10,000 years ago in the Pegasus galaxy while the war between the Lanteans known to many races as the Ancients and a species of life feeding called the Wraith spread across the galaxy, a view spliters of the hive were forced to flee beyond the rim to search for new feeding ground and one day return to their home galaxy for vengence. However the only solution is to gain ZPMs (Zero Point Module) for the hive ships to accomplish traveling through voids between galaxies, they stolen and created enough for 14 ships and would take centuries to the Milky Way, the same place the lanteans had takened refuge.

The Wraith arrived part of the galaxy known to the native species as the Delta quadrant and began to slowly invade many systems, encountering species they never seen before. Many worlds fall to the Wraith in fear, culling their population to feed and enslaving them if unable to feed on. As their hive grew the Wraith had met another race who match their's known as the borg who try to assimilate them and their bio-organic technology but as years go on the Wraith's greater strength and power outnumbered the Borg by becoming adaptive and developing new weapons and drones with the use of the Irutus bugs they brought along throught heir journey and the technology from countless species they conquered, the remments of the borg were crushed and their cybernetic technology was assimilated to the hive as the new dominating rulers of the Delta quadrant.

The Q were suprised that an extragalatic race they never thought to come from their homegalaxy to overcome the borg, this would not affect them but would rather keep themselves unkown to them. As the Wraith continue spreading their territories to the quadrant and use their power to travel across the galaxy using devices they discovered called the stargates, beliving the Lanteans also took refuge as would explain the humans across the Milky way. The Dominion made contact with these hostile and ancient race, but they underestimated the hive and decided to keep their distance from them. The Wraith had thus began to know more of the regions of space before making them their new feeding grounds. They sent drones to disguise themselve with their new developed technology for blending in with the many humanoids as it appears comman in the galaxy, the Wraith had made contact with the Klingons, the changlings, Romulans and Bajorons although they had not yet encountered them but only to lie and wait patiently for the perfect moment to attack.

On a hive cruiser hovering over a battered Vidiian ship, two warrior wraith drag a helpless Vidiian. When they first learned much about these Vidiians the Wraith only saw them suitable for culling but the disease beat them to it and for years the Wraith only saw them as a plague that threatens their food supplies and to make matters worse for them the filthy looking Vidiians try taking organs from them and their ships so the queens decided to hunt them down and kill them and not to feed on their lifeforce to prevent any risk of infection.

The Vidiian was pushed to the Queen's throne, she appeared young, beutiful with pale skin and long flowing white hair, but deep down she is a Wraith and very dangerous to all. She stepped out of her throne and walked slowly to the frightened prisoner. "You Vidiian scum, for years you had threatened and disturbed our feeding grounds and territories for your selfish, little lives. When we first known of your race you did not have any skin, organs and bones from many species, and even ours!" She proclaimed to the Vidiian.

"Please, forgive us! We only did it to cure ourselves and done so for centuries, you must understand that?" The Vidiian tried reasoning with the queen who seem uneffected by his words. "Now your goal is to travel to space looking for suitable organs to live like us but only need something much more satisfying. Life. You are nothing but a plague to our empire and that is why you don't deserve to live anymore." She brought out a sword and stabbed him in the chest before slicing his head off. The white haired queen gestured the gaurds. "Take this filth out of my ship, dump it into space and leave the rest of the corpses on that vessel they thrive on to any of those scum to learn our strength."

They did as they ordered and dragged the headless body and it's head. He was not the first of his race to be killed or slaughtered by a queen, centuries ago they tried to rule an entire race of 'listeners' who they believed to be related to their sworn enemies, the Lanteans but many fled to the far reaches of space that they haven't yet traveled to. Another wearing a long leather coat and long white hair approached her and kneeled before her pressence.

"My queen, we detected an alien vessel that suddenly came onto our sensors, it's technology is highly advance and detecting many humanoid species."

"Could it be the Dominion? They once try to rule us but failed thousands of years ago, are they at it again?" The male Wraith stood up. "It is not, it completly new to us and one of those species is human." The Wraith usually favor the humans as they were the first species in the Pegasus galaxy to feed upon, the queen seemed interested to learn of these new comers. "Sent one of our drones to know them if a threat to the hive, study their technology, shields and weaponry systems at once." The Wraith left her to spread the word to all soldiers to be ready, the queen would later send word to the hive and hopefully something challanging for them to claim a new territory to rule and cull the population.