Title: Wanted

Summary: Eliot was wanted in several countries. What if one of them got him? Eliot whump.

Rating: T, for violence and some cursing. Possible some implied non-con, but nothing graphic.

Author's Note: As always, I'm not a doctor and don't play one on TV, so all medical mistakes are mine. Also, this is unbeta'ed, so I guess all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: The Leverage team isn't mine (boohoo). I own nothing, except a little belly button lint.

Chapter 1

"Sterling, you bastard!" Nate yelled, knowing that Sterling would have taken Eliot's ear piece for his own use, "I thought we had a deal!"

"That was then, this is now," Sterling's voice in Nate's ear confirmed his belief, "and now I've been given a great opportunity to make a whole lot of money."

"By condemning a good man to torture!?"

Nate heard laughter in his ear, "Listen to yourself! Good man?! You were once offered fifty thousand dollars to try to capture this so called "good man". I don't think even he knows how many people he's killed. And you want to call him a good man?"

"The world made him who he is, and he's not mean or cruel. He has morals and ethics, something which you obviously do not." Nate responded, scared for his teammate.

"Well, as much as I'd love to continue this enlightening conversation, your friend Mr. Spencer and I have a date with an unnamed prison, and I have a bucketful of cash to pocket from that."

Nate looked out the window of the 10 story building he and the rest of the team were currently trapped in. He knew that given time Parker would be able to get out and would be able to free the rest of the team. But he needed that time to be now, and time had run out. As he looked out the window he could see Sterling and another man dragging Eliot between them. Eliot's head was down, his long hair dragging about his shoulders and his feet barely moving in an effort to keep himself from being completely dragged along the ground by his captors. Nate had seen the tranquilizer darts in Sterling's possession - Hardison was working thru the effects of one right now - and he was sure Eliot was suffering thru being tranquilized as well. Sterling had planned the trap well, setting up a con to nab a man who specialized in cons. Right now Nate needed Eliot's brawn - which Sterling had, and failing that, Hardison's computer genius to track Sterling, which would have to wait until Hardison woke up from his drug forced nap. Nate knew it would be hours before that would happen, and Sterling and Eliot would be far ahead on their trip to who knows where and hellish torment for Eliot. Nate watched helplessly as Eliot was dumped unresistingly into the back of a blue van and watched the van leave the building complex they were trapped in.

It took Parker twenty minutes to break free of the building, and considering that the doors, windows and air vents had been bolted and/or welded shut, it wasn't much time at all. But it was enough time for Sterling to get away with their drugged hitter. She was finally able to get a door open that led to an unblocked stairwell, and Nate and Sophie were able to drag Hardison out of the room and down the stairs to the SUV that was their transportation.

Two hours later and back at their offices Hardison finally regained consciousness. Nate paced worriedly, and Sophie literally wrung her hands while Hardison worked his computer magic to try to find Sterling's route with Eliot.

"IYS has only one international flight scheduled, which goes from Boston to Asia - Laos. And it appears to have been scheduled within the past few hours."

"Then that's got to be the one," Nate said, "Sterling wouldn't risk holding onto Eliot any longer than he has to. One mistake in the sedative dosage and Eliot wakes up enough he'll be more dangerous than anything Sterling could imagine. No, he'll want Eliot out of his hands as soon as possible, and there are several countries in that area that have bounties out on Eliot's head. Hardison, where is that flight leaving from?"

Hardison sat back from the computer, "It leaves from a private terminal at LaGuardia in two hours. We have just enough time to make it if we leave now."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Sophie cried, "Let's go." She leapt up from where she was sitting, dragging Parker out of her seat with her. Nate and Hardison needed no further encouragement, and Hardison shut his laptop to take it with him before following the other three out the door.

Hardison had fake credentials ready by the time they arrived at LaGuardia, and within minutes they were on the air pad racing to the plane. They pulled up short just outside the hangar. It was quiet and empty, showing no signs that the plane sitting in there was in use, or was going to be in use in the near future. "Hardison, how long till they are scheduled to leave?" Nate asked.

"That's just it," Hardison replied, "We got here with only minutes to spare. This plane should be on the runway by now, and be fueled up ready to go, not collecting cobwebs in the hangar."

"Well then figure out where they are now!" Nate yelled, grabbing a wrench that was sitting on a barrel and threw it across the deck, "Sterling!"

"Nate!" Sophie cried, reaching over to grab his arm, "Nate, we need you calm right now, I need you to think!" Sophie pleaded with him.

"You don't get it." Nate said, tears in his eyes, "Eliot has bounties on his head in several countries, any of which would do his trial and sentencing in a five minute fake trial, and throw him into a prison where he'll be brutalized and tormented until either we get him out or he dies." Nate closed a hand around Sophie's forearm, squeezing tightly for a moment before turning away from her.

"This is bad, very bad," Parker said, "We have to find him."

"I'm working on it," Hardison replied.

"Work faster." Parker replied.

Hardison threw her a look, "On it…and got it!" he paused, holding his hands over the terminal, "Oh guys, this is bad."

