loved him; his relatives told him so. Auntie Ro? He looked back away from the light, curiously, at the thought of the name.

"Baby come back, it'll be different. I'll never leave you. I'll always love you. I'm Auntie Ro, your Ma. Come back. Mommy's coming too. You remember Mommy, she'll be here in a few days, and don't you want to be here when she arrives. You have so many people waiting for you. Come back to me, baby. Please." Ororo cried, her tears falling into messing black hair.

Ten seconds. Ororo just held him close and willed with her all her heart and soul for the child to live.

She looked at his face, more tears streaming from her eyes. Then suddenly movement, then a blink, then she was looking into the brightest emeralds she could imagine. Gems met gems as emerald green eyes looked into sapphire blue eyes. Connect. The bond between the two flared with new life, as Harry fully accepted his new Ma.

Harry reached a shaky hand up to touch pure white hair, "you're so pretty, I don't know why you would want me, but I think love you too." He said, as he fell into a peaceful sleep and snuggled into her, sighing softly. His bruises started to fade once more, as the healing magic kicked in again. She could see he was going to be all right, and finally succumbed to sleep herself. They slept the sleep of angels with her little boy in her arms and he being held by his new Ma.

The healer returned five minutes later and ran a scan on Harry. He was doing well, and would just need a few days rest for his magic to re-cooperate after such major trauma and healing. She checked Ororo, as well as found that the exhausted mutant/witch was just that, exhausted, and decided to let her stay where she was.

To be continued.

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