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Note this too, this movie takes place during the year 1194 A.D The Inquisition against the Old Religion has not happened yet. And in this story, it has many beliefs of Paganism; some Druid, Norse and Celtic seeing those are the Religions of that time period. If you are against such Religion practices please feel free to click the Back button and not read this story (even though this story isn't filled with it, just has some info about it). If you are okay with it, please enjoy the story. Please no flames. If you are curious, confuse about what you read PLEASE feel free to email me or say it in your Review about it; I will give you as much info about it as I can and someone will also email you as I know many people read Reviews from other stories, like I do myself.

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This story is mostly in Will's POV and my story he never went to a Christian church and his mother wasn't a Christian either, however he knows about it because the best of people in England worship God, even during those times.

And this story is a CROSSOVER with Merlin (BBC) only because there are some Merlin (BBC) hints but this story is mostly is Robin Hood.

AND PLEASE note that the sequel I am planning on writing after this is a Merlin (BBC) Crossover. Just to let you guys know. Great show Merlin (BBC). Haven't seen it? Look it up in YouTube.

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Note: the words in Italic are word by word from the Movie.

A Pagan's Fate

Summary: the missing scenes of when Will and the Sheriff spoke before Will be send to 'kill' Robin Hood and afterwards up to the ending of the Movie. The secrets of Will's mother is explored. The true reason why Will lived with the Outlaws in the Sherwood Forest in first place. Witch! Dark! Will Scarlett!

Chapter One

Short story in Will Scarlett's POV

The Sheriff walked into the dungeons with loud bang as he opened the dungeons door. He walked in, his face twisted with malice as he looked up at all of us in the middle of the room. I swung myself around to face whoever was disturbing my sleep. Granted, the sleep wasn't pleasing at all. I know that I have slight head trauma (noted that I was hit on the head the night before last while coming here, it was still quite sore) that I know I shouldn't sleep, and the fact that everyone in the room is being tortured, some form or another, and the fact that I am hanging upside down didn't help either.

Looking at Alexander (the Sheriff's name that I know him as before I lived at Sherwood Forest), I never thought I would see him again. I wondered briefly if he remembers me. Granted, I was only a child the first and last time he met me.

The last time I ever saw him was when I was 13 years old around, the time my mother died. Of course it only was 15 years ago, but 15 years could do a lot to a person. Ten years ago, he was Alexander, a man that just past his teenage years that hung around that woman, Mortianna. My own mother warned me about that crone. She practiced the Dark Powers of the Old Religion, the Forbidden practices that even we call evil. I always wondered if Alexander was in fact Mortianna's son or not seeing that Alexander always followed that Witch's orders like a good son would.

However, that knowledge may be true but no one will know it beside those of the Old Religion. It was Mortianna's master plan to get rid of the New Religion and to have the throne. A plan that of none us, faithful to the Old Religion, has approval of. I wasn't born yet when this started. In that respect, I pity the Sheriff. Being used as a tool by a Witch that is his mother (or the only mother he knows) since his birth. I only met the Sheriff twice; once with my own mother as her and Mortianna spoke in harsh voices to another, and once as Alexander and I was alone in a room, trying not to miss anything said between us and the wall. I don't remember much of that, only that it didn't end well. Let's just say my mother and Mortianna were much more fouler enemies since that last meeting to each other.

The second and last time was when I was framed of a drought in a small village close to Nottingham five years ago. Alexander was newly appointed as Sheriff of Nottingham and hearing my name, as the villagers of the town told him that the drought was my fault. He then placed a price over my head. Even to this day, I'm not sure why the Sheriff place gold for me to be captured. The only reason why Nottingham found out about the drought is because people started dropping dead like flies….

Now with third time seeing this man (that I came to see him not as Alexander that young man that was eager to please the Witch but the Sheriff for past 15 years), I could now see for myself what bloody Robin Hood meant.

"Now, I have heard that Robin Hood may still be alive. Either tell me where he may be hiding, or you'll be hung and we'll find him anyway and we'll do the same thing to him!" the Sheriff told us. He was not sane, I decided. But then again, neither was I.

I laughed at what he said as the Sheriff scared one of outlaws that was also captured along with me. The Sheriff never changed since that day he and I talked in that kitchen when I was eight years old . He acted as if someone stolen his play sword!

"I'll kill him for you." I muttered to himself. I then heard someone running towards me. I looked up, slightly startled, as the Sheriff was in front of me. I can smell his foul breath against my face. His dark eyes speared my own soul and I stared back at him as best I could. I was hungry, tired, and being upside down as long as I been didn't help. I was going in and out of conciseness.

"WILL NO!" Wulf yelled. Why does he have yell so loud? My head hurts.

Ah crap, did I say that out loud? I said the truth. Maybe the blood in my brain was killing me, making me see things that aren't there. Hehe, me killing Robin Hood, now that's a dream come true. It's just a dream. All I would know, the Sheriff in front of me wasn't even real either and be hanging upside down talking to myself.

"So he's alive then…" the Sheriff said, his voice holding such coldness and as if by magic, brought me into the world of living.

"I'm not really sure." I told him. Really, how can I know? I've been locked up!

"Then why would I need you?" That's good question. Do I have spell it out to you, Xander?

Oh, so he doesn't recognize me? Well then, I'll use this against him.

Using my most innocent, naive voice, I replied "Because, my Lord, if he is alive, I could get close to him. I'm one of his men, he would never suspect me." Okay, so I kinda twist the truth a wee bit. Robin and me haven't gotten a long even in the beginning. It was fun tripping him in the water at our first reunion. It's not really a big deal; I have my reasons. But look at me? Would you expect me to be killer? I didn't lie that I could kill him. It would be easy. Robin is foolish to trust people, including me.

He may be my brother by blood, but not by choice. It is his fault that our father discarded my mother while she was with child. It was his fault that my life was living hell since day one of my birth. I have been hunted since I can remember… Maybe not by the Sheriff himself, but others that hate my people.

However… I can't leave the others. They will die! I don't care if they think of me as a traitor. So be it! I need to get out of here and tell the others of what's happening. I can easily kill my brother some other time.

"He know you always hated him, traitor!" Wulf yelled again. Can that boy ever shut up?

"Shut up!" both I and the Sheriff yelled. Shut up Wulf, before you get us both killed…' I thought. I looked back at the Sheriff. "He's a trusting fool. He'll believe me and if he doesn't, he'll kill me." Robin wouldn't, of course, unless I attack him first. That fool! My brother is far to self righteous for his own good at times. "And you have lost nothing!"

The Sheriff looking closely at me, as if thinking of what I just said. Is he really going to let me go?

"If you fail, I will personally remove your lying tongue." (1)

'Yeah,' I thought to himself, as I watched that clotpole (2) walk out as one of the soldiers approached me with a whip. 'So much for a nice reunion from 'nice' relatives.'

I flinch as the whip hit me across my chest and stomach. With each whip, blood poured down onto my face and the grimy floor.

(End of Chapter)

(1) word by word of the Movie transcript.

(2) Clotpole: I got that from Merlin (BBC). I thought it was funny!

Words: 2,304

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And I know this story takes place at the date of 1194 A.D. History shows that Witchcraft during this time was starting to seen as evil. It wasn't until 1484 did people get hunted and accused as Witches and being burn at the stake, hanged etc. During the 12th,13th centuries (such as this story take place) Christianity was there but only in places were the English were where the Romans before was placed at. The Celts/Norse etc people still worship their Gods.

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