Title: Wanted

Summary: Eliot was wanted in several countries. What if one of them got him? Eliot whump.

Rating: T, for violence and some cursing. Possible some implied non-con, but nothing graphic.

Author's Note: As always, I'm not a doctor and don't play one on TV, so all medical mistakes are mine. Also, this is unbeta'ed, so I guess all mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: The Leverage team isn't mine (boohoo). I own nothing, except a little belly button lint.

Other Author's Notes: Thanks to the wonderful Navillus, who used her wonderful medical knowledge to proofread this and advise me that medically I wasn't TOO far off base! And thanks to all my wonderful reviewers! Your praise makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

They'd finally started to get lucky, and while there wasn't a medical clinic at the first village they came to, they were given directions to the second one. At that clinic they found a doctor who seemed to instinctively understand the scenario he was faced with. "I was born near here, but my parents were well off and sent me to medical school in the United States. I came back here and set up a clinic, and I've seen a lot of pretty bad things come across that border." Dr. Sinjh, the head doctor at the clinic told them after he'd briefly examined Eliot.

"I sedated your friend, and am ordering a set of X-rays. We don't have the resources here for a CT scan or an MRI, both of which I'd do if I could, but I'll do the best I can with the resources that we have." the doctor told them, "This is going to take awhile. There's no hotel or anything around here, but you can take turns using one of the extra rooms while you wait. You look pretty exhausted."

Nate extended his right hand forward to thank the doctor, "It's been a tough couple of weeks for everyone. Thanks for the offer. Let us know if you need anything from us."

There was only one bed in the room, but they managed to take some extra blankets and make themselves as comfortable as possible. Parker was given the bed - she'd been stuck in an air vent for twenty four hours, and of the four of them was the most exhausted. But she woke quickly when Dr. Sinjh knocked on the door and entered the room. She looked at her watch, seeing that she'd slept about four hours.

"Well, I've done as thorough an examination of your friend as I can with the resources that we have." the doctor started, "As I'm sure you are aware he's got a broken left arm and right leg. He's got eight broken ribs, and I've bound his chest to keep them from shifting anymore while they heal. He's also got broken fingers on both hands. Some of the fingers and the arm and leg will need surgery to get them into proper alignment while they heal." Dr. Sinjh took a breath before plunging into the rest of the diagnosis, "There are numerous contusions all over his body. Some of them I was able to stitch up, but the majority were too old to viably hold stitches. Many of those are showing signs of infection or are obviously infected, and I've started him on broad spectrum antibiotics. I found some pretty heavy bruising on his face, back, chest and legs. He's got a concussion, but honestly not as bad as I would expect. Bruising and scratches were evident around his buttocks and inner thighs, but other than that no signs of a sexual assault. The broken leg has me the most worried, as the fractures have exposed bone marrow which could work its way into his bloodstream and cause an embolism, and I would personally suggest you have that fixed before you put him on a plane, as there's no telling what the change in air pressure will do." the doctor finished his description of Eliot's injuries and looked from face to face to while he waited for a response.

None of the rest of the team were able to respond for several seconds. Nate ran a shaking hand across his forehead, pinching the bridge of his nose, "Uh, could you give us a few moments please?" he asked quietly.

"Absolutely," the doctor said, "I know it's a lot to take in. Your friend is sedated and probably wouldn't know you are there, but he's in the same room you put him in when you came in if you want to sit with him."

"Thank you," Nate said for the others. Sophie, Hardison and Parker were still too stunned to speak.

Nate waited until the doctor had left the room and closed the door behind him before speaking up, "This is more than any of us expected." he began.

Hardison was the next to speak, "He didn't deserve any of what happened to him."

"No, he didn't," Nate said, "But now we need to think about how to take care of him, not whether or not this should have happened."

"I think we need to discuss the surgeries the doctor mentioned." Sophie said after finally regaining her ability to speak, "We're going to need to heal the physical damage before we can get deal with the emotional trauma. Do we do any of the surgeries here, or wait to find a larger hospital with more resources.?

"I vote that we do all the surgeries now." Parker cut in. The others looked at her quizzically. None of them wanted to spend anymore time in this area then necessary, and here she was recommending several surgeries that would keep them in the area for possibly another month. "Listen, we know what he's like, and he'll withdraw and get difficult as soon as he can. If we wait until we get back to the States, or even to a more populated city on this continent before we do surgery he'll probably disappear on us. We do the surgeries now, while he's sedated and exhausted and can't speak for himself. He'll fuss about it later, but at least we'll have a later."

Nate looked at her thoughtfully, "She's got a good point," he said. He turned to Hardison, "Can you set up some sort of surveillance around here in case someone comes poking around?"

Hardison nodded thoughtfully, "I have some supplies with me, enough to get some video feed set up outside the clinic and another on some of the roads leading into town."

