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Captain's Log: Our first encounter with the Wraith had almost cost us the lives of the crew and the ship. Despite that we fled from these aliens they developed a new way of inersteller travel entirely new to us and able locate warp-signature than we could ever imagined was possible. When the Away team found several beings who were held prisoners by the Wraith for possible later feeding or gaining intelligence. Doctor Crusher has examined them for any signs of infections or transmitters should this threat track the Enterprise and what puzzles me more was what Guinen told us about these 'Ancients' and 'Stargates' that have gained great interest to the Federation.

Dr. Crusher did some medical scans from two of the patients who are part of a species called the Unas who are told to be allies of the Klingons and as for the Hirogen who claims to be from the Delta Quadrant, known to be the hunters from the other side of the galaxy and the third was a very human-like boy who was fast asleep. Two people, a young woman with long wavy copper hair and a middle-aged man with balding brown hair and a beard.

Like the boy they appeared to human but were clad in neatly white and brown coloured clothing possibly officers by the uniforms they were wearing. The captain walked in to meet the former prisoners they liberated. "How are our guests ?"

She stopped her research to look at the captain from her chair.

"Well despite the injuries they are all fine. I had trouble understanding the language the Unas used but thanks for Commander Worf's assistance they learned to speak Klingonese as what I was told. He should be able to understand us now." She stood up and led him to the Unas first. The Unas wore clothing of leather and possible animal skins, suprised that despite their primitive society they are well aware of alien life. "I am Captain jean-Luc Picard, this ship is the Enterprise you are on. I hope you are feeling well."

"I am Chu'nak, I am greatful of your aide and safing my life from being consumed by the Wraith." Chu'nak spoke slowly enough to be understood to the Federationists. The captain smiled and turned to the Hirogen who said nothing and remained on the bed he laid on.

He then turned his attentions to the boy still asleep. From what they learned the boy is human but a member of a stronge race known as the Satedans, from what they learned these Satedans originated from the Dwarf Irregular Pegasus galaxy like the Wraith and a few human civilizations but some migrated to this galaxy long ago to escape the wraith centuries ago to rebuild make a new start.

The boy appeared around the age of 12, messy sandy brown with small locks, his clothing looked earthly coloured-based worn and slightly torn. To Jean-Luc this boy may be proof that their race had been seeded by an ancient advance alien species not only on Earth but everywhere, long before the Preservers may have done so. They could somehow be related to the Ancients.

The young Satedan's eyes slowly stirred, followed by his head moving slowly until fully awake. His eyes widened and tried to move but one of the medical officers prevented him until the boy realised he was nolonger on the Wraith ship. Beverly rushed over to calm him down. "It's alright, your in safe hands now." The boy then calmly stopped to learn she was telling the truth, looking around to discovered he was not in the cacoon anymore.

"W-Where am I?" Asked for an answer nervously.

"Like the doctor said, you are in safe hands." The captain spoke out in a soft tune to make the boy feel calm.

"What happend to the Wraith? You couldn't have gotten away from them easily." Jean-Luc was a little by suprised by the boy's statement about these aliens they had narrowely escaped, the child may have experiences from the Wraith more than they could have. "You are correct, the Wraith didn't let us escape so easily since we made first contact with them."

"You mean to say you never heard of the Wraith?" They heard the Hirogen spoke out with a hint of humour in his sentence. "You were mad to make contact with those creatures, they merely conquer and feed upon their prey. How is it you managed to kill a Hive-ship?"

"We were unable to destroy the Hive ship as it brought more when escaping through warp." The captain answered his question.

"It may be they know you before you ever discovered them. Either way you should have remained where you were if your race was untouched by the Wraith."

In truth they didn't understand how they must feel against the Wraith, they may very much pose a great threat to the Federation and possibly other nations. He decided to have meeting with the officers.

"Commander Hallen and myself are greatful of your team rescuing us from the clutches of Wraith." The Lantean thanked the captain.

"We merely been volunteered by one part of the Q-"

"The Q Continuum, we have heard and possibly the Ancients before us have met." Commander Hallen said.

Jean-Luc nodded. "I had a possibility that if these Ancients are as old as you explained to us then perhaps the Q are familiar with you, Captain Telos." Telos expression turned to a slight concerned than before.

"I feel that this is our people's responsible for bringing the existence if we had known of their species capabilities none of such chaos they brought to this and our homegalaxy would have occured. We were to believe we have sorted the Wraith situation only that a small hive faction had slip from our sight ad became one of the top spacefaring species in the other side of the galaxy."

"It couldn't have been known what would happened long ago, captain." Jean-Luc said. "But, I must agree with you on that of the situation these beings may bring should they crossover to the Alpha Quadrant with such advance techology to travel further than any known races had ever imagined."

Hallen sighed. "Many feel it is not our concern to intevere with younger races but others strongly believe we should do what our ancestors failed to do thousands of years ago."

Telos leaned forward against the table slightly. "we have very little to offer but can provide valuable knowledge about the Wraith, their technology and territories they hold. We are aware of your interests of the Stargates which truly exist and may become of some great use for your future explorations."

The Federation Captain held his chin to stroke while thinking over the suggestion.