Nate came up behind him, "What have you found out? Where are they?"

"Oh this is bad, very bad."

"Hardison, spit it out! What have you found?!"

"Oh man," Hardison wiped a hand across his brow, "I hacked further into IYS's files. Two weeks ago IYS booked a private flight that was scheduled to leave today from Boston to DFW in Texas, and from there to Yangon in Burma. I didn't even notice it earlier because it was scheduled several weeks ago and was going to Dallas, Texas. I didn't look further to see that it was going somewhere else."

"All right, now that we know how he's planning on getting there, when does he leave?"

"That's just it," Hardison's voice had a noticeable tremor in it, "They left Dallas over an hour ago. They're already over the Atlantic."

Nate staggered a step backwards, coming up against a crate and leaning heavily against it, "We're too late."

Sophie put a hand up against her mouth, biting down on a knuckle, tears filling up her eyes. She reached a hand over to Nate, who grabbed it and pulled her against him, cradling her against his chest while burying his face in her hair.

"No," Parker said, "We can't just give up. I can get in and out of anywhere. I stole the Hope Diamond, the most closely guarded object in the world. I think I can steal a person out of a prison. It can't be any harder."

Hardison gave a short bark of laughter, "You're crazy girl. You want to break INTO a prison, and then break someone out? I don't think so."

"No," Nate said, straightening up, squeezing Sophie's hand, "She's right. We can't just give up on him. We may not get there in time to keep him from getting in, but we don't have to let him stay in for long."

"You got a plan?" Hardison asked.

"Not yet, aside from you getting us there as fast as you can."

"On it boss."

Twenty six hours later Sterling and the other security members of IYS were getting ready to land in Myanmar and hand Eliot Spencer over to the Burmese security forces. Eliot's legs were cuffed together, and his hands were chained to each other, to his legs, and to the chair. An iron collar was around his neck, an iron rod attached to it and hooked into the wall, preventing him from moving any part of his body by more than a few inches. Not that he wanted to. His face was bruised and swollen, and he was nursing several broken ribs and a sprained ankle that was swelling inside the leg irons. Myanmar wanted him alive, but they didn't specify how healthy he had to be, and it appeared that IYS and Sterling had taken advantage of that clause, having amused themselves at his expense several times on their long flight. Blood dribbled steadily from his nose and his left eye was nearly swollen shut. He wiggled his jaw experimentally, bruised, but not broken. Thank heavens for small favors he thought to himself, he could still use it to spit in Sterling's face when he got the chance.

The plane landed smoothly, and when it rolled to a stop two of Sterling's security forces came up behind him and hooked another iron bar into the back of the collar around his neck and pulled his head up and backwards. Another two men undid the chains that tied him to the chair and unhooked the other iron rod from the plane wall. The men who had a hold of the rods immediately pulled him up by the neck, and then pushed him forward. Because of the chains that tied his arms and legs together, Eliot lost his balance from the rough handling and fell forward. Unable to use his limbs to catch himself he lost his balance and found himself being hung by his neck. He gasped for air as he found himself being strangled, when suddenly the pressure on his neck loosened and he fell forward onto his face, struggling to get air into his battered body. The security forces gave him a moments reprieve before lifting him up by his neck. He struggled to his feet, and once he regained his balance, was pushed forward to the front section of the plane where the airplane door had been opened and a set of stairs rolled forward. A team of heavily armed and well muscled military men were waiting at the bottom of the steps, as well as a more conventionally dressed man with a briefcase

Sterling went down the stairs first and met with the unarmed man. After a brief discussion the briefcase was opened and Sterling smiled at the sight that greeted him. He waved to his men on the plane, and they peremptorily pushed Eliot down the stairs, alternating between pushing him forward and holding him back and up by the iron bars connected to his neck. At the bottom of the stairs Sterling nodded and control of the iron rods were given to the military men. Sterling and the other man shook hands, and then Sterling waved his people back onto the plane and followed them up. It had taken a matter of minutes, and in that time Eliot Spencer found himself being controlled by the Burmese government and on his way into a prison, and Sterling found himself in possession of five hundred thousand dollars in cash.

The unarmed man turned to the military crew who were holding onto Eliot, "You needn't be as gentle as Mr. Sterling was. Just get him to the prison alive, that's all I care about."

The military men laughed, and the two men holding onto the bars that were tied into Eliot's neck collar stepped in front of him and pulled him roughly forward by the neck. The leg irons prevented him from stepping forward far enough to prevent from being pulled off balance, and he fell to his knees. The two men didn't pause, and dragged him along the ground by his neck. The collar was wide enough to keep from strangling him immediately or snapping his neck, but that didn't make it hurt any less, and Eliot grunted, and struggled to get his feet under him enough to give him some support. He was able to make it to his knees, and found himself scrabbling along on his knees as the men dragged him towards the waiting military Humvee. Once at the vehicle he was thrown unceremoniously inside where he landed hard on his already broken ribs. Before he could get his hands underneath him to push himself up one of the men took the butt of his M-4 and slammed it into his left temple, knocking him unconscious.