"Alright, let's do it. I'll inform the doctor to prepare for surgery. We should take turns visiting Eliot, and probably have one of us with him at all times when he's not heavily sedated. We'll need to make sure he stays quiet and doesn't struggle until he's a little stronger." Nate advised.

"I'll visit him first," Sophie said.

Dr. Sinjh performed the surgeries separately from each other, advising that on an otherwise healthy person he would do them all at the same time, but in Eliot's already weakened condition he felt it would be more stress than Eliot should have to handle at the time. Eliot recovered well after each surgery, and Dr. Sinjh was able to perform each of them in short order. When not in surgery one of his teammates was always with him. The doctor left him as sedated as he thought was safe, and Eliot rarely roused enough to be able to talk to his concerned teammates for more than a few words, and even then, he was only marginally lucid. When the surgeries were completed the hitter's fingers were splinted and the bones in his arm and leg had been rebroken, and a rod inserted lengthwise to encourage the bones to heal properly.

When Eliot was finally allowed to awaken fully all the team was in the cramped little room in the clinic. Sophie had a light hold of the hand on his unbroken arm and she was the first to realize that he was starting to wake when she felt his hand twitching in hers, "Eliot," she said urgently, "Eliot, can you open your eyes. Come on Eliot, open your eyes, look at me." she squeezed his hand and with her other hand reached up to move his long hair out of his face.

Eliot heard Sophie's words wash over him as he came back to a pain filled awareness. He grimaced in pain, and his hand tightened spasmodically over Sophie's fingers. He arched his back and his eyes shot open as a wave of pain washed over him. He heard several voices around him. His eyes darted back and forth and he took a deep, shuddering breath before the adrenalin rush that the pain brought on was quickly spent and he slumped back into the pillows, eyes drifting shut again.

He felt a hand lightly slap his face before he could fall asleep and he opened his eyes, "Hey Eliot, good to see you awake." he heard Nate say.

He licked his lips, trying to get some moisture in his mouth. He felt a straw bump against his lips and he pursued his lips around it, sucking eagerly to get some moisture into his dry throat. He was disappointed when the cool water was taken away before he had quenched his thirst. "Not too much," he heard Sophie say, "and slow down or you'll make yourself sick."

"Hardison," Nate said, "go get the doctor and tell him Eliot is awake."

Eliot looked over to see Hardison leave the room. It was only a few moments before Hardison returned, followed by another man that Eliot didn't know. The man stopped a few feet from the bed and introduced himself to Eliot, "Mr. Spencer, I'm Dr. Sinjh. I've been treating you since your friends brought you here three weeks ago."

Eliot looked at the doctor but didn't say anything, "You've had several surgeries to repair a lot of damage that you received. On a scale of one to ten, one being the least and ten being the most, can you tell me how much pain you're in?"

Eliot thought for a moment before replying. He didn't know where he was, and although the rest of his team looked healthy and relatively happy, he didn't feel safe. The doctor's accent and the plainness of the room around him told him that he wasn't in the U.S., and until he was home he didn't want to have his senses dulled by pain medication. "Two and a half." he said, "I'm good."

The doctor raised his eyebrows at his patient's response. He usually got responses that ranged from eight to twenty. Someone who was just waking up from three surgeries in the span of three weeks should be feeling much worse than what this man was telling him.

Nate snorted, "Doc, that's Eliot speak for seven or eight. He just doesn't want to admit it."

The hitter looked at his team leader irritably. He pulled his hand out of Sophie's grasp and reached over to lightly hit the ex-insurance agent on the arm.

Nate looked at the injured man, "I need you to get better fast," he explained, "and you're not going to do it when you're body is tensed up in pain. A couple days of heavier pain medication will help you heal faster than if you go without it."

"Makes me loopy," Eliot replied, "I get weird."

"Man, you're always weird," Hardison interjected.

Nate looked down at the hitter, "How about half a dose. I need you to relax, so that you can heal. We're in Thailand, only a few hundred miles from where we found you, and I know we'd all feel a lot better when we can get back to the states."

"Shoulda left for the U.S. right away." Eliot said, turning away from the man.

Nate was about to respond when the doctor interrupted, "You probably wouldn't have survived the trip." When Eliot turned his head to look the doctor in the eye the man continued, "I'm not just saying this. You had a badly fractured leg, and it was only a matter of time before an fatty tissue from the bone marrow broke loose and caused an embolism. The changes in pressure on the plane, even some mild turbulence, could have caused this to happen at any time. You would have been dead before the plane could have made an emergency landing."

"Okay," Eliot said softly, the argument having died on his lips, "half a dose."

The brief conversation followed by the half a dose of pain medication had left Eliot exhausted and within minutes he was asleep. For the first time in weeks real smiles were present on the faces of his teammate.

"Why don't some of us go get some rest. One of us can stay here to be with him when he wakes." Nate said.