Mystery Pov.

My bloody fingers scratched the stairs trying to latch onto anything. I could hear the footsteps and I could feel the rage they possessed. Time was running out I knew then I had no hope. I thought as a friend of mine did and said to myself," Screw it, I'm going to die I might as well put up a fight and make it hurt."

With my two injured legs I forced myself up with my upper body strength. They rounded the corner and I yelled, "Bring it fucker, I'm going to enjoy my death by beating the shit out of you!"

They laughed a ghostly chuckle, so they didn't believe me?

I launched myself at them with my upper weight as they stood above me and pounded my fists into every single inch of their ugly face.

"Believe me now!" I yelled.

The pain went through me and seeped out of my wounds, but my torture on this scum was like the cure. I felt happy and peaceful as I threw my last punch, then I fell to the ground. I smiled, that was for my friends.

- A week earlier-

Bella Pov.

"Come on guys, I'm tired of waiting we have a vacation to live!" I yelled.

I was elated we were finally having a summer vacation. Edward, Emmett and Jasper ran out with their shirts unbuttoned and their bags slung over their backs.

"We're here don't kill us!"Emmett joked.

"Eh, you're lucky this time I'm pretty sure she's serious." Jasper patted him on the back.

Rosalie and Alice came racing out in high heels, carrying a few light bags, they threw them into the car and jumped into the car.

"Let's gooo!" Alice sang.

Of course we had the radio full blast and we were dancing and singing loudly. Edward the designated driver was yelling at Emmett for constantly throwing popcorn at him.

"Edward, Honey, Sugar, Sweetie Pie you need to chill out. Let loose we want this vacation to be memorable." I kissed his cheek and went back to singing.

Tape me on your video phone, I can handle you

Watch me on your video phone, on your video, video

If you want me you can watch me on your video phone

Edward was looking at me intensely with lust so I stopped singing, Jasper caught that and laughed.

"Hey, I watch Rose on my video phone." Emmett said with total seriousness.

"Emmett! What did I tell you about telling people that!" Rosalie smacked his head before grabbing his phone, "Have fun watching South Park because that's all you got now".

"Rose!" He wailed scooping up his phone hugging it to his chest.

We all laughed and Edward just sped up trying to get to the beach house in a shorter time to escape the idiot that is Emmett.

I sighed in relief half an hour later as the car skidded into the driveway.

"Geez, Edward you wouldn't want to leave my car in perfect condition would you!" Emmett faked anger just to annoy him.

"Shut up Emmett or Rosalie will be mad when I don't leave you in perfect condition, but to be fair you didn't come out perfect anyway."

"What's that meant to mean!"

"He's calling you an idiot!" Alice yelled through her shrill laughter we all had to join in and soon we were clutching our sides.

Rosalie Pov.

Thankfully for Emmett I didn't delete all of them how could I some of them were works of art. No, I just hid them for awhile, I'm sure it won't take him long to find them in the games folder next to his love-meter application. Apparently we were a perfect 100% I can't lie, I was happy about that. I love Emmett with everything I am if he were to leave I would die physically and mentally.

Enough with the lovey-dovey thoughts. I unpacked my bags in mine and Emmett's room and trotted down to the living room where everyone was lounging around blowing...bubbles?

"Rosie! I bought everyone these bubbles look at them there the size of my hand", I looked at his hand and to the bubbles, those were some huge ass bubbles, "And there strawberry and cream scented but don't drink it, it doesn't taste anything like it says." He rambled on.

Alice blew a massive bubble that traveled over and popped in my hair.

"Alice! Chemicals! Dirty bubble chemicals!" I yelled, running to a sink to pat my hair with water.

They had a good time laughing it out as I grumbled about my hair falling out one day.

As I dried my hands on a towel I could have sworn I saw a figure move behind me to the laundry room, I glanced over to see everyone still in the living room.

Weird, I thought. It couldn't possibly be anything more than a passing cars shadow seeing as the kitchen overlooked the road, but then again I didn't exactly see or hear one.

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