Alice Pov.

I was so sick of waiting. We had waited hours we were still tied up and Bella, she was dead. I had lost my two best friends, my sisters. We had been so happy, how did we end up like this?

Jasper Pov.

Footsteps, I grabbed Alice's hand with mine and held tight. She caught the sound and burst into silent tears. She was terrified not just about the murderer but the fact that we would lose each other and Emmett well in his mind he probably didn't have anything to live for. I had a small amount of hope because we had the remote to the house's alarm. We just needed the perfect time to escape.

"Hello, I bet you're glad that girls gone. She was a real pain." They laughed. I was convinced that the murderer had to be male but who would do this to us?

"SHE ISN'T A PAIN SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND I WANT TO KILL YOU, YOU STUPID JERK!" Alice yelled pulling at her ropes and jumping around in her chair screaming at him, "I SWEAR I WILL YOU'LL BE SORRY WHEN I MURDER YOU!"

"ALICE! DON'T!" I yelled I couldn't lose her.

"So you want to be free well come on children let's go for a drive." He looked furious as he cut her ropes, so furious he lightly sliced her arm in his haste. Alice screamed and I growled at him.

Once her ropes were off he carelessly threw her to the ground. I growled more as he cut off mine and Emmett's ropes. I threw my chair and raced over to Alice checking for injuries. Her arm was still bleeding and a slight bruise had formed on her shoulder.

The murderer was searching his pockets, he took out his gun and turned to us, "Where is the remote?"

"We don't have it." Emmett said faking carelessness.

He held the gun to Alice's head, "Do you have it now!"

Alice started crying again and shaking. I grabbed the remote from my pocket and threw it at him.

"Good" He clicked the button and we saw the first light we had seen in days, "Out the door, in a nice little line."

I grunted lifting Alice and putting her onto my back walking to the door. Emmett walked behind us to create more security for Alice. We walked outside to see our car like it was and the world unchanged.

"Emmett why don't you drive, these two can sit in the back and I'll trail behind in my car" He walked over into the forest and lifted a camouflage tarp to reveal a small dusty blue car. He got into his car and we got into ours. I rolled down the windows and Emmett started the engine.

"Where are we going?" Emmett's voice shaked, he was wondering when the murderer was going to strike.

"Oh, just keep going in a straight line up the road and we'll see where that takes us." They laughed turning on their engine.

Emmett pulled out from the house and onto the main road.

"What's going on?" He questioned, "What's there deal? We should just go as fast as we can and escape!"

"He has a gun and a car I don't think we can escape that easy plus why is he giving us the chance to escape if he thinks we can do it. Maybe he just wants to make his game more interesting." I raised my voice holding Alice tight.

Emmett accelerated, "Screw it, were escaping!"

The murderer surprisingly didn't speed up or shoot in fact he slowed down a little which was extremely confusing.

"Does he know something we don't?" Alice asked quietly still shaking.

"Probably." Emmett replied still driving fast.

I had a keen ear, I need it to be in the army and I heard ticking.

"BOMB!" I yelled.

It had yet to occur to them what I had said. Do I save her from being blown up and risk a gruesome death? I have to try and keep her alive. I kicked open a side door and unbuckled her.

"I love you so much Alice, you will forever be my soul mate" I smiled kissing her.

I didn't want to hurt her to much but I had to throw her out of the car I angled her onto landing onto a small patch of grass. She screamed and cried "Jasper!"

"Speed up Emmett! It's going to explode any second we have to get away from Alice!" Jasper cried.

"Okay I love you ma-" Emmett was cut off by a flash of heat and flames.

The urt...pain...flesh burn...

Alice Pov.

"JASPER!" I screamed loudly. I cried heavily staring into the burned car. Jasper had no chance of survival I didn't want to live ether. I ran up to the car it felt so far away. I stood in front of it and saw Emmett, parts of him anyway.

"Jasper!" I yelled. He was alive but barely. The bomb must have been in the front engine, "Why did you save me but not yourself!"

He was dying he couldn't speak only stare but he mouthed words to me, "I love you."

"Baby I love you too don't die!" I yelled.

I wanted to comfort him he must be in so much pain.

He coughed feebly he used all his strength his voice rough, "Run..."

I nodded he died saving me I might as well try to stay alive.

"I love you..." I told him for the last time as he shut his eyes, stopped breathing and I ran. I heard a car behind me but I ran. I heard a voice but I ran. I needed to stop, to breath but I ran. Until I could run no more I gave up falling to the ground and weeping.

The murderer got out of the car and stood over me, "I hoped you would come out alive I suppose we could go back to the house, just the two of us. Hell, we could even get romantic." He laughed grabbing my arm and pulling me up.

I tried to resist but he pulled harder. Shoving me into the car he drove back to the house. When we finally arrived he dragged me up the stairs and into a bedroom throwing me onto a bed. He tried to keep me down but I wouldn't let him. I kicked him and he yelled latching onto my legs and snapping them. I screamed in pain and anger. I punched and scratched him until he tried to get away from my hands I rolled off the bed and crawled down the stairs.

My bloody fingers racked the stairs trying to latch onto anything. I could hear the footsteps I could feel the rage they possessed, time was running out I knew then I had no hope. I thought as a friend of mine did and said to myself,

Screw it, I'm going to die I might as well put up a fight and make it hurt.

With my two broken legs I lifted myself up with my upper body strength. They rounded the corner, "Bring it fucker, I'm gunna enjoy my death by beating the shit out of you" They laughed a ghostly chuckle, So they didn't believe me?

They lifted their mask to reveal the face of Mike Newton. I launched myself at them with my upper weight and pounded my fists into every single inch of their ugly face. I grabbed his knife and lunged into his heart.

"Believe me now!" I yelled.

Pain went through me seeping out of my wounds but my torture on this scum was like the cure. I felt happy and peaceful as I threw my last punch then I fell to the ground. I smiled, that was for my friends. With my final thoughts I said, I may not have won but I did accomplish killing him.

"I'm Alice Brandon, don't forget it asshole." I laughed gurgling blood as it ripped its way up my throat and down my neck. Bella was right this vacation was memorable but no one would want to remember this, I thought just before I died.