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Chapter 11: Protection

As Olivia was waking up to Daniel beside her, another woman was waking up beside the one she loved. But she did not know that that man did not love her as much now as he did when they had first met. And even though this description fits eerily the dilemma of Elliot and Kathy perfectly, this was not the couple described.

This, in fact, would be Paul Terming. He had slept with many women; raped some; killed a few; abused all. He had a cold heart; had no conscience. He did what he wanted, whenever he wanted, however he wanted. And today was going to be one of those exciting days.

He quietly snuck out of the bed and away from the young woman whom he had just made false love with. He went downstairs and grabbed a knife. He tucked it under the tablecloth of the dining room table in case the young woman came down to see what he was doing. He knew how to cook – he needed to know how to take care of himself when he was on the run - so he made a simple something for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice created the classic Breakfast in Bed. As he made his way back to the stairs, he took the knife from under the tablecloth and held it between his fingers and the underside of the tray, making it unnoticeable to those who did not know it was there. She would have no idea of the protection that she would need.

"Hey, Steph," he said as he made his way into the bedroom. His "girlfriend" had woken, but stayed under the covers. A smile appeared on her face as soon as she saw the breakfast coming her way.

Paul smiled back. "I made breakfast for you this morning. I didn't think that you would want to get up on a Saturday morning."

Stephanie Jake blushed. "Aww. Thank you, Paul. And you're right; I didn't want to get up this morning. But as soon as I smelled that bacon coming from downstairs, my stomach was begging for it. If you hadn't come up, I would have gone down."

Paul Terming laughed lightly, having had munch practice in perfect lying. Now he could pull it off easily. His mate wouldn't even suspect anything.

Well, except for that Isabella Marcos, he thought. There he had made a mistake. He had let his anger and impatience seep through, causing Isabella to become of slight aware of his true nature. He suspected that their very next date would their last. Paul could not let that happen; he could not be dumped. He was the dumper – no – he was the killer of the relationship.


"Okay," Olivia said breathlessly. "I have to get up and go to my job."

Daniel, still trying to catch his breath, smiled. "I know, I know." He let go of Olivia, who was in his arms.

Olivia slowly emerged from the bed and took her robe from her closet. As she walked into her bathroom, Dan was starting to rise out of bed. He yawned and stretched, not bothering to keep the blankets over the top half of his body. A couple of seconds after Olivia had turned the shower water on and climbed in, her phone rang. She didn't hear it, but Daniel did.

He reached over and grabbed the phone. "Hello?" he answered.

"Hello?" a male voice asked back. "Who's this?"

"This is Daniel," he said, interested in knowing who he was talking to. "And who is this I am speaking to?"

"Elliot. Elliot Stabler. Is Olivia there?"

Dan looked towards the closed bathroom door. "She is unavailable right now. May I take a message?"

Dan heard a pause from the other end of the line, then, "Could you just tell her to call back if she doesn't want to come to work, first?"

"Uh, sure. No problem."

The water stopped.

"'Kay. Thanks."

"You're welcome," replied Dan. He heard the click on the other end, then hung up himself.

Olivia opened the door and walked back into her bedroom. "Who was that?"

"No one," Dan said back.

"No, I heard you say something to someone. And I doubt it was your imaginary friend."

"Alright. You caught me. It was someone named…Elliot?" he falsely tried to recall. He knew full well who had called. He heard many a things about 'El' from Olivia. "Elliot Stabler?"

"Oh no. Did I miss something? Is something wrong? Do I need to call back?" Olivia kept asking. She was committed to her job.

"No, no," Dan said, lying. "He said that there were no cases today that he couldn't handle by himself and that you don't have to call back. He said you could just relax today. Everyone else has got everything under control." Dan loved lying, especially because he was getting very good at it. But now it was just a habit that he couldn't get rid of. He had loved confusing his women, telling them false details about something that they did not really need to know. He wanted them all to himself. Well…he did. In the past. He wanted to be committed to just one woman; one he really loved. No man could take her away from him. He could see Olivia hesitate.

"Um, maybe I should just call back to make sure that I don't need to bring something over to the precinct before I have my day off." She started walking towards the phone but Dan jumped up, blocking her path to the phone, stopping Olivia in her tracks.

"No. You don't need to do that. We can just hang around today, maybe watch some movies." He had come closer to Olivia, who had narrowed her eyes playfully at him.

"Really?" she asked, smiling.

"Yes, really," he said, gently pulling her to him. Their figures fit almost perfectly together as Olivia's wet hair fell, cool against her skin.

"You know," Olivia halfheartedly protested, "my hair is not going to look too pretty after this."

Dan laughed. "Don't be such a girl." He placed a passionate kiss right on her lips.

This is the kind of protection that I need right now, Olivia thought. A loving and caring person that won't let me go. This is the kind of protection that everyone deserves. No one should be without it.


Paul stood up, covered I blood and breathing hard. Stephanie Jake had been a fighter, but easy to overcome, nonetheless. He had first stabbed her in the back with the large knife, covering her mouth to block any sounds from traveling through the house and alerting the neighbors. While Paul turned her around, Stephanie started lashing out with her hands and her legs were flailing. She twisted and turned, but Paul regained control once had stabbed her near the chest from the front, but not before Stephanie had taken a good couple scrapes and scratches from her attacker. She had struggled for breath, but with the blood pouring out and the air rushing out of her, she had no chance.

Once Stephanie was dead and bleeding all over the bed and wooden floor, Paul was starting to get his adrenaline back under control. He smiled to himself, loving the burst of superiority that came along with his power. His pride didn't last long, though, for he heard police sirens racing towards Stephanie's house.

Paul's first thought was to get away from the crime scene; he wanted to continue his many rendezvous. But his second thought was to stay at the scene, get arrested, but leave the confessions for later. He wanted to see what ladies he could encompass that had power, too, but sure to have a little less than himself. He was looking forward to a challenge.

He looked outside the window. It was a crowded neighborhood and a few people could have had a view into the attack. They had probably called the police. He would have to go for them once he got out of jail.

Paul decided to commit to his second thought. He stood at the window, watching all the little uniformed people with large funs rush up to the house. He heard a loud crash which must have been the front door being hit down. He heard the men and women shouting their "Clear!" signals to teach other. He heard about five sets of booted feet come up the stairs and flood into the different rooms. In about two seconds, Paul had his hands in the surrender position, giving up the chance for a fight. He knelt down on the ground as two men came over, handcuffed him, then led him outside of the house and into the police car.

It was threatening to him. He knew what he was doing. He had plans.


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