With information on the new alien species they just met and fought could help gain some advantage over them. Especially the stargates that certainly gained his interests, back in the days when he was young, he had heard of legends of stone rings known as the "Gate to Heaven" built by gods of higher beings. Possibly there may be one on Earth if the Ancients or some other race fairly close to them like the Preservers may have influenced Humanity centuries ago.

He agreed to their offer which approved the Lanteans in hopes of reuniting with their people someday as well of the others.

Deanna Troi was first to speak. "The boy named Ronan Lars and the Hirogen called Krevan expressed what they know about the Wraith, they say that they usually travel to these feeding grounds when the populace of the civilizations they concquared reach a suitable point they awake from their hibernation and cull them into their hives to begin feeding. There are some in the Delt QuadraQ1`nt or possibly in other locations we haven't explored remained technologically advance so long as they don't pose a threat, a few who are unsuitable to feed on joined this Wraith Imperium they formed under service, power or fear."

"Before it was founded they were much divided and made their own territories like our people did in the past." Riker mentioned, earning a nod from the captain. "From what we learned so far the Hirogens are nomadic hunters throughout their large region of space, hunting not only animals but sentient beings aswell. Now on to the Lanteans, Mr. Data?"

Data nodded. "Commander Hallen explained their ancestors seeded one of the planets with humans which unkown to them was inhabited by insectoid life-forms known as 'Irutus bugs' that have able to feed on humans, over periods of time after assimiliating human-DNA they evolved into the species they have came to be."

"That explains some of it, frightening how they could be distantly related to us. Something I hate to think about." Many agreed to Riker's comment of a gruesome thought.

"But what about these stargates Guinan adn the Lanteans told us about?" the Counciller asked.

"Allow me. After much research Guinan kindly gave us after our near escape, the stargates were indeed created by the Ancients in a form of instant travel from one planet to the other by dialing the coordinates or gate address to be precise. The gates can create a sustainable wormhole by using highly concentrated energy-" Data's sentence was cut when Jean-Luc gestured his hand up.

"Thank you Mr. Data that will be enough for our report for the moment. The main point is can we locate them and possibly learn their understanding? The captain continues. "But for now when the guests are fully recovered from the incident we may have more answers, should we run nto more Wraith in the near future. How are the rest of our guests Counciller?"

"They seem to be getting well accustomed from being prisoners aboard the wraith ships. What I learned about young Ronan, he was seperated from his parents during the invasion, doesn't even know wether or not they're still alive. He was raised the planet called New Sateda but unfortunately unable to learn of it's whereabouts or the 'gate-address' he mentioned earlier." Deanna sighed. "He most likely believes to have been orphaned afterwards and I suggest we may find a suitable family that would take him in."

The captain nodded. "We will do that in time after another two months exploration and see what we can do for Chu'nak and Krevan, seeing as they are a long way from their homeworlds."

Deep within the starship, hiding within the shadows within the access tunnels, crawling through the vents. Sounds of grunting, clicking and rough chirping were barely heard while it crawled through small metallic tunnels by it's size as it remained silent possibly to avoid detection from the officers. A glimpes of the lifeform's appearance was a 3 meter long, bipedal insectoid with deep blue carapace, with a rounded head. Many would believe it to be a cross between a cockroach and a beetle. Six slender limbs gribbing tight on the walls, ceiling and even the floor while inside the vents. What was most notable of this creature was small burn-like wound inches above it's right eye that how it recieved is yet unknown.

After being given a small tour around the ship Ronan was sent to the quarters along with the others. They had attended him to a school which he never had done when his people were at war with the Wraith, had trouble understanding their writing at first but recieved help to learn how to read it. The teacher gave him a PADD to learn or would ask one of the students to help. There were a few around his age he gotten to know, didn't say much about himself or didn't feel like it when not knowing if his family are still alive but didn't want to think of it.

Ronan got interested in how the federation and some nations he never heard of use a differet type of interstellar travel without hyperspace, naquadah or never heard of the stargates. Possible that the Ancestors may have never seeded their world with one but immediatly doubted for if they are humans then they must have one somewhere on their homeworld or possibly long forgotten by untold number of millenia.

One thing caught his thoughts were many look almost human which at first believed to be distantly related or just a coincidence.

As he walks through the decks to his new quarters, his instincts were telling him that he was being followed. Stopped at his tracks to turn his head over to the opposite direction only to see a glimpse of something at the corner, eyes narrowed to get a clear look before resuming his walk back to his quarters. Quickly taking the next turn only to lean against the wall to find out who was following him. His instincts were right that he was being followed but didn't say that it was someone at his age, especially a girl with short croppy brown hair and just the same height as his.

He recognised her from his class, one he believed that was looking at him whenever he wasn't looking for strange reasons; not a bad thing but just strange. She stopped at her tracks to find Ronan behind her meaning she was following him. "Oh, sorry I didn't see you."

"You mean by following me just then?" Ronan asked with one arched eyebrow. Noticed her expression changed to a mix of embarressement and sad.

"I didn't meant to, you were new on this ship and thought I would see where your quaters are." She explained, keeping her face low with flushed cheeks. His face was more confused by how she was keeping her face hidden.

"You could've just said so. Yeah, I'm new here so I don't know many here."

"Oh, my name's Claire Holse." Introducing herself to him still waearing the flush face.

"Ronan Lars." Decided to lead her to his quaters. A small part of his sense alerted him that there was danger close by.